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Alright guys, I just published my first ever cblog! Feel free to check it out whenever the site puts it up!


Was thinking of changing my avatar to coincide with posting my first ever cblog (and series) this weekend. But honestly I can't find one that I think suits me better right now.


Man, tempered Kirin is just..... he's such a......why does he.... I GODDAMN HATE THIS STUPID LIGHTING HORSE!!!


Going to start my job training today at Alberta Job Corp. I haven't worked in like 2 years so I'm crazy nervous. You'll here about how It went for me when I post the Thursday cblog recaps tonight/tomorrow! Or i might vent later. Who knows?


Well I started writing my first ever cblog, but with the way I'm doing it I think it might work better as a multi part thing. I'm thinking of maybe making it a weekly thing, partly to get me off my ass and start doing more things. So keep an eye out!


Hey I thought I'd share my Warframe character! Here's my main girl Sayrn and my infested doggo Vrahska.


It might be President Day in the states, but here in Canada it's Family Day! Go celebrate your family! Hug your parents! Chill with your siblings! Or at least give em a phone call!


*looks at newest comic for Gunnerkrig Court* Oh!...Oh jeez! That's...that not good AT ALL.


Whoops, double posted. Here, have a silly picture instead.


Alright, my migraine is "better". Taking a nap helped. No longer hurts but I still feel a bit dizzy and nauseous. Gonna maks some peppermint tea and see how that helps.


Holy crap. This migraine is crazy bad. Not only does it hurt but it's giving me stomach issues too. If you don't hear from me again, make sure my roommate gets my Ps4. -_-


Gasp! I beat Death of the Outsider today! So far that's one game completed since I made my backlog vow! I wonder what i should work on next....


Finally started on my backlog today. First up, Dishonered Death of the Outsider!


Last day of house-sitting! Time to clean like I promised. Responsible mode gooooo!


Guys, Ubisoft should totally make a Metroid game!


Look at how fuzzy my hair is today! LOOK AT IT!.


So...uhh.... this just happened to me. It was awesome. *HIGH RANK SPOILERZ MAYBE BTW*


Mornings are laaaaaame.


If anyone is interested, this is my MHW character! The cat is called Sur Smoofles.


Me seeing all my friends playing Monster Hunter World while I'm still waiting for it in the mail.


Today in communicord;


Alright, the Thursday recap is done! I set it to post in a couple hours because i wanted to make sure it posted on Friday everywhere. Now I sleep.


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