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Sweet! Thanks man, I almost missed it!


I've never been prouder to have a 69.


Is Warframe more full of dtoid members then I thought!?


As someone who played a Dragonborn monk for a long time this speaks to me.


Got yelled at today because I insisted to keep doing the main job I was assigned to do instead of helping a different section who's truck was late. I tried to explain my side of things but my boss just shouted me down. Seriously considering quitting.


*current mood after work today*


So yeah! The Fortuna update is pretty awesome! Saved a bunch of screens from my first few hours, which I'll be posting below.


Fortuna expansion is super good. I must now head to bed but I'll post some screens of my first jaunt into the content tomorrow!


After work today I kinda just want to play and not stream. So no Fortuna stream unfortunately! But if anything cool happens I'll save a video clip!






FORTUNA IS OUT ON CONSOLE! I think I might feel an illness coming on.....<_<


Hey guys! Since Warframe's Fortuna expansion hits ps4 tomorrow I'm going to be streaming my first experiences with it! It'll unfortunately be an evening stream since I have to work, but if you're willing to watch that'd be awesome!


Stream starting! Watch me play Transformers Devastation! Link in the comments!


And the winner is Robots! Which means I will streaming Transformers Devastation! So tune in at 1pm Mountain Time to watch! BUMP! Just over an hour till I go live!


Hey guys! For my stream tomorrow I'm working on my backlog. But I'm having trouble choosing. So I thought you guys could help! Help me choose between the Zombie, Robot or Aliens game! Wait what are they? That's a surprise! Poll link below! 1ISH HOUR LEFT!


Alright, update on my progress in The Technomancer, since I finally had a chance to play more last night and this morning! Currently level 8, and now there are a bunch of sidequests to do. Some of them are timed as soon as you get them. More in comments..




Welp. My cell phone is no longer charging, and I can't afford to get a replacement till the 14th. This sucks. I mainly post and talk using it, so until then I might not be seen around as much. BUMP UPDATE IN COMMENTS


So I started playing the other game I got in the flash sale, which was Technomancer. So far its decently challenging and the combat seems solid. Story hasn't gotten going yet, but I'm still in the beginning area. Going to try doing a mage/rogue!


Alright, just beat Darksiders 2 again. I hadn't beat the remastered one before so I got to try the dlc dungeons as well! Now I feel caught up enough to play 3, which I will hopefully grab next paycheck.


Alright stream is done! As for the game....well I can honestly say that it's worth what I paid for it.


Hey guys, in about 2 hours I'll be streaming that School Girl/Zombie Hunter game from the PSN flash sale! So join me at 1pm Mountain Time at ! Hope to see you there! BUMP! LIVE NOW!!!


Welp, thanks to that PSN flash sale I know what I'm streaming! So tune in tomorrow at 1pm MT to watch me play.....


Hey guys! For those who missed it, I'm moving my Wednesday streams to Saturday because trying to to weekday streams when you normally work afternoons is hard. I've also decided that I'll also stream other stuff in addition to Warframe! Cont. in comments;


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