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Saw the new Jurassic World movie. Went from a good dinosaur movie to an awesome monster movie! 8/10, would watch again but on like netflix or something.


Current status after work today


Holy shit guys! I just got to the expansion in Dying Light and it is awesome so far! The buggy is amazing, I almost forgot to get ready for work because mowing down zombies is so satisfying.


#Confessiontoid I enjoyed playing Mass Effect Andromeda and think that Anthem looks like a tons of fun. Also I'm looking forward to building and exploring in Fallout 76.


Playing Odin Sphere for the first time on Vita, and it's super good! The story seems to go fast, but I'm only like an hour in so maybe the thr pacing gets better. But it's a fun hack n slash! Any new player tips I should be aware of?


If anyone has issues with the time limit in Prey's new Mooncrash mode, here's a tip. Try to find a time.delay fabrication blueprint and make a ton either before or during a run. Helps alot when you're just trying to explore.


Hey if anyone is curious or has questions about Prey's new Mooncrash mode, feel free to ask me about it! I've got a few hours in so I think I can answer some questions about it. Bump, in case people are still curious!


Preys new Mooncrash mode is pretty good y'all! It's got new abilities and enemies. And it's still a good system shock like game, and the roguelike thing makes sense story wise. Sometimes you just die, but there is progression between runs. Fun so far!


Hey guys! Since Xcom 2 is out on ps plus, I've decided I'm gonna do a cblog based war journal let's play thing! And I want YOU guys to join me! In spirit anyway. Let me know in the comments who wants in, and I'll name the troops after you! BUMP!!!


I know you're all excited about arch tempered Kirin. But I wanted to share this awesome moment I had with our pickleboi yesterday.


Welp. You got me game.


Hey Warframe buddies! Twitch is doing it's free Prime with prime thing again! So if you have twitch prime or amazon prime, right now you can get a Trinity Prime free!


Payday score! Note: Planescape is just the box. But it's in such good condition I couldn't resist.




Welp, since it's 80% off on psn right now, I grabbed Agents of Mayhem. Seems pretty fun so far! Not sure how/when I unlock the dlc characters though.


Random warframe stuff! I'm finally ready to gild my first Zaw weapon! I'm only missing 2 pieces for Khora! And I think Ash Prime is my new main. Still trying to get used to his Bladestorm ability though. But the Fatal Teleport augment is crazy fun!


Hey guys, it's mother's day! Be sure to at least phone her and thank her for you're existence!


I keep seeing Destiny update news on the FP,but no Warframe news. This annoys me. SO YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'm gonna start posting Warframe news in the cblogs! I'm gonna start with a rundown of the new update that hit consoles plus the devstream info!


Huh. So my boss got a call and then said everyone had to leave the building immediately. No idea why. Early weekend I guess.


Goddamnit, I'm having an anxiety day. -_- Here's hoping I get through this....


I missed posting for a bunch of other people's bdays, BUT HOPEFULLY NO LONGER. Happy birthday Torch! I'm not a huge gundam person so have this better mech.


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