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Playing dnd and shooting manticores in the face!


Cats are awesome. I really wish my apartment allowed cats. I miss having one.




*nervously wait for the recap to post*


The thursday recap is done! It'll be up in a couple minutes, I hope I did a good job!


Just made homemade croquettes and soup! I'm pretty happy how it turned out!


Seems about right. *Remembers he never finished the last dlc or Abyss mode* Well, looks like theres still work to be done!


Current status; Making chicken soup stock!


Welp. I need this shirt.


Darwinism amirite?


Yes! I finally got to post-Daimon in Dragon's Dogma! I've never done that before. Now i just need to beat his awakened form and I can wrap up this awesome game and move on!


Everyone else is doing it, so I'm going to post my top games of the year in the comments!


Did my second attempt of cooking turkey today. I think it went pretty good!


I gotta say, this update looks pretty sweet! I really want that shotgun. Can't wait for it to hit ps4! Link to the full update info in the comments.


Well i woke up feeling sick and shitty. And what happens? My dtoid secret santa happened! Thanks man! I'm gonna spend this sick day making an awesome magic archer.!


So this happened to me while I was playing with GM yesterday. All my hours of playing and I'm still experiencing new stuff. Even got attacked by Void Vor for the first time today!


Decided to start cooking more. Today's attempt, homemade chicken soup!


Hey guys! I'm feeling bored so I'm gonna stream in a few minutes!


Just beat Ultra Necrozma last night. As hard as that bastard is I think he has my new favorite battle theme!


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