On PCI: The Crew 2's All of America map forgot Alaska and Hawaii
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Man Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is awesome! .....once you download the japanese voices. Even I can't stand a dub that bad.


Add me you guys!


Man, I am sooooo tired. Slept terrible because of the loudest thunder storm ever. Had to wake up early for an appointment. And then I was bussing to and from a bunch of places in the hot sun. And now I'm heading to work and will be there till 9 or 10.


Aww, discord went down and now I feel slightly lonelier. =(


On today's episode of dtoid discord shenanigans! (Saga continues in the comments!)


I've honestly been listening to this song a bunch since Saturday.




Guys! Tennocon livestream show starts in 10 mins! Link in comments.


Tennocon update! They've revealed 2 new Warframes. They're codenamed Revenant and Garuda.


Just found a pic of Limo chilling.


Fellow Tenno! The new update containing The Sacrifice story mission, along with a bunch of other cool updates and stuff just hit consoles! I'm going to try and beat the new story stuff before work!


Volunteering during Canada day;


Getting ready for Canada day!


For my MTG brethren, I just grabbed 2 out of 4 packs for a chaos draft I'm going to later this month. I'm also planning on grabbing Conspiracy: Take the Crown and Timespiral. What would you guys bring to a chaos draft?


Long weekend baybeeeee!


Have a great Canada day weekend guys!


Welp. My work shorted me hours and now I can't afford to pay my rent. Excuse me while I beat up a pillow and then go cry because now my anxiety is going crazy. EDIT: My mom was able to help thank god. Now to deal with this anxiety attack.


So I randomly noticed that Ubi's Mighty Quest for Epic Loot game was on android so I decided to try it out. I....I really like it guys. If it's great for quick hack and slashing on the bus when I head to work. And the simple cartoony look is nice too.


So apparently food based dungeon crawlers are my jam.


Saw the new Jurassic World movie. Went from a good dinosaur movie to an awesome monster movie! 8/10, would watch again but on like netflix or something.


Current status after work today


Holy shit guys! I just got to the expansion in Dying Light and it is awesome so far! The buggy is amazing, I almost forgot to get ready for work because mowing down zombies is so satisfying.


#Confessiontoid I enjoyed playing Mass Effect Andromeda and think that Anthem looks like a tons of fun. Also I'm looking forward to building and exploring in Fallout 76.


Playing Odin Sphere for the first time on Vita, and it's super good! The story seems to go fast, but I'm only like an hour in so maybe the thr pacing gets better. But it's a fun hack n slash! Any new player tips I should be aware of?


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