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Ugh, my tracking info says my copy of MH Rise is in the city but not out for delivery yet. I can curb the need to play in the meantime with more Hades, but I REALLY want it soon. DAMN YOU FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!!


Wooo!My apartment has a new fridge! Except they didn't take the old fridge because it wasn't cleaned, which we weren't told about before. I don't think the building manager knew either because he was given the same info we were. So shits laaaaame.


Well looks like my copy of Monster Hunter Rise has shipped. Now I need yo start thinking of a name for both my kitty and poochie characters.


Alright this time I DID do it!




Why is everyone in Hades so goddamn HOT!?


I got a new baby niece! That makes 2 nephews on my sister's side and 2 nephews on my brother's side.


What could it be!? The fabled spaghetti???


The ending to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 always gets me man.


Hope everyone is doing okay!


Was cleaning my room and look what I found! Also a bunch of older anime I'm probably going to sell.


Just woke up to a small beetle trying to crawl into my ear. Looks like I'm not going back to sleep tonight. Who needs to be well rested am I right people? Update; roommate says it's a beetle that's common in apartments. Relieved but still don't like it.


Anyway since I'm up, and I bought it cheap yesterday, I'm going to start Outcast Second Contact.


Help! Can't....stop.... playing....Forager. The gameplay loop is too addicting!


I forgot that the dialogue in this game rocks!


Switch collection you say?


Managed to fully beat Persona 5 Strikers yesterday! Even did all the requests including the post game ones. Overall great game! It's actually making me itch for some more hack n' action.


Rise can't come out soon enough!


Holy shit this manga.


Does anyone here from Canada understand taxes enough to to help me with a question related to claiming medical expenses on my tax return??


Quick shoutout to Custom Robo for being part of my childhood!


I hereby declare today #indietoid! Recommend an indie game that you think could use more spotlight or just really think more people should play! I'm going to start with Book of Demons, which is a fun and different diablo themed dungeon crawler.


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