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BUMP/EDIT2!! Going to be streaming Binary Domain in about an hour at 3PM MT! If you're interested in watching be sure to tune in! I'll put my twitch link in the comments incase you guys want to save it too.


Thinking I'll stream some more Binary Domain this holiday Monday.


So I'm playing the Switch demo for the new DQ, and I heard it was long but GEEZ! I'm at almost 3 hours now the intro plays!? That's crazy! Definitely getting the full version.


So I apparently now work for the LARGEST leading company of insulation fabricators/distributors in Canada. Definitely lucked out here.


So as a heads up to the few people that watch me stream, since I'm employed again I'm planning streaming on either Friday evenings or Saturdays at about noon (Mountain Time fyi). Though this week I might skip as I get used to my new schedule.




Welp, Bloodstained is on sale on the switch so I bought it.


Don't let your dreams be dreams!


Had some wings my roommate made, and now I keep doing a Dere and having to run to the bathroom. I guess I can't to Frank's hot sauce anymore.




I have rediscovered best Ro-boi Cain. He is just the best.


As a reminder, I'm going to be streaming some more Binary Domain in about BUMP 10 MINS at 3PM MT. So if you wanna watch me meet best boi Cain, you better be there! I'll put my twitch link the the comments.


Going to be streaming TODAY at about 3pm MT! But I can't decide! So I'll let you guys pick between either; more .hack//GU, more Binary Domain or more The Suffering. BUMP!!! It's going to be BINARY DOMAIN.


Decided to check out some other planets in my starting system. One of them has ancient bone sites! So it's going to be great for making some big early game bucks!


Finally recustomized my dude!


Found this little cutie! I'm not sure what to name him though, so I'm open to suggestions.


Welcome to Crimson Base Alpha!


The journey begins anew!


No Man's Sky just released its bew Beyond aka. 2.0 update today! I haven't played it in forever but I figured it's the perfect time to start a new game!


Moonlighter has it's teeth in baaaaad. I've had it less then a week and I've put so much time into. Currently on the Tech Dungeon with maxed out shop, weapons and armor. Hopefully that dlc expansion hits switch soon!


I will do more good deeds tommorow!


I have a random question for people here about my streams. I do them mainly because I enjoy them, and I like hanging with you guys at the same time. So on that note, since I have all the free time right now, when would YOU GUYS like me to stream? BUMP2!


Dtoiders on discord kept complimenting me when I meant to share a "look at me after I just woke up" photo. Soooo I figured I'd do a #SelfieSaturday with the same pic.


I forgot .hack//GU had one of my favorite over the top characters ever!


Hey guys, going to be continuing my stream playthrough of .hack//GU on PS4 later today! So tune in 4PM MT and join me for a anime tournament arc! BUMP START IN JUST UNDER AN HOUR! Link in the comments!


Got news?  [email protected]


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Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville"PvP needs more thyme to blossom"


Various Daylife"Working Nine to Fivver"


Neo Cab"Hop in, Mac, where ya headed?"


Stela"Can't you hear me yell-a?"


Inmost"Apple Arcade Wave 2"


Call of Duty: Mobile"Pwn on phone"


John Wick Hex"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat"


Indivisible"If the kids are united..."


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Plane tickets are purchased for Boy to come I am overjoyed! He will be back home Monday Video calling is wonderful and all, but we need to play and nap and Miss him like

Count Parismeow Returns

After watching the resident evil 2 real time fandub for the 10th time, I revisited one of my favorite versions of RE1 on the Its so You get the original untouched game as well as a remix mode that incorporates puzzles using the DS

Catrin de la Fiesta

An animation collab has never been NAAAAAAUGHTY~

Electric Reaper

Well, Sound and Fury by Sturgill Simpson was pretty meh to Some of the tracks and video clips were decent, others just went on for too Also, I didnt like how the story jumped all over the


Im Nothing serious, just a sore throat, leaking face, and sunny In other news, a load-baring manager just walked out and Im curious to see who else is going to quit at


Linktober sketch 18 Nintendo can we get some oracle remakes so that Veran can get the por- I MEAN the fanart she


Welp I oulled the trigger and put in my two weeks notice at Lets get a new, better job! Wish me


Apparently Im suffering from multiple personality disorder, according to my disqus avatars!


Streaming some Feel free to join me if so Image



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