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Guess who got diagnosed with sleep apnea and now has one of those face mask machine thingies? THIS GUY!


I was recently recommend The Solus Project by a buddy after talking about how much I love The Forest. Probably going to get it, but I wouldn't mind hearing what people think!




Decided to do some single rolls from the standard banner AND LOOK WHO I GOT


Almost that time of the year!


It all makes sense!


Phew. Fell into nihilistic depression hole for an hour or so there. Managed to crawl out after talking with some friends on discord. Am okay now, getting sashimi.


Just finished Amnesia Rebirth. Excuse me while I digest the game mentally.


Oh man, this is going be AWESOME!


Just finished season 2 of The Boys. My reaction can only be summarized by this gif.


Stupid double posting. Let's see if I can salvage this. Uh...anyone playing anything cor Halloween? I just powered through Outlast and it's dlc. And ended up starting Days Gone. Also working on Yomiwari Night Alone. Stuck at those rock guys though.


Dammit. Had to cancel a doctor's appointment a second time. First time because I had something come up, and the today because I woke up feeling like crap and want to make sure it's just a cold. Can't say I don't feel guilty wasting their time though.


Oh shit, #warfu time you say? Time to bring out the big guns with my very first waifu!


Hmmmm, what should I start on first for spoopy games? Deadly Premonition or the Yomiwari games?


Well I'm definitely going to give this a watch for the action scenes alone.


EDIT: I guess it was a birthday post so nice, that it posted twice.


Oh shit it's Mike's bday!?


Guuuuuuys. I feel like crap. Gimmie sick day shows or movies. My usual fallbacks are Tron Legacy, Moana, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Archer.




Genshin Impact exploring story! I spent 5-10 mins using the ice guy to see if I could get to an island I could see but wasn't on the map. Turned out it had some sweet chests AND a secret quest that actually led to a challenging boss fights! Game is great!


Barbara is my real Genshin Impact mvp.


Bam. Done the prologue of Genshin Impact. This game is AMAZING for being f2p!


Hmmm. Feeling kinda down today. Not super depressed, but like.... whatever it is that's past melancholy before being sad? That's where I've been since I woke up. Think I need some zen time I guess.


Anyone else having issues with PSN today?


Just had a follow up with my doctor after we did a bunch of tests to see if my excessive sweating was caused by anything bad. It is not! It's just a benign case of being a sweaty dude with a high body temperature.


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