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Whooo! More Mortal Shell!


Was planning on beating Mass Effect today, but a sudden case of some sort of flu postponed that. Runny nose, sore throat, super tired. That sort of thing. Might spend the rest of my evening checking out that Owl House cartoon on disney.


Got the Mass Effect collection a few days ago. This time going through as femshep, still doing Vanguard and Paragon though. So far 1 is still good, but the Mako stuff is kiiiinda a slog. Only doing those Mako bits that have sidequests. Can't wait for 2!


Hears about Canadian/US border reopening. Remembers it closing was why layoffs happened at my job. Decides it's a good time to throw around some resumes. Notices previous job is hiring, applies. 1 hour later sent a follow-up email. Hmmmm, HMMMMMMMM.


Anyway the new Warframe quests look AWESOME.


In this game we now stan for Kahl-175.




We're getting a sentient Warframe! This is not a drill! The story implications have me excited!


While I was going through a villain song binge tonight, I totally forgot that Kids Next Door cartoon had an musical episode repurposing GWAR songs.


Fun fact; This song/scene in Brave Little Toaster is legit inspired by the Bedlam Hospital. The same hospital that in in turn inspired placed like Batman's Arkham Asylum! Also my favorite song in the movie!


Hmmmm, I think I might rewatch some choice episodes of Samurai Jack.


Dangit, my old component cables for PS2 keep doing some kinda flicker thing on my new tv. Maybe my older tv might work...


Did someone say PORK BONE BROTH!? No?? TOO BAD!!!


Annnnnd that's Nocturne beaten! First time I ever personally got the True Demon ending too. Can't wait for V!


BEHOLD!!! Now I leave to get the True Demon Ending.


Here's a picture of me showering in the comments!


Rewatching the GameGrumps playthrough of Pheonix Wright and I just remembered this hilarious comic.


Feels good to jump back into Warframe after taking a long break. New update was a perfect excuse plus I got 2 quests available now that I can check out. Also Corinth Prime is best Shotgun don't @ me.


Alright, I'm now locked into the Nocturnes True Demon Ending AND I also have Raidou and my super Pixie. Life is good.


Currently fighting Beelzebub in SMT Nocturne and he is a goddamn asshole. At least his battle theme rules. I will definitely get the true demon ending!! BUMP. BEAT HIM. It was a long, boring but safe fight with the team I made. Also Black Frost get!


Follow up to me previous post. Mot is ALSO an asshole. Looks like I'm going to have to grind and make a proper party.


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