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Hey guys! I went back to my old avatar! I feel like it suits me best.


Testing! I'm having issues with my qpots showing up so this is a test to see if its still doing it. EDIT: Or nevermind? Maybe it's just being slow...


Guuuuuuys. Friend me in Animal Crossing!


Guuuuuuys! Be friends with me in Animal Crossing!


Well since were doing #waifutoid and I'm on a Warframe binge, here's my main girl Sayrn!


Welp, building a new Commander deck out of pure spite and salt.


Welp done my stream! New Warframe expansion is pretty awesome.


Hey guy! Gonna be starting that Warframe stream with my first experience with Plains of Eidolon in about 20 minutes! Check it out if you guys want to be awesome! Link in comment.


Guuuuuuys! The Plains of Eidolon update for Warframe is live for consoles! In about an hour or so I'm going to stream my first experiences with it. I'll post my twitch link when I'm prepped.


*Wakes up* Oh shit, I'm 29 now! Neat. *Goes back to sleep*


Guuuuys! The date for the new Warframe expansion hitting console got announced for the 14th! I'm going to be streaming my first experiences with it so feel free to check it out. I'll let you guys know times later. So keep an eye out. BUMP: Maybe 3pm MT?


As one of the resident Warframe fanboys, I found this recent(ish) video review that I feel does a good job of explaining how the game is in its current state. Hopefully I can tempt you guys into playing. ;D


As a heads up I'm definitely interested in streaming again. I think I enjoyed doing Nioh the most. But that might be because that's what I started with. I also think I want to stream the new Warframe expansion when it hits console. That might be cool.


Welp, that was fun! I feel for a first stream I did okay. Though I think I'm only going to stream for 2-4 hours in the future.


So in a bit I'll be streaming Guacamalee Super Turbo Hyper Edition for the rest of the day! Come check me out abd donate to Extra Life for charity! Link to the stream in the comments. BUMP: STREAM IS LIVE!!!!


Hey guys, as a reminder I'm going to be streaming for Extra Life in about an hour! I'm gonna be doing Nioh Abyss Mode, Enter the Gungeon and Guacamelee! I'll bee linking my twitch page in the comments, hope to see you guys there! BUMP: STARTING SOON!


Hey guys, don't forget were doing a charity stream for Extra Life right now! I'll be streaming tomorrow starting at 10am MT to 10pm MT! I'll be PS4 streaming Nioh Abyss mode, Enter the Gungeon, and Guacamelee! Link to donate in the comments!


Welp. Back to normal avatar now.


Halloween on a Tuesday you say? Sounds like a costume themed #2BTuesday to me!


You know, I'm not sure I've done one yet. #AMA


A taste of what happens on communicord when dtoid goes down.


Jumping on the Evil Within 2 bandwagon! Me and a friend are about to get spooped!


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