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Finally got the new harddrives for me and my roommates PS4s today! Spent the end of the day setting them up and queueing up a bunch of stuff to download before bed.


Ahh, good ol' Alberta april showers.


Thank god, it looks like my sickness yesterday is just a cold. I know because I've immediately transitioned to my body trying to get rid of it. Ie. Sneezing, runny nose and sore throat. At least my chills are gone.


Sickday game chosen. Forgot I have Battlechasers Nightwar. This is definitivley more my speed right now.


Feeling unwell today. Recommended me a cheap sick day-esque game from the eshop. Preferably one that that doesn't require my brain too much.


This is the life goal.


Dangit all, the harddrive I was helping my roommate order to to replace his ps4 slims that crapped out forever ago turned out to be the wrong size! I swear it was 2.5 form factor, but I apparently ordered 3.5 by mistake. Welp, time to return it I guess.


Alright I it stopped for now. Thanks for helping me out guys. I'm going to try to zen in my room today I think.


Guys I'm having a really bad anxiety day. I need good vibes.


You ever worry that when you're trying to give advice you come off as a know it all? I'm worried I might have done something like that, but also 10 mins later came off bad because I reread it and tried to apologize for it. -_-


Did what was probably the coolest thing I'll ever do in a Monster Hunter game earlier today. Link in the comments because I don't know how qposts likes twitter.


Just watched the first Bill and Tedovie with my roommates, one of whom hadn't seen it before. We all agreed it was still a most EXCELLENT film!


I know, let's join The Club next!


I just spent literally ALL day playing Subnautica. I understand why people are scared of the ocean depth now. Also I am having so much trouble finding pieces if the Cyclops ship to scan. ALSO, fuck Reaper Leviathans. Those guys ate 2 seamoths so far.


Most satisfying moment in Rise so far as GOT to me wirebug-ing up the that jerk Khezu and knocking from the ceiling with a hammer. Also Rampage hunts seems pretty fun so far! And ramping up weapons is awesome!


Tip for MH Rise players who hate your character saying stuff missions. There's an option in the audio section to lower the rate the comments pop up. You like em some of the time? Put it at like 50% or something. Hate them completely? O%!


Ugh, my tracking info says my copy of MH Rise is in the city but not out for delivery yet. I can curb the need to play in the meantime with more Hades, but I REALLY want it soon. DAMN YOU FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!!


Wooo!My apartment has a new fridge! Except they didn't take the old fridge because it wasn't cleaned, which we weren't told about before. I don't think the building manager knew either because he was given the same info we were. So shits laaaaame.


Well looks like my copy of Monster Hunter Rise has shipped. Now I need yo start thinking of a name for both my kitty and poochie characters.


Alright this time I DID do it!




Why is everyone in Hades so goddamn HOT!?


I got a new baby niece! That makes 2 nephews on my sister's side and 2 nephews on my brother's side.


What could it be!? The fabled spaghetti???


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