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Welp, I'm going to fall in this Princess Connect hole for a bit I think.


Mike's Dead Space post got me thinking, what videogame enemy did/do you find the most terrifying? Whether it's for gameplay reasons, enemy design or whatever doesn't matter. For example enemies that like to SUDDENLY speed toward you usually freak me out.


I think I need a break from FFXII before I burn out on it. Probably try some of the shmups or actiony stuff on my switch I have in the meantime.


Can...can we get a re-release of Soul Sacrifice Delta on like the switch or something? Pleeeeaase? That game is criminally underated and unknown.


Current status; stretched out on the floor in the sun with a small fold out cushion bed playing switch. Life is good.


Accidentally discovered the Exodus boss in FFXII. Allllmost beat him, but he pulled some dumb immune to physical attacks bull when his health got low. STILL, the fact that I got him that low makes me satisfied with how my character builds are going.


So as a follow up to my earlier FFXII post, I'm soooooo glad the Zodiac Age version let's you respec jobs.


Guuuuuuys I have so idea what to do with Fran in FFXII. I want her to be a Timemage plus.... something. Any ideas?


Welp, I just grabbed the Grandia collection, Lego City Undercover, Captain Toad and City of Brass in today's eshop sale. Thankfully I had just payed off my credit card.


I gotta say, thank GAWD FFXII now has autosaves. The space between save points is way too long. I'm starting to think that's why I stopped playing it in my teens.


The best Final Fantasy minigame is Triple Triad and there is no contest.


Train to Busan is really good so far you guys.


I'd like to quickly and proudly brag that this month I finished Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected, Atelier Ryza AND Tokyo Mirage Sessions! They we're all stuff I'd been background playing so it's great to finally finish them.


*Decides to start Trails of Mana. Picks Kevin as main character. Gets to tutorial*


All these box openings and still no pasta, smh. Very disappointed in you all.


Welp, decided to grab Risk of Rain 2, Wattam and both Unraveled games in the psn sale. Only cost 35 canadian dollaroos!


As a follow up to mt roomates Death Stranding issues the other say, it looks like his slim's harddrive is just shitty and needs a new one. Which will take awhile because be don't have spare cash for one currently.


I'm pretty sure this movie helped forge my sense of humor.


Roomate just started playing Death Stranding on his PS4 slim and the audio in cutscenes sometimes cuts out or desyncs entirely. Anyone have any idea whats wrong with it and/or how to fix it?


Oh are we talking about what stuff we finished in 2020? Lemme think and post em in th3 comments because qposts hate lists apparently.


So I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles Future Connected and Nene and Kino are the absolute best, most adorable wholesome characters. I literally want to hug them all the time. Sorry Melia, but it's me, Shulk and the nopons!


Managed to beat Xenoblade Chronicles Remastered before the year ended! Huzzah!


Also as a follow up to finding 3 player co-op games on switch for me and my 2 roomates; I noticed Streets of Rogue was on sale and looked neat so I decided we're going to give that a shot! Should I be Hacker or Doctor?


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