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Just started the Motorhead dlc in Victor Vran. Gotta say, killing demons to their music is sooooo good. And apparently guitars are a weapon type!?


Me and my friends are celebrating another friends bday today! Here's the cake! I'm sure you guys will be proud. Currently we're playing mtg and drinking booze and later we plan on watching Miami Connection!


Looks like me and my brother are now in plans to get a house together! He'll be mortgaging and I'll be renting as he wants to start renting out houses. Since he lives out of town for work mostly, it looks like I'm probably picking the place! Excitement!!!


For all you guys in school right now.


Traded in some anime and games at the local game store cus I needed. Had enough to get more then what I expected cash, and also grab PuyoPuyo Tetris for my Switch!


As much as I complain about it sometimes, I will say that one thing I enjoy about my job is being able to turn off my brain (mostly) just stacking boxes. Seems to appeal to my puzzle game brain, and I get immense satisfaction making a nice looking skid.


I shouldn't have watched Coco again...


Goddammit Alberta, at least wait till after Halloween.


In a bid to corrup- I mean have Soulbow and other join us in full weebdom, I now declare today temporarily #FullWeebFriday!! Share your waifus, your fav shows and manga, your games and figures! There's a reason so many of us use anime avatars, have fun!


Current weather status: Albertan.


Once again, goblins are besto creature type.


I am sick of being sick. Someone end my misery.


Found something our current and future dtoid parents can use!


Was sharing it with Matt today, but I thought I'd share it here! This is my operator in Warframe right now. A work in progress, but I still think she's pretty good.


So wearing the Noire suit during "Spider-Cop" is pretty much the funniest thing ever.


Welp, that's my game budget for this month.


A brief summation of my work day.


Oh man, the whole lead up to why the metroidvania part in The Messenger happens is one of the funniest things I've seen in forever.


Current status, waiting for the second last bus of the night so I can get home and start my long weekend. God I'm so tired. This week sucked, not as bad as it was for other people here, but it still FELT like a bad week. Someone cheer me up?


This shopkeep is easily my favorite part of this game.


I'M JUMPING ON THIS BANDWAGON BECAUSE I HAVEN'T DONE ONE IN AWHILE! AMA! And I mean anything! Bumping cus I'm sick today and I might as well keep this going!


Heading to work, my coworker is sick and I'm catching something myself. But at least it's friday right?


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