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Random fact! The Neo part of my username some from Shadow Hearts Covenant. In that game certain bosses become super bosses of a sort and get Neo added to their name. So Amon for example becomes Neo Amon. So that's how I updated my previous username!


Guys help, I made the mistake of listening to Vergil's DMC5 theme before bed and now that I woke up its all I can listen to! You need to stop me before it completely consumes m-I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING!!!




Could this be the fabled spaghetti!?


What's that? A new favorite NSP song? Don't mind if I do!


Alright played a bit of ESO for the first time before my eyes started feeling tired because long day. I made an Argonian warden, and I'm NOT going to be a healer.


I bought it on sale forever ago, but I think I'm finally going to try out ESO. Anyone here play?


Goddamn I forgot how much I love the Henry Stickman games.


I will edit this triple post and now claim that everyones waifus but mine are shit. SHHHHHIIIIIT!!


Sorry did a triple post! Ummmmmm.....AMA?


Looks like my roommates co-worker might have covid. He'll be finding out what her test results are on Thursday. If she's positive, then me and my 2 roomies will get tests. Fingers crossed!


Welp, Yakuza Kiwami 2 has revealed to me that I hate mahjong because I am GARBAGE at it.




Decided to start Yazuka Kiwami 2 today, and oh jeez I think I'm going to get sucked into this one waaaaay more than 0 or Kiwami 1.


Just some life facts.


Woooo, my lens popped out of my glasses and it's apparently held in place by some plastic string thing that broke. So I can't even try to pop it back in. This is right before bed too, so that's going to great to deal with tomorrow.


Made homemade chicken noodle soup!


Just watched this EXCELLENT fanfilm for SCP. Definitely give it a watch!


Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!


Oh SHIIIIIIT! I actually got a birthday present!


Annnnd that's my stream done. Played The Long Dark for 3 hours, met a nice old lady, threw rocks at rabbits and died to hypothermia and a wolf. Seems like a solid game so far!


BUMP! GOING LIVE SOON!!! So I flipped a coin like I said, and so the game I'm streaming today for my birthday/Extra Life is THE LONG DARK! So show up and say hi and hopefully donate to a good cause! Links will be below!


And the winning game is.....a tie!? Huh. Well. Not sure what to do about that. So you know what? I'll just make a surprise and flip a coin for it tomorrow. So be there tomorrow and see which of those two I'm playing!


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