PSXE: Video: I played these four PS Vita games at E3
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*plays a little more of Hollow Knight* *Gets dash ability*


Man Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is awesome! .....once you download the japanese voices. Even I can't stand a dub that bad.


Add me you guys!


Man, I am sooooo tired. Slept terrible because of the loudest thunder storm ever. Had to wake up early for an appointment. And then I was bussing to and from a bunch of places in the hot sun. And now I'm heading to work and will be there till 9 or 10.


Aww, discord went down and now I feel slightly lonelier. =(


On today's episode of dtoid discord shenanigans! (Saga continues in the comments!)


I've honestly been listening to this song a bunch since Saturday.




Guys! Tennocon livestream show starts in 10 mins! Link in comments.


Tennocon update! They've revealed 2 new Warframes. They're codenamed Revenant and Garuda.


Just found a pic of Limo chilling.


Fellow Tenno! The new update containing The Sacrifice story mission, along with a bunch of other cool updates and stuff just hit consoles! I'm going to try and beat the new story stuff before work!


Volunteering during Canada day;


Getting ready for Canada day!


For my MTG brethren, I just grabbed 2 out of 4 packs for a chaos draft I'm going to later this month. I'm also planning on grabbing Conspiracy: Take the Crown and Timespiral. What would you guys bring to a chaos draft?


Long weekend baybeeeee!


Have a great Canada day weekend guys!


Welp. My work shorted me hours and now I can't afford to pay my rent. Excuse me while I beat up a pillow and then go cry because now my anxiety is going crazy. EDIT: My mom was able to help thank god. Now to deal with this anxiety attack.


So I randomly noticed that Ubi's Mighty Quest for Epic Loot game was on android so I decided to try it out. I....I really like it guys. If it's great for quick hack and slashing on the bus when I head to work. And the simple cartoony look is nice too.


So apparently food based dungeon crawlers are my jam.


Saw the new Jurassic World movie. Went from a good dinosaur movie to an awesome monster movie! 8/10, would watch again but on like netflix or something.


Current status after work today


Holy shit guys! I just got to the expansion in Dying Light and it is awesome so far! The buggy is amazing, I almost forgot to get ready for work because mowing down zombies is so satisfying.


#Confessiontoid I enjoyed playing Mass Effect Andromeda and think that Anthem looks like a tons of fun. Also I'm looking forward to building and exploring in Fallout 76.


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