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HOLY SHIT! I hit a goldmine at Goodwill today! I managed to get all this for 60 bucks CDN!


So what if we started posting Hubandos?


GOD DAMMIT I NEED TO BEAT THE HORSEMAN TO UNLOCK THE ABILITY TO UPGRADE MY SHURIKEN. Though apparently the wiki says I missed a merchant? So I guess I'll go find him and farm for skill points now too. I want that skill that gives life for deathblows.


Started Sekiro yesterday! Currently deciding whether to fight horseman or drunkman. BUT ACTUALLY I think I'll farm money for this shuriken upgrade and get some skill points. No I'm not putting them off. SHUT UP I'M NOT.


Fuck it! Pre-ordering Biomutant. It looks fun and I want to support devs doing cool shit like that. Also that trailer where one of your travel options is a mechanical hand sold me.


You ever get that kinda depression/anxiety day there you brain feels like a heavy soup of thoughts and emotions being stirred around and when you do get a thought it's hard to focus on because your mind feels heavy or it like repeats an inane thought....


PvE co-op is the superior co-op. That is all.


Urgh, this Nier binge is bad for my feels. I think I'll take a break and try out Gunner in Borderlands 3. Need to to recover from the route B Junk Heap feels.


The Longing update; FINALLY figured out this damn thing with the mushrooms. Now I can see what's up ahea-oh. Nope, don't like that. Don't like ANY of that. Edit: Also got enough wood to make a bed now!


Welp just fought that new boss in Nier Replicant.


Finally, I can play this Nier remaster! It's been so long I can't wait to re-experience the game! *Gets sidequest "Fragile Delivery"*


The Longing update; while trying to see if my theory about mushrooms is correct I have made an amazing discovery. YOU CAN WALK AROUND WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED! WHY?? It's gotta mean something for some puzzle. Time to walk everywhere blind!


The Longing update; I think I figured out what to do with all these mushrooms in the upper caves. Time will tell if I have the right idea.


The Longing update; I guess I need a key for all these new doors now...


DAMN YOU CANADA POST! Normally you get them to me on release day! I guess I'll go play some mindless shooters in the meantime.


Another Longing update; THAT DOOR WAS NOT THERE BEFORE


Longing update; got into the Library. But now I don't know what else I'm missing, main characters thoughts tell me there's still unexplored cave, BUT WHERE??? Guess I'll have to give everything a once over. Also hopefully find more wood to make this bed.


Oh and here's my current lock screen.


Yessss, Best Buy just charged my CC for the Nier remake. Now all I gotta do is wait till Friday....


The Longing update; finally found a mattock! Time to make my room bigger! Then I'll go get some crystals or something.


Minor update for The Longing; spent literally 1.5 hours walking down that (seemingly) endless hall. Now I'm walking back (which is automatic thank GAWD). Got alot of paper though.


The Longing update. Found a hall where time stands still. Walked down it for like 20-30 mins picking stuff up along the way. "Remembered" the spot in game and am now heading back. Looking forward to putting this stuff I found in my room! Bless auto-walk.


Got my covid results back and they're negative! I'm just probably having an extremely bad cold or something, so yaaaaaay.




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