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With that appreciation event going on in MHW Iceborne, I decided to jump back on my PS4 file. PROS: I got that sweet new Guild Palace Charge Blade and crafted another piece of Barioth gear for my vs.Ice set. CONS: I am not able to beat Velkana so far.


Just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Excuse me while I lie down and deal with this bloody mouth for awhile.


I finally got my secret Santa gift!


Okay apparently my take wasn't as spicy as I expected. Let me try again. I think the mech in Armored Core look better than Gundams.


Neo's Spicy Takes anime edition! RahXephon was a better emo mech anime than Evangelion.


Random thought, Hyrule Warriors is awesome and if you aren't sure about picking it up this image should be all the reason you need.


As an update to my previous post, I ended up getting The Outer Worlds! And I also found that Fist of the North Star game the Yakuza devs made for 20 bucks! .... And a psn gift card!


Going to be home for about 4 days next week to recover from getting my wisdom teeth removed. Noticed today that Outer Worlds and Borderlands 3 are on sale, would either one of those be solid to play while I recover? I'm fickle and can't decide!


The Surge 2 Kraken expansion thoughts; Will put them in the comments in case anyone wants to go in it blind.


Oh hey, The Surge 2 expansion is out earlier for season pass holders! Guess I know what I'm doing tonight!


This seems about right actually. Also just started Farcry New Dawn on Friday!


So glad I never left the house today.


Welp, I beat Devil May Cry 5 yesterday. It was awesome. So so awesome.


"Oh hey, I guess since I just got the Yomiwari Long Night collection I'll try it out before work!" *Goes through tutorial* "Oh...oh noooooo.....!!!"


My roommate just got a ps4 for his birthday, so I don't need to be nice and share mine anymore! And also we can play Warframe together now!


My new years eve plans are now having the flu and throwing up.


Just beat Astral Chain earlier today! Going to work on those post game quests, fully upgrade my legions, then try to both unlock all the things. THEN I'm going to try to beat the game on Platinum Ultimate!


Welp. Astral Chain is pretty great so far. Sometimes I find my brain has limited stamina for action games, as much as I love them, so the fact that is breaks up the action with detective work and mini quest stuff is so nice! Lets me "recharge". Cont...


Bought Astral Chain today with some Christmas money my gran gave me! It was also on sale, so I used the rest of the money to get an Adventure Time mug, vol.1 of Immortal Hulk and some more card sleeve pages for my mtg binder!


Just got to do a skeleton crew half day at work and then 2 days off! Then a day at work! Then weekend! Whoooooo!


This dang song is stuck in my brain and I don't know whhhhhyyyyy


Watch Zombie stream a game I mailed him! http://www.twitch.tv/zombiecorps


Guys!!! Warframes Empyrean update just hit PS4! (Image shamelessly stolen from GM)


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