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Just got a 10 dollar eshop card for my switch as a belated birthday present. There's a couple things I could I'm thinking of using it for, but I wouldn't mind hearing suggestions from you guys!


Roomates are great.


Can we potentially get a re-review of sorts of Warframe on the site because of the Switch version coming out? Essentially a review of the current build since it's changed so, SO MUCH since launch! I would be the most happy.


BASS I'M CALLING YOU OUT FOR A MTG ARENA SHOWDOWN! Your fishy hide will be mine!


Alright going to have to postpone today's #WeeklyWednesdayWarframe stream. That cold I caught yesterday us making it hard to talk. Instead I'm going to soup it up and make another mtg arena deck in preparation for Bass's defeat.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday guys! And as a heads up, don't forget I'm going to be streaming Warframe after work for my new #WeeklyWarframe stream.


Huh, I wonder what the twitch drops gave me on my birthd-


Welp, guess I'm 30 now! EDIT: Apparently also slightly sick! Well,that just means I'm going to game out all day.


Welp, I guess I need to make a SC6 fighter to combat this KFC menace!




Dangit! Fortuna just launched on Warframe this week, but as a console boy I probably won't see it till December. You PC players better be playtesting the shit out of it for us!


Tfw you're buddy who's been trying to stream professionally forcthe past year or two tells you have more twitch followers then him.


Welp. I think the first iteration of #WeeklyWednesdayWarframe went well. Tricked out my new Revenant, did the Plague Star event, showed off the dojo, got screwed by the sortie...All in all seemed good.


I'll be going live with the first episode of my new weekly warframe stream in the next 5-10 mins! Check me out on twitch.tv/neoturbo I'M LIVE!!!


Hey guys! As a reminder, I'm planning to start doing weekly Warframe streams today! So keep an eye out tonight when I get home from work for the first ever episode of #WeeklyWednesdayWarframe! BUMP! Keep an eye out, because I'll be starting in an hourish!


Thought I'd celebrate me deciding to do weekly Warframe streams by sharing this video I made of me doing the new story prologue quest! There are SPOILERS for The Sacrifice story quest, so fair warning.


Alright! I've decided I'm going to try streaming more often! I'm turning #WarframeWendsday into #WeeklyWarframeWendsdays! Life permitting, I'll be doing streams of Warframe for an hour or two every Wendsday. And this time my mic WILL be on! See you then!


Hey question? What do you guys think about me streaming Warframe on wensdays? I keep forgetting I like streaming, and doing a weekly stream might be neat! It'd only be for an hour or 2 though. Opinions? Suggestions?


Welp I'm done my 12 hour stream! I'm going to go to bed soon. I am exhausted.


Welp. Psychonauts had some freezing issues. So I'm starting Darksiders 2 an hour early! Tune in for the next 7 hours for good ol' death shenanigans! Link in the comments.


Okay so apparently my mic wasn't working (ie. ON) for the first bit of the stream. But I'm switching to the next game, Psychonauts! And it should be fine now! Link in the comments.


Alright starting the next game on my 12 hour stream! Watch me play Shadow Warrior at https://www.twitch.tv/neoturbo


"Hey when was Neo streaming again?" (Link in comments)


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