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Also thank you for all the birthday wishes guys!


Alright done streaming! If you guy were curious what my surprise games were, they were Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island and Zwei The Illvard Incursion.


Since I hit some milestones during my Extra Life stream, I'm going to be streaming 2 suprise games later today at about 3pm MT for a few hours for my birthday! Will post my twitch link in the comments! BUMP!!! ON GAME 2!


Aw sweet, I finally got to Part 2 in Fire Emblem Three Houses! *Realizes I'm almost 50 hours in* HOW LONG IS THIS GAME!?


And that's 12 hours of The Surge 2! I died 62 times, but I decided to bump up my donation in true dtoid fashion to a nice 69 bucks! That brings in my total to 350 USD! And since I hit 2 of my milestones, I'll be streaming 2 suprise games on Nov.13!


GOING LIVE SOON!!! As part of Extra Life this month, I will be doing a 12 hour stream of The Surge 2 today from 6am MT to 6pm! I will also be donating 1 dollar for every time I die! These will also contribute to some milestones I've made that CONT. BELOW


45 mins left to till I'm live, and I'm all dressed for the occasion!


Man, it's like when you finally take time off work for a couple days you get all tired or something.


Just finished up some Overtime, and now I'm off work till Thursday!


This is honestly how I feel about you guys 99 percent of the time!


Hey, Fire Emblem Three Houses? Maybe don't give me Leonie's B rank conversation immediately after starting Chapter 10.


Oh before I forget, thanks for all the advice you guys gave me yesterday. It gave me alot to think about. I'm still feeling down, but in a better spot then I was yesterday. Luckily I have some booked days off coming up, so hopefully this mini vacay helps.


Thought I'd let you guys know that our Extra Life team so far has made a little past 150 bucks! And I'd like to remind you all that I'll be doing a 12 hour stream of The Surge 2 on Nov. 11, where I will also donate 1$ per death!


Maybe I DO need to elaborate more on what I was talking about with my earlier post. So essentially, I think I'm self-sabatoging myself subconsciously by calling in at work more often then I should. I've done this before and it's ALWAYS at -CONT.-


I don't feel like getting into the details right now, but does anyone have any methods to help combat self sabatoge? Most things I've been reading suggest building up positive habits and emotions to combat it, but don't say what KIND of habits/emotions.


Staying home from work with a migraine today. -_-


BUMP! Decided to add some milestones to my November 11th Extra Life stream! Essentially by meeting them, I'll be adding games to ANOTHER stream I'll be doing on my birthday (Nov. 13th)! Link to my page in the comments for for info!


Help! I was looking for playlist options and discovered Spotify! Now I can't stop adding music!


Also if anyone is curious why the Extra Life site has been down today, some asshats have been DDoS'ing it.


Alright looks like Extra Life is back up! I'll be posting the team page in the comments, and be sure to check the qposts for any ongoing streams!


Update on my planned November 11th Extra Life stream! I have decided to spend the WHOLE 12 hours playing The Surge 2, and I will be donating 1 dollar for everytime I die!




BUMP2 So a bunch of us are going to be streaming for Extra Life both this weekend and through the month of November. I myself will be streaming on November 11th fr 6am MT to 6pm! Not sure what yet, but thinking of one of the games being The Surge 2! Cont.


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