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Look at this beautiful April shower we're having in Edmonton today!


What's for dinner? Soup made 100% from scratch by me! I made the stock, and I put in some pork, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and some garlic greens. Also spiced the soup with salt, pepper, ground ginger and a bay leaf. Also topped it with aged gouda!


Awesome. I woke up freezing, coughing and with my throat feeling like it wants to throw up, in addition to other symptoms. I didn't want to phone in at work cus I only just started, but I don't feel like I can get anything physical done today.


Damn she's still kicking! I need at least 2 of these.


The ultimate april fools pranks!


Hanging out with my parents for easter weekend. I ended up cooking tonight, made salmon croquettes with pan fried asparagus and some soup! Pretty proud of myself, and mom ate like 6 croquettes.


Noooo, I don't have money for the Limited Run edition of Momodora. Gosh dang payday isn't till next week.


Sooo...uhhhh...I...think I accidentally managed to get promoted to full time employment on the second day of my new part-time job. EDIT: My reply to Occams in the comments tells the story of how this happened!


It's soup stock Sunday!


On my way to the first of 2 job interviews today! Wish me luck! I'm really hoping to get some permanent employment going, even if it is part time.


So I was learning first aid today, and I met this guy named Manny! He seems nice, we talked, joked, made out a bit, compared doodles. You know, the usual.


Fun fact about me! I'm not an artist or anything, but when I'm bored I like to doodle!


This whole thing is just an amazing journey.


First card from the new mtg Dominiria set got revealed! I think it looks pretty neat!


Man, between being tired from working again and getting sick this week, I think I'm finally feeling better.


So I was sorting books at work today and I saw this one. Movie adaptation when?


Well I just found out yesterday that I need to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. So that's gonna be neat. But if it stops my teeth nicking the sides of my gums and making me get sick from bateria infection, I'm all for it.


-25 degrees Celsius in March? Just another day in Alberta


Today I rediscovered that libraries are awesome!


New weapon type for my cblog series maybe?


Damn, you post one sweaty new job photo and it suddenly gets more faps them I've ever gotten! I should just do a monthly sweaty selfie calender or something.


I'm a sweaty warehouse guy right now!


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