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Managed to fully beat Persona 5 Strikers yesterday! Even did all the requests including the post game ones. Overall great game! It's actually making me itch for some more hack n' action.


Rise can't come out soon enough!


Holy shit this manga.


Does anyone here from Canada understand taxes enough to to help me with a question related to claiming medical expenses on my tax return??


Quick shoutout to Custom Robo for being part of my childhood!


I hereby declare today #indietoid! Recommend an indie game that you think could use more spotlight or just really think more people should play! I'm going to start with Book of Demons, which is a fun and different diablo themed dungeon crawler.


Man, Kyoto in Persona 5 Strikers is just giving me all the different feels right now.


Willy's Wonderland is a movie about a quiet man with perfect work ethic.


Currently one of my favorite things in Persona 5 is the remix to this battle theme!


Man, the bosses in Persona 5 Strikers are no joke.


Bleh, fell for an obvious in hindsight phising scheme. Already took the steps necessary to protect myself but it still feels shitty. They haven't done much from what I can tell but man, I still feel silly in hindsight.


We're doing #selfietoid again? Alright, here I am post shower. And sideways.


Goddammit, Chrome on android just changed how multiple tabs work and I can't figure out how to switch it back IF I EVEN CAN.


Welp, I really want to get back to Nioh 2. Current goal....DREAM OF THE NIOH! Then the Underworld!


I just finished S2 of Cobra Kai. I will never hear Cruel Summer in the same way again.


Took a sweet screenshot in Bowser's Fury so I thought I'd share it!


Also side note, I DEFINITELY want those Zelda joycons and that MH Rise pro controller. Might actually save for em. Any word on if they're a limited edition thing?


Currently excited for; Stubbs the Zombie, Legend of Mana, Neon White, World's End Club AND the Ninja Gaiden Sigma trilogy!


Huzzah! 3D World was in the mail today!


I swear, I only leave my house every 2-3 weeks lately for like groceries and prescriptions. But everytime THE DAY AFTER I always get like a cold or something and then it always goes away after a few days. I've been thinking maybe I need some vitamins.


Happy family day! You guys are like an online family to me sometimes! Pic unrelated.


Also you guys are swell!


Annnnd Yuppie Psycho is beaten! I got two endings (3 if you count something reeeeally early), and it was a BLAST! Anyone wanting a good horror game experience should definitely check it out. Probably took me about...man..10-12 hours? Lotta game in there.


Randomly grabbed a game on the eshop called Yuppie Psycho because it looked neat. And HOLY CRAP it is actually really good! Anyone looking for a top down pixelated horror game with a unique premise should give it a shot!


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