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Dying to the [REDACTED] is HORRIFYING!


Elden Ring topic! What enemy or boss have you seen so far that been the scariest, most unsettling and/or most intimidating? Spoiler warning obviously. I like cool monsters so I wanna hear what you think.


Dammit. Found an axe in Elden Ring last night that restores FP when you kill enemies. That sounds perfect for my magic knight character! But I haven't put many points into str so I can't use it. It feels gross, but I GUESS I'll do that.


I don't remember if it was here or not, but I recently read someone saying that Elden Ring seems to cater to INT spellcasters for encounters and doesn't seem to have encounters work well for melee. That's bull and I'll tell you why...


Ignore my earlier whining. My work didn't get any trucks in today so I get to leave early. Life, the greatest enabler.


I'm going to post vague but maybe spoilery reaction thoughts I've had playing Elden Ring in the comments. Feel free to add your own!


When you want to call in sick at work to play more Elden Ring but know that doing so on a Monday is way too obvious so you just have to go anyway knowing that you won't get enough playtime after work to scratch that itch.


Also I feel bad for anyone who hates bugs who's playing Elden Ring. LOTS of giant bugs which a few that even creeped me out.


FIIIINE ELDEN RING. I'll level my health up a bit. If you're going to make some enemy attacks kill me in one hit I guuuueeeesss I'll stop putting points in intelligence for now.


Elden Ring let's me wear an octopus on my head. 10/10.


Elden Ring aquired!Got worried because Gamestop was sold out, but London Drugs continues to be an excellent back up for new game releases.


Alright fine I'll stop at the mall and grab Elden Ring after work.


Aww yeah. Newest ps4 patch for Dying Light 2 seems to have fixed the audio bug I was having and enemy animations are no longer janky. Still has some in-game loading issues but that just seems to be when I start and I just got to wait a bit and it's fine.


When you sit down and start playing Destiny 2 and 30 mins in realize what game your brain has been trying to tell you that you want to play so you reinstall Borderlands 3 and get the 2nd season pass on sale and spend 3 hours straight on it.


I have just discovered that the devs who made Tower of Guns made ANOTHER game called MOTHERGUNSHIP. It's unfortunately been delisted from psn but I found a copy on ebay for a fair price. I'm excited, the game looks dooooope.


I have spontaneously decided to buy and start Destiny 2 since the legacy bundle is on sale and I heard it's alot better now. Also there may have been a anxiety style "fuck it why not?" Mood involved. In the end I just want to play a cool sci-fi fps tho.


Brain decided to give me anxiety today. Please post cute pictures and comics.


Decided to spend the whole day playing Genshin Impact since I hadn't played in a few months. That mini area they added is so cool! I love the day/night mechanic and the puzzles that used it. Also finally decided to grind for proper artifact sets.


Hmmmm, should I obsess over Genshin Impact or No Man's Sky this weekend? Pic unrelated.


Annnnnd I pulled the banner 5star in Dragalia Lost with my only summon voucher.


Time to uninstall as rng champion.


Kinda serious topic. Me and my brother and sister have decided to schedule a date in the near future to talk about stuff we're probably going to have to do, set up and plan for about are parents getting older. Anyone here have experience with that?.


So if anyone on PS4 is also having this missing audio bug in Dying Light 2 I THINK I fixed it? I fully restarted my system then started the game up AFTER disconnecting the ps4 from the internet in the network settings. No idea how but it worked.


Finally bought and started playing ECHO yesterday. Holy crap it's difficult, but I'm definitely enjoying it. But I gotta say I've had a nightmare that reminds me this game reminds me of so that whole clones trying to kill you thing gets to me much more.


Alright, managed to finish up Tales of Arise, Psychonauts 2 and Observer: System Redux this week. Still stuck inside till Tuesday and my copy of Dying Light 2 doesn't get here till Wednesday. Maybe I'll start and power through Alan Wake remastered.


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