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As much as I like Warframe I'd like to say that fighting the Ambulas boss on Monday's Sortie was something that I don't think even the worst person should experience.


Everyone is talking about DMC5, but I just got Darksiders 3 because it was on sale! So far alot of fun, but really punishing. Ended up switching to classic style because playing a Darksiders game without being able to dodge-cancel is alien to me.


Work sucks. So when I get home I will be drinking and streaming some Warframe with ma boi Zombie. Will bump with link in the comments when I get set up. BUMP: Starting pretty much now


So I got my tax return yesterday! I grabbed some new shoes, a facial hair kit, paid off my CC and Finally grabbed Starlink and World of Final Fantasy since they are on sale on the eshop. Which turned out perfect, because I'm now sick today.


You guys remember me complaining about my work? Well we lost the contract for the section I work in, so I'll be laid off effective March 29th. It's not all bad, but I'll have to continue that in the comments.


When you needed more dakka in your Warframe.


So Warframe just updated on all platforms and completely got rid of Alerts. Now we get this sweet lore-centric daily/weekly system, that seems to give more variety in tasks, with more choice in rewards. ALSO THERE'S UMBRAL FORMAS NOW WTF I NEEEED IIIT!!!


Welp, I'm super addicted to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I'm terrible at the combat still though. Currently trying to finish up this quest by finding some dude called Ginger and than I'll probably start exploring a bit.


I'd like to remind you all that you should be watching Love is War because it has this seasons best girl.


When a innocent looking game is, actually really hard.


*discovers the cat fight arena in Yakuza 0*


Look what I found for 20 bucks!


This is what I've been drinking tonight. Root beer schnapps with Dr.Pepper and this super rad looking beer that tasted different than I was expecting. Had a vague sour grapefruit bit with the rest of it being kinda bitter. Not bad, but not a binge drink.


I need alcohol today. This is not a drill.


Me and my buddy/roomie have been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure all the way up to the currently airing Part 5. So when I noticed the Eyes of Heaven ps4 game was on sale I had to grab it. Then I realized it has co-op! Hopefully I can convince him.


Been actually working on my backlog of half complete games lately. I thiiiink I've almost beaten Alien Isolation and also jumped back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (currently in some land of the dead cliff place, not sure how close i am to the end).


Anyone else suffer from weather related migraines? It suddenly got really warm here after it being consistently -25C to -30C and now I'm just crazy dizzy and my brain is in a fog. I usually get them with extreme temp changes and before/near thunderstorms.


Literally five minutes before I left work I found out I have Monday off for a long weekend.


Saw Hypno say he beat Hollow Knight, remembered I hadn't beat it yet, went back to it after like 3-4 months and beat the last boss on the first try. Now I guess I should try to get 100% completion.


Someday I'll bother trying to get a girlfriend.


Forgot to post my weekend spoils! Gamewise, I found Mass Effect Andromeda for 5 bucks, and also grabbed that PlayStation Humble Bundle! Also grabbed a MTG bundle box, pulled some good stuff, than traded that and some other cards for TWO more bundle boxes!


Going to be streaming some Alien Isolation for a few hours. Come hang out and watch the spoops! I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at twitch.tv/neoturbo


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