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Heading to the hospital because one of my friends has a kid now! Edit: Pic in the comments! His name is Caspian.


Just found about this sweet looking game from the Darksiders 3 devs called Remnant: From the Ashes. Looks like it's a souls style 3rd person shooter that uses procedural generation. Link to the PC Gamer preview in the comments, but I am excited for it!


Blind Day Friday update. Have mainly been on my phone and playing switch since I can see those at close distances. Successfully made lunch. Probably going to chill in my room and go to bed early tonight.


Glasses update! I can't get to the store I bought them at till tomorrow. I need a ride and I don't trust myself with busses today. Sooooo, #Blindtoid?


"Hey Neo, how is your day starting off?"


Moe Dance Party!? MoeDanceParty!


Got RE2 remake during the psn Spotlight Sale, and I just beat Claire's A run! Going to start Leon for the 2nd run later today or tomorrow.


I hate it when this happens.


Accurate depiction of a round of Defense in Warframe.


New idea! Making a deck that's goal is just about finding Fblthp!


This is the greatest thing. https://www.warframe.com/news/path-of-warframe-the-quest-for-the-average-neck


Trailer for the next Magic the Gathering set is out and it is awesome! Also they spoiled some if the new cards! Planewalkers with static abilities! A new mechanic called amass! Anyway, looking forward to making a sweet eternals deck.


I did a thing today!


Last day at this warehouse job, and after I can start focusing on new and different things!


I think I'm going to start streaming again. My schedule seems like it'll allow it.


Was playing some Warframe last night with dtoiders ZombieCorp, Strider and sp testure! Here's a video of us finishing a Thermia Fissure thing. sp isn't there because he needed to do the Fortuna quest unfortunately.


One more week and I'm free from this dumb job! Looking forward too moving on to better things.


Sure Nindies are awesome BUT NEW STANGER THINGS TRAILER!


Holy shit. Not only are Gamegrumps doing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle right now, but it also marks the return of Dan reading fanfiction genius lil soniq's epic sexy sonic saga! Clearly this is the greatest of gifts.


Today's Warframe devstream has some pretty sweet deets! Plains remaster with more floofs, new prime stuff, and talk of maybe more Umbra frames! Check it out here! https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-125-overview


Hey guys! Me and Frostyflakes will be streaming out MTG match for Bass's tournament tonight at 8pm MT! I will be posting my twitch link in the comments and I don't remember Frosty's so I'll just tell him to post his. May the best (me) win!


Hey guys! Remember how Bass set up that dtoid Magic the Gathering tourney? Well me and Frostyflakes are going to be streaming our match tommorow evening! Don't have a specific time yet because work, but keep an eye out it you're interested in watching!


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