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Welp, since it's 80% off on psn right now, I grabbed Agents of Mayhem. Seems pretty fun so far! Not sure how/when I unlock the dlc characters though.


Random warframe stuff! I'm finally ready to gild my first Zaw weapon! I'm only missing 2 pieces for Khora! And I think Ash Prime is my new main. Still trying to get used to his Bladestorm ability though. But the Fatal Teleport augment is crazy fun!


Hey guys, it's mother's day! Be sure to at least phone her and thank her for you're existence!


I keep seeing Destiny update news on the FP,but no Warframe news. This annoys me. SO YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'm gonna start posting Warframe news in the cblogs! I'm gonna start with a rundown of the new update that hit consoles plus the devstream info!


Huh. So my boss got a call and then said everyone had to leave the building immediately. No idea why. Early weekend I guess.


Goddamnit, I'm having an anxiety day. -_- Here's hoping I get through this....


I missed posting for a bunch of other people's bdays, BUT HOPEFULLY NO LONGER. Happy birthday Torch! I'm not a huge gundam person so have this better mech.


I forgot that working when you're sick is the worst. AND I have to grab groceries later! I just want to crawl in bed and have a compfy coma.


I think I'm almost done with God of War. Gotta finish up some hot trials, some misty rifts and dealing with some ladies. Hopefully that's vague enough for guys worried about spoilers.


"well I still feel like crap, but not as bad as yesterday!" *Immediately spills some soup picking up the bowl due to cold/flu making my balance messed up* -_-


Hey I'm having a sick day and am stuck in bed. Was thinking of buying VA-11 HALL-A, but I was wondering if there any other games you'd reccomend for a sick day?


I have the best War Dad!


With my new job going smoothly, I believe the time has come... to slowly start rebuilding my once vast game collection!


I have discovered that opening packs for no value and telling people about it is amazingly hilarious. Also I pulled a Jaya Ballard! Still no Karn or Squee yet though...


I won the Dominaria draft tournament that me and my friends were doing! I've never won a draft before. I feel awesome! Edit: Now with pics!


Dante Charge Blade aquired!! And the armor set seems pretty solid too. The pants get weakness expoit 2 and 2 lvl1 slots.




Slow cookers are awesome.


Hey guys, I know I haven't been posting as often...But hey! I'm sick today! So #AMA!! Buuuuump!!!


Look at this beautiful April shower we're having in Edmonton today!


What's for dinner? Soup made 100% from scratch by me! I made the stock, and I put in some pork, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and some garlic greens. Also spiced the soup with salt, pepper, ground ginger and a bay leaf. Also topped it with aged gouda!


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