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Having a sick day and playing Season 2 of telltale Batman. Story is super good so far.




Dead Cells progress update! I've made it to the castle twice. And I think I have all the runes now. So far my favorite weapon is the Impaler. And malaise sucks. Alright bedtime now.


Splurged a bit on my paycheck today. Got Battlechasers for 12$ and Code Veronica for 4$ at the local pawn shop. The card/comic store was doing a 4 for 40$ deal on Masters 25 boosters, so I was unable to resist. And I'm a shameless Warframe fan. So bought.


Dead Cells progress update! I got to the Time Keeper, got my ass kicked, explored more, got a rune and made it to this OTHER boss through the sewers that I'm going to try to focus on beating now.


All these people talking about Dead Cells and making me feel like I need to git gudder. Only made it to the Village twice so far, and have no idea where to go now, flow chart be damned. Ah well, may as well work towards that level 3 flask.


Shocking reveal! Fellow dtoider Bass confimed as a fun hating commie! More as the story progresses!


Ahhh, good old country cooking.


Just got to Chapter 5 in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 last night. That whole Rosa boss fight was ridiculous and amazing! But now I can't decide weather to use Tora or new party member as my tank.


So today is #ScreenshotSaturday right? This is from a planet in No Man's Sky I found this week. The objects start glowing when you get close!




I have just discovered the magical Gungeon combination of Fullmatel Jacket plus Elder Blank. It is glorious.


Going through some depressive anxiety shit today. Ended up calling in and now I'm just going to play No Mans Sky all day. I just need a chill thing to try and zen with by myself today.


Guys. Don't shoot the whispering eggs. Just... don't do it. I did. And now I'm telling you. DON'T. SHOOT. THE EGGS!!!


Shit. I'm really into this new megaten phone game. I accidentally just spent an hour on it in the blink if an eye.


Gonna make a super silly commander deck with this guy!


*Plays more Hollow Knight before work* *Desides to go exploring after getting the lantern and finds the graveyard. Then STUFF HAPPENS!!!*


*plays more Hollow Knight* *Gets Mantis Claw and then finds the Nailsmith*


*plays a little more of Hollow Knight* *Gets dash ability*


Man Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is awesome! .....once you download the japanese voices. Even I can't stand a dub that bad.


Add me you guys!


Man, I am sooooo tired. Slept terrible because of the loudest thunder storm ever. Had to wake up early for an appointment. And then I was bussing to and from a bunch of places in the hot sun. And now I'm heading to work and will be there till 9 or 10.


Aww, discord went down and now I feel slightly lonelier. =(


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