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It's just over 2 weeks away from Extra Life's game day! So far me and GM are signed up for team destructoid, and I know at least Neronium is streaming for it too. If anyone is interested in joining,streaming or even just curious, feel free to let me know!


Welp, my internet is down. Phoned and it's apparently either a outage or something with the fiber optics. Technician will be here Saturday, which is okay. Shame though, I wanted to redownload Alien Isolation to play it to work on my backlog.


Hey guys, I was wondering what I should play during my 12 hour stream on the 3rd. I'm going to finish it off with Darksiders 2, but I'm not sure what to start with. So I'm open to ideas! It just has to be on PS4, and preferably something I own hopefully.


Hey guys, as a quick reminder I'm still looking for people to help me stream for Extra Life on or around Game Day! It's on Nov 3rd, a little over 2 weeks away. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the link in the comments!


If you guys are interested in streaming to help out charity, please check out my cblog! The more people the merrier!


Hey guys, keep and eye out on the cblogs this weekend. I'm going to be recruiting people for Extra Life!


Question. Does the Japanese physical version of Okami on the switch have an English option? I want to know so I can plan to buy it down the line.


After much procrastination, I finally starting doing Eidolon hunts in Warframe. They are actually way easier than I was worried about. Or maybe I was being carried by good teammates. Either or, still is pretty neat and it gives a crapton of sentient cores


"Man I really need to beat Xenobalde Chronicles 2. Maybe I'll play a bit more and see what hap-"


Remember guys, sometimes you should trim your beard so that it can grow even nicer than before!


Sorry about that stuff today American buddies.






I can't decide if I caught something, or if I've been doing two peoples work for so long that I've worked myself sick. But I feel dizzy, nauseous and tired as hell.


Sometimes when you lowball what to expect from your paycheck it works out. Had a bit of extra money, so I decided to treat myself and get some MTG stuff. Grabbed the new Ral planeswalker deck and some boosters. Looking forward to trying the deck tommorow.


Today on communicord, I may be in trouble.


Hey random question. Should I stream a thing for Halloween this month? It would have to be on ps4. And I'm broke so it would have to be something I already own and probably played. Would you guys watch? I'm mulling the idea over currently.


Alright, early game impressions of of Alone in the Dark Inferno. Game is definitely still jankey, but is more playable the the xbox version I played years ago. So far treating the game like a cheesy bad horror movie is improving my enjoyment alot.


Starting my Halloween gaming off with this guy here. I played the original jankey one, but apparently Inferno fixes a bunch of stuff. Looking forward to trying it out again!


You know what's awesome? When you've been passively losing weight since you started working at a warehouse and now realizing today that you can put your belt in the SECOND most outward hole!


Well fuck. I'm going to barely be squeaking by these next 2 paychecks maybe. I just need to last till november, and I should hopefully be caught up with all these late bills. Fuck. I'm razors edging it here.


Consert was awesome. Am tired. Will sleep nao.


In 2 hours me and my mom are going to see Paul McCartney! Super excited!


Man, this is a pretty normal day. Nothing awesome or weird will probably happ-OOPS I DROPPED A SCREEN SHOT!!!!


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