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Lots of potential for this artist. One to watch. Solid tune to vibe to. #musictoid | WYLDE - Castles


Listened to a lot more pop songs in 2020 than I normally do. But that's because you have talented artists singing hits. This song reminds me of Christina Perri. #musictoid | Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license


Reminds me of the type of rock rising around the mid-2000s. Diggin it. #musictoid | Kings Of Leon - The Bandit


Denmark trying to get one by while no one's looking.


My mind needs more of this. It's soothing and enchanting. The piano has this jazzy feel and I love that half the song is instrumental. #musictoid | Black Coffee, Maxine Ashley, Sun El Musician - You Need Me


FYI,if you're in NJ: there's an online registration for the Covid-19 vaccine. I'll put it in the comments. Just know everyone's getting in and it's down so try whenever.


A live performance that brings out the best sound and vocal from this already great song. #musictoid | Alison Wonderland - Bad Things


Fergie was trending on Twitter, which lead me to this hip-hop classic. Posting official vid in comments. #musictoid | Black Eyed Peas - Joints & Jam


Am drunk. Is bueno bay-bay!!


More vibes. More vibing. #musictoid | Anna Shoemaker, Invisible Will - Silver Cowboy Boots


Vibing. Just Vibing. #musictoid | RIZ LA VIE - Adventure Team


My power is out. Is no bueno.


Game In Progress: October and November 2020

Ooh boy. Man, the burnout is real! Let's just say, October was one hell of a month work-wise, which left November as my personal self-care half-month. During November, I decided to take two weeks off. Doing work of any kind was not on...


Liking this collab. You can can hear a bit of each other's style mixed together. Enjoy this chill song for a chill Sunday. #musictoid | ILLENIUM, Tom DeLonge, Angels & Airwaves - Paper Thin


I saw this and instantly got Wind Waker vibes. Hoping they show off more because it seems like a quaint but solid game.


Logged into FB>Incorrect pw >Send recovery email. Log into old ass email acc> incorrect pw too? So this was legit the first time I've ever been 'hacked'. Too bad for them I recovered everything them.


A badass song on its own - this in now way deserves to be just an entrance song. But it's definitely one of the best wrestling music entrances out there. #musictoid | Mikey Rukus - Arrival (Sting AEW Theme)


Haven't heard trance in a while, but this one is a goodin. Much more uplifting than most and gives off lots of energy. #musictoid | Armin Van Buuren, Super8, Tab - Leka


I had a chance this time. They even had a simple captcha. But the site didn't like my phone. I guess this is a sign. No PS5 for now... 😭☹ī¸đŸ˜”


You could have told me this came out in the 90's and I would've believed you. Great interpretation of a 90's classic. This duo is one to watch out for. #musictoid | Chloe x Halle — Sending My Love


Am drunk. Is bueno.


**UPDATE - They uploaded an official vid! Just got sent back to the early 2000's with this one. Punk rock never sounded so good. I swear this guy just keeps pumping out hits. #musictoid | KennyHoopla, Travis Barker - ESTELLA




A great song already, but the collab here just sends it to the next level. This songs fits so well for both of them. Transports you to when these songs conquered the airwaves. #musictoid | Bleachers, Bruce Springsteen - chinatown


Found a twitter account that mashes the dancing kid from the 90's(?) to different songs. It's pretty good. This song stuck with me tho. #musictoid | The Strokes - Hard To Explain.


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