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So was tinkering with a PC I got from work and tried to figure out how in the hell a hard drive, if any, would fit. A 20min search later says there's supposed to be a caddy to mount it inside. Well that explains a lot! Pay day needs to get here quick.


Anyone have any experience with Linux Distros. I want an easy/casual OS for my family. I'm looking at Mint OS and elementary OS. Anyone have any recommendations?


She has an 80s/early 90s pop sound that is infectious. I Liked her songs from before but this one instantly shows her style and stands above the rest. "Unapologetically pop" #musictoid | Kim Petras - Heart To Break


Am really digging the dubbed Hunter x Hunter anime. Neferpitou is one of my favorite antagonists. Her menacing, sadistic style contrasts with her innocent looking form. Liking her English VO so far.


Keeping up with their last album, The Chainsmokers have another somber song. Nothing upbeat, but we'll see what they do. I like the song, so looking forward more. #musictoid | The Chainsmokers - You Owe Me


Digging the new Muse song. Wasn't feeling it at first, but it's growing on me real quick. I do miss their heavier riffs from the Absolution album days tho. #musictoid | Muse - Thought Contagion


JSF, servlets, RSA, python, batch files. I thought I was fine with just Java and web design. What a fool I was.


Been missing out on Spotify's New Music Friday these past couple of weeks But I'm listening now and really like this one. Very energetic. #musictoid | Youngblood Hawke - Trust


So apparently last night toys r us had a glitch where if you bought some sandals ANYTHING else in your cart would be half off. 200 for a PS4 pro or a switch. Crazy.


Beat my first Colossus. Very very beautiful game with a world that makes me feel very small. It's amazing.


Game Start v2

Previously on Dragon B my last blog post, I had talked about wanting to develop my own game. Well, can't do that without actually knowing how to use the tools needed to make one. I'm talking about the engine - the platform that will a...


The kind of music that just leaves me relaxed. Chill. #musictoid | Maroon 5, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - Wait.


Am drunk is bueno 👌


I'm not really a coffee kinda guy. But iced coffee man... I'll tell you hwut meng


$40 Shadow of the Colossus for only $31? Thank you prime. Tomorrow cant come soon enough.


Been hooked on The Good Place thanks to a fellow Dtoider. Went from funny silly shenanigans to interesting and thoughtful. Still hilarious tho. Anyway, heard this happy-go-lucky song in their last episode. It's nice. #musictoid The Submarines - Maybe


Hunter x Hunter dub is getting to the good (re: darker) parts. It's just as good as the sub so far. Also Superbowl was actually very exciting to watch this year. Good way to end my Sunday.


We all know the real reason for today's excitement. The Puppy Bowl!


Enjoy some chill tunes to go with your chill weekend. #musictoid | The Chainsmokers, K?D - Young (Remix)


Can't wait to get home. There's a Yoohoo with my name on it. Fun fact: in 6th grade I was 7% chocolate drink. Well, more depressing than fun, actually.


One of the last wrestling games I really enjoyed: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009. This song was a favorite of mine in that game. Pretty sure I made it my guy's entrance music too. Those were the days... #musictoid | Burn Halo - Save Me


This years Royal Rumble was pretty great. Older wrestlers came back and they all kicked ass. The women's royal rumble was great too. Oh and Ronda Rousey is apparently in WWE now too. Crazy.


Listened to lots of great new songs this weekend. Tonite is Royal Rumble - excited for that! Enjoy your Sunday, all! #musictoid | The Dig - Moonlight Baby


Just saw Shaolin Soccer for the first time. Hilarious! Has 'The Naked Gun' humor and I laughed at pretty much every scene. Can't believe it took me this long to see it.


Saw this incredible painting that really grabbed me. I like the gothic style - like bloodborne. I figured someone out there would like to see this as well.


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