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An EDM song dressed up as an upbeat summer pop song. A bit different, but very welcome. Loving the energy behind it. #musictoid | Wolfgang Gartner - Freak


So I tried getting back into PC gaming slowly, but my PC is too old. So I'm using my PS4 with keyboard and mouse combo. I played fortnite and the change was night and day. Did so much better. Is this cheating? I'll try other games soon.


Been a while since I heard a chill R&B song. I'm digging it. #musictoid | YG, Quavo - Slay


Haven't heard a Digitalism song in so long. Since they took over my life with their "Blitz" single. But here they are! #musictoid | Digitalism - Glow


Sorry, guys - my account was hacked earlier. Videogames are not fun.


Videogames are fun.


YouTube gaming videos back in the day went hand in hand with Monstercat music - Dubstep and Drum n' Bass, especially. Something nice about this one. #musictoid | Feint - Homebound


Man, I should've stuck with the YouTube thing. Works cool and all, but creative freedom would be nice. Maybe I should go back to it more.


Chose this ironically when I was "car DJ". Wound up being a throwback car ride and we sang all the 2000s pop hits. Fun times. #musictoid | *NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me


After their last albums/songs being a bit too gloomy, I was hoping for more like this. It's a modern disco tune - like early Calvin Harris stuff. Gives off such good vibes. #musictoid | The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren - Side Effects


Insomniac Games' spiderman game has gone gold and they replicated this image in their celebratory tweet. (Check comments)


A rock ballad? From these guys? Sure sounds like it. #musictoid | Fall Out Boy - Bishops Knife Trick


Love this woman's voice and style. Easy listening and light. #musictoid | Jessie Reyez - Apple Juice


Loving everything about this. It's got a Kanye West production sound with a gospel twist - simple but powerful. Chill stuff. #musictoid | Chance the Rapper - 65th & Ingleside


Gave myself an anxiety attack which I thought was a heart attack. Not fun, came out of nowhere. Doc said I was fine, but now I nitpick every lil ache and heartbeat. I need to chill. I should get a puppy.


I dig her style, the aesthetic of the video, and the song is chill all around. #musictoid | Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown.


Funny read about PC WASD control schemes. Anyone one here do it differently? || https://www.pcgamer.com/ive-somehow-been-wasding-wrong-my-whole-life/


I will forever include this in any videogames I may make. Very gracias, Alphadeus. #musictoid | Alphadeus - Escapade.


Guy's got a nice soulful voice. Enjoy this blues rock jam. #musictoid | Patrick Droney - Stand and Deliver


Game Start 7

For those just joining us, Goku had finally decided to go super saiyan, and I had decided in my last post (by the end of my last paragraph, actually) to switch over from a 2D centric Unity course I had been on, to a 3D one. It's taugh...


What everyone's been waiting for since launch. No Man's Sky, if this is executed well enough, could make a comeback. As someone who loved the game since day 1, I am excited.


A catchy tune for sure. Won't doubt if I hear this all summer. #musictoid | Max George - Barcelona


A nice soft piano medley at the start, but such a high-energy track. Gets you moving for sure. #musictoid | Ryos, KARRA - Where We Are


Finally have an idea for a game that I will make. Won't be anything too huge but it should be fun and challenging in small doses. It involves spaceships and that's all I'll say.


Send help. Need sleep. Send sleep. Plz thanks.


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