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So I tried getting into my Reddit account, but my password doesn't work. Never registered an email to it so it's gone. Had saved many dev resources on it too. Damn.


Loving this nice rhythmic and upbeat song. Chill vibes all around. #musictoid | benny blanco, Calvin Harris - I Found You


So here's some irony: I have my gamecube gameboy adapter but no idea where my disc or the GameCube are. Man this thing was crazy playing Pokemon with.


The women's WWE PPV was fantastic. More of that please. Also heel Becky Lynch is now my favorite wrestler. Havent seen a character like hers done so well in a while.


Apparently typing in the URL bar will open up a new Google doc. Neat.


Eating a chicken salad. Current status:


Roman Reigns (whom people didn't like pushed as 'the' guy) announced that he has leukemia. The boos turned to praise for him as they realized it wasn't a joke and he was leaving. Great to see crowds respect what they do when it counts.


Jus sayin, winning the lotto would be nice.


An upbeat tune that belongs in the summer. Sends good vibes. #musictoid | IYFFE, Seth Somni - Get Lost


Heard this on an eBay commercial of all places. Instantly hooked on its upbeat and catchy vibe. Funky. Groovy, and cheery. An earworm for sure! #musictoid | Bleu - Love You So


Game Start 10

The tenth game development post, can you believe it? Two months shy of a full year. It's been a crazy time for me this year, especially so these past few months. Recently, a house move took most of my time away from doing anything out...


A funkier and more upbeat spin on this John Mayer song (which also recently came out). Digging everything about this remix. #musictoid | John Mayer, Zook√ęper - New Light


It's a nice change of pace to see international artists making waves in the US. Accompanied my sister for their last US show. They were good - lots of catchy songs. #musictoid | BTS - Save ME


A mix of R&B and hip-hop. Digging the smooth vibes: the bassline is especially nice. #musictoid | T.I., Anderson .Paak - At Least I Know


Been playing so much of fortnite that kids think I'm good (I'm not). Been getting rando friend invites... Takes me back to the old Xbox 360 days.


a slight homage to Adventure Time with this video. Pretty chill song. Love the mishmash of different pop cultures we have today. #musictoid | tobi lou - Buff Baby


Currently eating off-brand honey-nut Cheerios to stay awake at work. Cant stop. Help.


Such a soulful and smooth vibe. Music video cuts never gelled with me, but the actual song is great all around. Love it. #musictoid | The Knocks, Sofi Tukker - Brazilian Soul


Didn't know why it was called hadouken other than the chorus and sound FX. But the video along with its ending makes sense of it all. Chill alt/pop song. #musictoid | Sunny & Gabe - Hadouken


Fortnite's seasonal updates really adds a nice refresh to the game. It doesn't need dlc outright; just a change of pace and scenery. Also, loot lake is a mess.


Seeing all this joker movie stuff makes me wanna join too. So if you're in the NJ area, they're filming there and need extras. Maybe I'll sign up...(Link in comments)


Spotify suggested this out of left field. I like the free-spirited vibe of it all. It sounds like a more modern 80s pop song. #musictoid | Betty Who - The Other Side


Pop-punk to a T. #musictoid | Neck Deep - Motion Sickness


This is the type of music I wish I heard more of from this group. I always loved "Where Is The Love" cus of the good vibes and chill sound it gave off. This is like that. #musictoid | Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE


So just learned about horizon zero dawns big secret about the past. This game is great. I bet if I paid more attention to weak points the bots would be easier. But I just attack with w/e.


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