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Man, I remember that one time. Whoo. Good stuff. Glad we had this talk.


Sakurai, you've done it again! -- https://entertainment.theonion.com/nintendo-reveals-smash-bros-ultimate-will-allow-char-1828200171


An EDM song dressed up as an upbeat summer pop song. A bit different, but very welcome. Loving the energy behind it. #musictoid | Wolfgang Gartner - Freak


So I tried getting back into PC gaming slowly, but my PC is too old. So I'm using my PS4 with keyboard and mouse combo. I played fortnite and the change was night and day. Did so much better. Is this cheating? I'll try other games soon.


Been a while since I heard a chill R&B song. I'm digging it. #musictoid | YG, Quavo - Slay


Haven't heard a Digitalism song in so long. Since they took over my life with their "Blitz" single. But here they are! #musictoid | Digitalism - Glow


Sorry, guys - my account was hacked earlier. Videogames are not fun.


Videogames are fun.


YouTube gaming videos back in the day went hand in hand with Monstercat music - Dubstep and Drum n' Bass, especially. Something nice about this one. #musictoid | Feint - Homebound


Man, I should've stuck with the YouTube thing. Works cool and all, but creative freedom would be nice. Maybe I should go back to it more.


Chose this ironically when I was "car DJ". Wound up being a throwback car ride and we sang all the 2000s pop hits. Fun times. #musictoid | *NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me


After their last albums/songs being a bit too gloomy, I was hoping for more like this. It's a modern disco tune - like early Calvin Harris stuff. Gives off such good vibes. #musictoid | The Chainsmokers, Emily Warren - Side Effects


Insomniac Games' spiderman game has gone gold and they replicated this image in their celebratory tweet. (Check comments)


A rock ballad? From these guys? Sure sounds like it. #musictoid | Fall Out Boy - Bishops Knife Trick


Love this woman's voice and style. Easy listening and light. #musictoid | Jessie Reyez - Apple Juice


Loving everything about this. It's got a Kanye West production sound with a gospel twist - simple but powerful. Chill stuff. #musictoid | Chance the Rapper - 65th & Ingleside


Gave myself an anxiety attack which I thought was a heart attack. Not fun, came out of nowhere. Doc said I was fine, but now I nitpick every lil ache and heartbeat. I need to chill. I should get a puppy.


I dig her style, the aesthetic of the video, and the song is chill all around. #musictoid | Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown.


Funny read about PC WASD control schemes. Anyone one here do it differently? || https://www.pcgamer.com/ive-somehow-been-wasding-wrong-my-whole-life/


I will forever include this in any videogames I may make. Very gracias, Alphadeus. #musictoid | Alphadeus - Escapade.


Guy's got a nice soulful voice. Enjoy this blues rock jam. #musictoid | Patrick Droney - Stand and Deliver


Game Start 7

For those just joining us, Goku had finally decided to go super saiyan, and I had decided in my last post (by the end of my last paragraph, actually) to switch over from a 2D centric Unity course I had been on, to a 3D one. It's taugh...


What everyone's been waiting for since launch. No Man's Sky, if this is executed well enough, could make a comeback. As someone who loved the game since day 1, I am excited.


A catchy tune for sure. Won't doubt if I hear this all summer. #musictoid | Max George - Barcelona


A nice soft piano medley at the start, but such a high-energy track. Gets you moving for sure. #musictoid | Ryos, KARRA - Where We Are


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