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A unique artist ever since I've heard about him. Comedy antics aside, he genuinely has a good sound. Mix of a lot of different styles here. #musictoid | Oliver Tree - Let Me Down


A solid rock song here. It's cool seeing bands I've grown with, evolve (or not). This one's a far cry from their emo-ish song 'All That I've Got'. Song actually starts at 1:03 in the video. #musictoid | The Used - Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton


Saw the tail end of WrestleMania 36: night one, and the boneyard match was all sorts of fun. Getting a lot of praise by everyone for it's cheesiness, but also refreshing spin on telling it's story. It was basically a movie.


Liking this band right now. Love how it's structured from a soft intro to heavy drums and strong riffs and back to a calming outro. (another vid in comments). #musictoid | Mt. Joy - Acrobats


Lots of good music this past friday. But first, some great progressive house. The vocals truly elevate this into a classic. #musictoid | Serge Devant, Hadley - Addicted


Really liking the gloomy and groovy start. But the build-up...amazing. Man, I'm gonna go to so many different concerts and chill, once this whole virus fiasco is over. #musictoid | Lost Frequencies, Love Harder - Beat Of My Heart (Deluxe Edit)


I'm all for the remasters but gosh darn it, Nintendo, when is a new Mario Strikers coming!! Literally the only thing that will make me buy a Switch at this exact moment.


Big FYI: below link offers free courses, along w/ certificates upon completion. From basic guitar lessons, personal branding, to programming, calculus, and machine learning. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/coronavirus-coursera-free-certificate/


Love the rave vibes from this track. The vocals and instrumental are perfect for each other. #musictoid | CamelPhat, Cristoph, Jem Cooke - Breathe


This is a very good rock song. Low-profile sound and with good vibes. Sad I am just hearing this '06 song now, but glad I came across it anyway. #musictoid | Heavens - Counting


We're here. The future. (Tweet vid in comments)


Chill out and vibe to some ambient electro sounds with silky smooth vocals. Too good. #musictoid | Lastlings - Take My Hand


Touchable holograms - https://www.theweek.co.uk/68187/first-touchable-hologram-created-in-japan - but the only thing I got out of it was virtual high fives.


PS5 details in 2 hours. Been a while since I got to see one of these 'live'. Guess quarantine isn't so bad...


I'm digging this chill country sound with an indie-feeling vibe. #musictoid | Grimes - Delete Forever


Went to my store for toilet paper because we actually are running out, but no luck. It was pretty weird having a cart full of ice cream, soda, soap, and tasy kakes while everyone else was stocking up.


Was gonna go to a huge AEW show, but it's been postponed due to the virus. Before the update, I wanted to refund my tickets since it's been getting risky here, but they said it'll be good for a later date. Same will probly happen to my other yearly events


The new CoD BR is a lot quicker paced. Took away a lot of the slower details of the last BR. Less inventory to lug around. But I wish they had squads again. But loving the gulag aspect. But they're still lacking some normal features. Overall, pretty fun.


A trance-like sound with chill beats. #musictoid | Lost Frequencies, Pretty Pink - Sweet Dreams (Remix)


Game In Progress: February 2020

Last update, I said that I was starting over. I created a short design document to help put down my new ideas. This month I did some research into the shapes. I want to include as many as possible, but apparently there's no one single...


St Patricks day shenanigans was fun. Somehow was still alive for the concert. Show was dope. Great atmosphere. Had shots with 3 strangers, who didn't know each other, either. (Vid wasn't from last night but has same vibe).


Am drunk. Is bueno.


The only final fantasy I ever played was the demo for 15 and yeah it was alright.


No clouds or wind. It legit feels like a brisk summer's day.


Chill vibes for the weekend. Enjoy. #musictoid | Mt. Joy - Strangers.


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