DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained
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Funny read about PC WASD control schemes. Anyone one here do it differently? ||


I will forever include this in any videogames I may make. Very gracias, Alphadeus. #musictoid | Alphadeus - Escapade.


Guy's got a nice soulful voice. Enjoy this blues rock jam. #musictoid | Patrick Droney - Stand and Deliver


Game Start 7

For those just joining us, Goku had finally decided to go super saiyan, and I had decided in my last post (by the end of my last paragraph, actually) to switch over from a 2D centric Unity course I had been on, to a 3D one. It's taugh...


What everyone's been waiting for since launch. No Man's Sky, if this is executed well enough, could make a comeback. As someone who loved the game since day 1, I am excited.


A catchy tune for sure. Won't doubt if I hear this all summer. #musictoid | Max George - Barcelona


A nice soft piano medley at the start, but such a high-energy track. Gets you moving for sure. #musictoid | Ryos, KARRA - Where We Are


Finally have an idea for a game that I will make. Won't be anything too huge but it should be fun and challenging in small doses. It involves spaceships and that's all I'll say.


Send help. Need sleep. Send sleep. Plz thanks.


Fortnite has an ARG happening due to their recent event. Pretty cool:


Mucho fun-o was had-o while i was boracho (drunko).


Just read about this, will try it out after work :


Uniquely soothing, both song and voice. Almost missed this gem. #musictoid | Let's Eat Grandma - I Will Be Waiting


Yep, iced coffee was a great choice. Cream and sugar to boot.


Roasted pistachios are pretty good. But should I also get an iced coffee to finish my day? Find out after a word from our sponsers.


Left my phone in the car and was worried the 100 degree weather would send my phone bursting into flames and then my car catching fire. Phew!


Another chill Sunday. Another chill song. Ambient/Industrial at certain moments. Reminds me of 90's trip-hop a bit. #musictoid | Elley Duhé - LOST MY MIND


His songs have a big arena sound to them that can always get you moving. This guy played at an opening for a casino in my state. Always wanted to go to an EDM concert. One day... #musictoid | Tiësto - Red Lights


Comcast reporting nationwide outages It's funny they said 'some' customers are being affected when the areas are so large. Src:


3am and I'm still awake. The night does not let me sleep. Does it just like to torment me? Or Is it scared of being lonely? Jealous that the daytime has more friends?


Chill Sunday. Chill Tunes. Deep House vibes. #musictoid | MK, 6am - 17 remix


Am awake. Not drunk. But still good.


Mucho drunk. Is good. Thanks.


About to grab my second iced coffee of the day. Don't try and stop me.


El Capitán. El Jefe.


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