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Protip: if you're ever short on time, just grab some more clocks. The more clocks you get, the more time you'll have to do stuff. Watches will also help! ๐Ÿ‘Œ


I can only drink soda cold and with a nice amount of ice cubes. Love the foamy stuff and love the cool crisp taste as I pour it. I get none of that with room temp/somewhat cool soda. How do ppl drink that? I'd rather not have soda at that point.


This video is amazing! It tells about the origin story of Woody and where Andy's dad has been. It's really really great. I know it's long, but trust me the whole telling was great.


My old town had a crazy pirate themed minigolf course years ago, but was torn down and made into a condo block. But it's been reincarnated (pirate theme and all) and it's pretty cool and it's really fun. My lil town now has three minigolf areas!


Vastly different from the original, but this new cover fits Bayonetta 2 so well. Love when people can breathe new life into an older song. #MusicToid | Bayonetta 2 OST - Moon River (โˆž Climax Mix)


Damn so many new faces. Just dont leave your garbage on the floor and we'll be alright.


A mashup and metal cover in one. Surprisingly a better fit than I thought it would be. T.A.T.U, Clutter - All the things she said (metal cover)


Fun Fake fact: Bears get their name from a football team in Chicago. *The more you know outro here*


Never heard this song before, but I am glad I found it. Well worth the listen. #MusicToid | UFO - Rock Bottom


First thought these guys were another pop boy band/group, but was pleasantly surprised to hear they aren't. They're a pretty good rock band and got some nice hits. #Musictoid | The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather


Love how they combined her strong vocals at the end, with the initially easy-going vocals from the beginning. And the harmonica never sounded so great. #MusicToid | Milky Chance, Paulina Eisenberg - Unknown Song


Reminder: Today is legit Taco Tuesday ๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒฎ. Brought to you by Taco Bellยฉ.


If Nintendo announces a new Mario Strikers game - that's it. I'll buy a switch immediately. I'll sell my current library of games, my old consoles, and even give some of my sweet sweet plasma blood to pay for it.


Wow. Spiderman looks really really good.


Just had the pleasure of trying a wild west themed Escape Room thing. It was fun. And honestly I was too busy just admiring the actual setup than looking for clues. We didn't escape. But still fun.


I hope everyone's weekend is as relaxing and soothing as this song. #MusicToid | Attom, Ciele - Afterglow.


The minute you hear the opening riffs, you recognize the song. And this video just oozes 2000s style-culture. #MusicToid | blink-182 - Dammit


Bran Flakes! Now with 40% more Bran!


There's a cereal in my home called Bran Flakes and I'm laughing like a madman. It's just so generic it sounds like something from a cartoon.


So to add more fuel to the hot dog ๐Ÿ”ฅ debate: my state's congressman was asked by students if a hot dog was a sandwich. He said yes. Toodles.


WWE's Extreme Rules PPV has exposed me to a new song. Love when things like that happen. The fan vid goes great with it, too. #MusicToid | Barns Courtney - Hellfire


It's Muse. Nothing more needs to be said. #MusicToid | Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)


Liam Gallagher of Oasis has a song out. Pretty Good. #MusicToid | Liam Gallagher - Wall of Glass


So apparently using my chrome mobile browser has made everything wrong from before, completely go away. Disqus comments pop up, the text doesn't slow down so much, and and the whole site just runs smoother.


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