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Whoever doesn't have a Nintendo switch, target has the neon version for $264.


Actually took a nap with this on an hour ago. Soothing sounds for sleepy times. #musictoid | Above & Beyond, Justine Suissa - Coldfeet


I really, really just want a new Mario strikers game.


Been a good minutes since I've heard something this relaxing and pleasing to my ears. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday all. #musictoid | Tom Strobe - Who Love To


This game hits all the right spots when it comes to atmosphere, gameplay, and awe. I'm more than halfway done, but I cannot wait to see more colossi and get more awesome shots. #ScreenshotSaturday


For some reason, I think the song fits perfectly with the video. Smooth all around. #musictoid | Burbank - Sorry I Like You


Everyone on Twitter is freaking out because Drake is playing fortnite. Meanwhile back in 2009 I was wondering why people would want to watch my vids on YouTube when I uploaded anything. What a time...


I'm really proud of this one. Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful game.


Game Start v3

Welcome to the third installment of my video game making journey! Where I write my progress and thoughts during my trials and tribulations of game development. Oh, nice! I spelt tribulations right. Anyways, last time I had started goi...


Just in case you thought AMD chips were safer, nope: https://hothardware.com/news/amd-processors-and-chipsets-ryzenfall-chimera-fallout-security-flaws


A throwback. I liked the song back then and the video adds another layer to the song. Great lyrics masked by metal and grunge filled riffs and drums and screaming. And the part 2 acoustic is just as good. #musictoid | Slipknot - Vermillion


Got a lil too beer happy at st Patty's day parade. couldn't sleep last night cuz I slept all morning. Current Status:


The original is nice and relaxing. But this remix adds its own electronic spin while still giving off chill vibes. Love the synth chords. #musictoid | RÜFÜS DU SOL, Mazde - Say A Prayer For Me


Enjoy your Saturday. Have some soulful music. #musictoid | ISLAND - The Day I Die


Mario! My man.


Well gonna try out this 20 man fortnite thing.


Haha just saw the smash teaser. That's straight up in an anime where the main guy gets summoned and unexpectedly told they're the chosen one. Dramatic music and all.


A little bit of alt/indie rock with some low-key edm vibes. It's soothing. Chill. #musictoid | Bruno Martini - Living On The Outside


Water, Snow, Lightning, Thunder. No it's not the next Avatar series, it's what's happening right now on the upper east coast. Can't wait for mega tornadoes next.


I got so mentally drained over the weekend that I legit couldn't remember a word. Not, "oh what's that word" but just an empty blank thought. I am worried its the start of Alzheimer's but I think I'm just over doing it with work. Oh boy


I should be working on a work project. Actually, I should be sleeping but instead I'm looking up a song I heard on the radio. Even better with headphones. #musictoid | Starset - Monster


At first I thought it was a 4min video of a couple walking. But nice twist at the end. Also the woman is Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn nine-nine! Good song either way. #musictoid | Braves - A Toast


Heard this on the radio but always miss the name and I kept mishearing the lyrics so Google didn't help. But I found it. Somber lyrics but pleasing to the ears. #musictoid | loveytheband - broken


Saw a great documentary over the weekend about the new industrial revolution. A lot of good points were brought up that gave me a better perspective on the social stuff of today, like Twitch. Basically it's no longer about the person, but the group.


Something more mainstream, but still nice and uppity to hear. #musictoid | Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line, WATT - Let Me Go


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