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Just want to give a special shout-out to meatballs. Thanks for being you.


eBay has a 1 year PlayStation membership thing for 47.99 fyi. But it looks like it might go lower soon. Your call.


Used to come across this type of music a lot back in the day. From the opening notes, it all has a dream-like quality that I can chill to. Also do you see this guy's bowl cut! #musictoid | Getter, Oliver Tree - Forget It


Game Start 5

When we last left off, Krillin had just been blown to bits by Frieza and I had completed my first good game via one of the project tutorials. Exploding Krillin aside, I had burnt out immediately afterwards and put game-making aside fo...


Going to a fiesta, seems appropriate. Always liked upbeat and melodic tunes - no matter the language. Enjoy your Saturday! #musictoid | Matt Hunter, Lele Pons - Dicen


Playstation membership ran out. Time to put more time into unity game making then. Right after I go to sleep....


You couldn't get away from this when it came out a couple of years back. And with good reason: it's good. Gives off upbeat vibes, has a rhythmic beat, along with great vocals and a bit of raspiness. #musictoid | Major Lazer, DJ Snake, MØ - Lean On


It's not too much rap-wise. Actually, the song reminds me of early 2000s slow jams, just a bit. #musictoid | Carnage, Sebastian Reynoso, KYLE - Overtime


With all the crazy shit in the world, sometimes it's good to step back and notice how good I have it at the moment. Then I remember McDonald's once forgot the chicken in my chicken sandwich and I feel let down again.


Wanted to share a different song by this band, but no video (somehow!) exists. This one is still a great song either way. #musictoid | The Wonder Years - Sister Cities


Played Dark Souls and got my ass kicked by the black knight. But then I got gud and killed him. #Praise.


Only 8 hours til I get home and play the dark souls remastered network test! Only 8 hours....


Surprised to hear these guys on my way to work this morning. Liking the very soothing and serene way the whole song flows against his vocals. #musictoid | Dave Matthews Band - Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)


They did it. They really did it. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and The Last Man On Earth - cancelled. More time for other stuff I guess....


Very great demo on AI from Google. A sign of things to come for sure.


Loving how AI is being introduced more and more into consumer products. Apparently the big mobile OS makers have some sort of AI baked into their upcoming mobile devices. And to think just 10 years ago we were just getting smartphones.


Starts off slow, but changes to a surefire alt/hard rock hit. Sounds familiar to another song, too. Hmm... #musictoid | Meg Myers - Numb


I should really stop only sleeping for four hours.


A throwback?? On a Thursday? Imagine that. Guy sure does bring the energy in his voice. Great song all around. #musictoid | Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become


Fortnite has some crystals (from the meteor) which you can consume and it feels like something out of saints row. It's good and something I hope they expand upon. Like maybe a new mode like this. I'm sure it can get crazy if it does.


Loving her style and this song is different from what I usually hear. I hope she gains traction. Good stuff. #musictoid | Elohim, Yoshi Flower - Panic Attacks -- 1 more vid in comments!!


I missed the guitar hero train back in the day so I missed some really good songs. Luckily this one played on the radio and I was loving every minute of it. #musictoid | Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye


Although I only watched a catch-up video on the current marvel story it was enough to go see Infinity War. One of the best superhero movies I've seen. Takes me back to the ol animated justice league mult-parters which were great too. Fantastic movie!


Just watched The Osiris Child. An indie sci-fi film with great production, great actors, and an engrossing story. Not amazing, but very good. With it, I got to hear this. #musictoid | Claude Hay, Brian Cachia - Mama I Miss You So


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