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Game In Progress: June 2019

Welcome to another blog edition of my super slow video game development journey! This one is will not actually be about what progress I did inside of Unity, but rather what I did outside of it. It's actually something I've wanted...


Feeling real deep and smooth vibes. Everything is so chill about this. #musictoid | King Princess - Prophet


RAM issue with the Mobo I bought when flashing bios. Decided to just buy a Mobo that Microcenter already updated and it was on sale. I also have a Khol's near me so I can return the faulty one for a full refund. Still giggity-ing


At my microcenter store. It's like a PC Mecca. Picking up my Ryzen 3700x, updating the bios, and got my CPU fans yesterday. This rig is coming nicely.


Current Status:


Current Status:


Glad I waited on this. Seems like Ryzen 3 CPUs have a better overall package (for me) and uses less power. All with a nicer price point. Hyped!


Love this French-house tune. The bassline is infectious. #musictoid | The Supermen Lovers, Mani Hoffman - Starlight


4 day weekend begins! Mucho fiestas means mucho drunko. #musictoid | Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It




So after putting it off for years, I'm finally getting a new beefy PC. The mobo, ram, and HDD come on Monday. Will start ordering more parts as I go along but waiting on AMDs newer CPUs right now. #Hyped!


This song came out a couple of weeks back - it was good then and it's good now. But this video is hilarious. Chris D'Elia, man... #musictoid | Logic, Eminem - Homicide


Current status:


A high energy song to start off the summer. Gives off that summer vibe for sure. #musictoid | Vicetone - South Beach


Current Status


Everything about this song is so good and so chill. And I love how the ending sounds like Gameboy chiptune sounds. In ear heaven right now. #musictoid | Flume, London Grammar - Let You Know


Dr. Amigo is basically Sanic. Tweet in comments.


Game In Progress: May 2019

  The year is basically half over and I'm still chugging along with this little project. As I said in my last post, being an adult with responsibilities is taking more of my time than I would like. But it is what it is.  The...


Love this combination. Ill put the original in the comments because it's also great. The music gods have really shined down on me today! #musictoid | BUNT., The Dip - Sure Don't Miss You


Went to a Thinkgeek store and they were very amazing. They really loved the fandoms across all mediums and genres. I havent felt such comfort ever. They noticed my Red Jaguars shirt which caught me off guard. Got myself a changing Boo mug!


So soothing. So calming. #musictoid | Cavetown - Home


For this, I love how much power is held when he says 'Where are you!?' He had so much left to offer. #musictoid | Avicii, Imagine Dragons - Heart Upon My Sleeve


I always loved FromSoftware's aesthetic. And their music is killer, too. This trailer just reinforces all that and I can't wait for it.


#musictoid | George Ezra, Jack Wins - Pretty Shining People (Remix)


"Player Transfers from PS4 to Stadia are pending approval from Sony" HahahahaaHahahahah. Oh that's delicious.


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