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Very easy-listening alt-rock with some sax and organ-style backing. Almost jazzy. Happy Friday all! #musictoid | The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You.


Since I've had more time to play games, I finally got to really play Guitar Hero Live. On-disc songs are lacking, but the online is great. I knew this game would expose me to more rock/metal songs. #musictoid | Of Mice & Men - Broken Generation


Got called Monday that I got the job. Went in today for fingerprints. But my life decided to knock me down a peg and now my car needs fixing. Life - you suck.


She's got a great voice and it's the main focus of this very somber song. Very soothing all around. #musictoid | Camila Cabello - Real Friends


Guitar hero Live doesn't include too many metal songs on-disc, but this one is great. Def adding it to my playlist. #musictoid | Of Mice and Men - Bones Exposed


Am drunk. Is good. 😎🙏


When I heard these guys thru WWE: Day of Reckoning, I tried getting 'Polyamorous' off LimeWire. Instead of the rock version, I got this acoustic one (of course). Best random find ever - kept it ever since. #musictoid | Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous


So glad I kept GTA 5. Really hyped for the next heist. I can get down with flying cars.


Don't know what the hell I just saw, but I want death stranding even more.


Software interview went great! They seemed jazzed, but won't get a reply until end of the year. Even, if I don't get it oh well - gonna find another path. I think this song bodes well for me now. #musictoid | RÜFÜS, Mazde - Say A Prayer For Me (remix)


Tied my tie without using a tutorial. I think I can say I'm an adult now.


Was pleasantly surprised to see Kygo and U2 collab. It's starting to get radio time here on the east coast, too. A very upbeat and happy-feeling song. #musictoid | U2, Kygo - You're The Best Thing About Me


So I wanna show some examples at a software interview. I've never been good at actually thinking of stuff to make unless I've been told to. Can anyone recommend stuff that's quick but still impactful? Just need ideas.


Heard this a few days ago and it was really trippy at first. The bass just kicks in and is so good. If you're an electronic/dance fan, you'll like this. #musictoid | NVDES, REMMI - D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing)


Relax and enjoy the weekend, all. #musictoid | culpriit - Driveway


Ima tell you guys a secret... Sometimes in Mario kart I say I'm using tilt controls but I'm really not.


Got an interview with the state after I applied 2 months ago. We'll see what happens Wednesday. Hopefully it's a sign of more jobs calling back around this time, too. Really excited to get my beginner's software career off the ground.


Finished getting all the songs on guitar hero live today. Really fun game. This song is especially good. #musictoid | The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling


Back when I did the YouTubes, I'd need tracks to back some of my videos. I found a cool guy named RoccoW who used a Gameboy to play and create his chiptune music. Good to see he's still around and getting better. #musictoid | RoccoW - Daniel's Kruis


That league movie about justice was really fun. Thought the hammy dialogue at the start was a sign of bad things but nope. Entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Off to see a movie about some League that is about Justice or something - some bat dude is in it I hear. Hope you all have a chill weekend. #musictoid | Andy Grammer - Freeze


Went to their show in AC. Jerks didn't show up til like 2am! This song still got everybody singing tho so that was fun. They need to revive the hip-hop male/female duo scene for sure. #musictoid #raptoid | Ja Rule, Ashanti - Mesmerize


Crazy mix of latin, tropical, and a touch of middle-eastern influences. All blended to make a really great and chill track. Mix of English and Spanish vocals adds a nice touch. Relax and enjoy! #musictoid | Poo Bear, Juanes - All We Can Do


Love the production value on this. Chill vibe at first, then turns it up in the chorus. The vocals are great and really compliment it, too. Some upbeat tunes for the day. #musictoid | Happy Sometimes - Love For The Weekend




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