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Damn. My computer doesn't even want to go into safe mode, let alone boot. Looks like I most likely will get a new PC.


So it seems like my pc is finally kicking the bucket. BSoD after a few minutes/hours after startup. Good excuse to get a nice pc after 9 years. Will have to check the piggy bank.


Have a nice Sunday, all. #musictoid | MISSIO - I See You


#musictoid | You Me At Six - Straight to My Head


No Man's Sky is on the news. I haven't gotten into No Man's Sky in a while. I always loved this game and I can't wait to go back. (Tweet in comments)


When I was hugely into Halo for the PC, I stumbled upon racing servers where I lurked. I met regulars and eventually found friends - BFM, Riot, and other clans. That was mid 2000s. I wonder if I'll see them again in Halo MCC or if they'll remember.


Not Irish but went and drank like one. Saw ol friends, danced like an idiot, and was almost kidnapped by 3 random women. Good stuff.


Just had my first iced coffee in about 8 months. If I get an anxiety attack, it was well worth it - put that on my tombstone.


Rumor has it that the Halo MCC is coming to PC. If so that would be huge for someone like me who has been waiting since the beginning.


(bump - hope it's working now) Blew me away the first time I heard this. Every sound is deliberate and impactful. Future Bass, they called it. #musictoid | Flume, Disclosure, Eliza Doolittle - You and Me (remix)


Game In Progress: Februaury 2019

Who has two thumbs and didn't get any progress done in his game? This fuckin guy! February was a pretty hectic month -- more than it should have been. Admittedly, it could have all been smooth sailing had I gotten my shit together. Bu...


Serious 90's R&B vibe. #musictoid | Snoh Aalegra - I Want You Around


#musictoid | Martin Garrix, Bonn - No Sleep


Check this AR/VR tech manipulating real-world objects (link in comments)


The Carlton dance has been denied registration for his 'simple dance routine' by US Copyright. Guess Fortnite lives to see another day.


Day 2 of friends weekend outing. More vodka, more Sprite, more shots. Mucho drunk. Is bueno.


Mucho drunk. Is bueno. Also they got a fucking all in one arcade machine at this place!! 1942 babeh!!


#musictoid | Koryn Hawthorne, Lecrae - Unstoppable


#musictoid | Big Boi, Sleepy Brown - Doin It



Welcome, welcome! It's 2019 and I've finally gotten my boots on the ground: I've started developing my (small) game. I also decided to change the title of this blog/update series/thing. Anyways, last year I was able to pin down what I...


Posted this before, but now they have a trippy music video. I hope to hear a lot from these guys. Love their sound. #musictoid | The Luka State - What's My Problem


Nightcore is just a song sped up. But that simple edit can completely change the feel and energy of the song. I was into it in the early Youtube days so hearing this was cool. #musictoid | Getter Janni - Rockefeller Street (#rockefellerstreet Remix)


I'm ALL about this song. Can't put my finger on it, but I swear I heard the guitar riff before. #musictoid | The Luka State - What's My Problem


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