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I'm ALL about this song. Can't put my finger on it, but I swear I heard the guitar riff before. #musictoid | The Luka State - What's My Problem


I made sure to name my guy, Urbutt in Pokemon Let's go Pikachu. Also of importance is that I named my rival, Mybutt. Being an adult is fun.


Has an early 80's Cindy Lauper sound with a bit of disco mixed in. Like her voice and dig the music. #musictoid | Lizzo - Juice


Just found out about Worst Cooks in America. As a once aspiring chef, this is the best/worst show ever. So bad. So good.


An instant classic. So crazy to me that Toonami aired this back in the day. I wanna start and end 2019 with solid tunes. #musictoid | Daft Punk - One More Time


Don't remember anything or even making it to midnight but apparently I did. So new years was a success, I guess?


Passed by a horse track with a pond in the middle. Hundreds of birds in it, and even more flying around. It was like a scene from those wildlife documentaries. Pretty cool. Should've stopped for a pic like a few others did.


For me, nothing will ever touch the original songs. #musictoid | Dick Shawn, George S. Irving - Snow Miser/Heat Miser


Game Start 12

Welp, here we are - December. I've done this for twelve months. One year of documenting my game development journey. All of my previous posts have been about following along a course project. Learning some new things about programming...


The bass-line is superb. #musictoid | Airways - Blue Gasoline


Haven't posted music in a while. But man did I find a soulful and soothing gem. A silky smooth voice accompanied by a calming and upbeat tune. #musictoid | Your Smith, Japanese Wallpaper - Bad Habit remix


The final match of TLC was incredible. Love the intertwining story they now have with Ronda Rousey. Asuka winning is also great, bout time.


I think I just got the best deal of them all. Courtesy of QVC.


Missed the Mario party/joy con bundle sale the first time. But thnx to eBay promo and sale on joycons, I snagged em both for around the same price today.


So I fucked up and forgot GH Live service ended at the beginning of December. Logged in to find it's over. At least I still have Xenoblade chronicles.


Am drunk. Is bueno!


I liked smash dojo, waking at 5/6 am to see new fighters. But I feel spoiled with this one - too much info. I would've been ok if they just had us play the game and discover the rest ourselves, like with the first Smash Bros.


Got em! Also, the song at the end of the far cry new dawn trailer was straight fire.


Left my phone on top of a car freshener tree thing and now my cubicle smells like a new car. And so does my right hand.


Fun fact if you have a PlayStation classic: You can access the emulator settings.


"@ disqus%20", I don't know who you are, but you're alright by me.


I've only ever loved one book: Artemis Fowl. I've been waiting 15 years for this and I hope at least half my expectations are met.


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