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This was my last screenshot before school/work/life started to ramp up. After finishing that nightmare, I finally got back to this game. I started up my Bloodborne journey again. Feels good. #ScreenshotSunday


Some warming folk music to soothe the soul. #musictoid | Aron Wright - Build It Better


Video gets crazy at the end but I still dig this song. #musictoid | The Wombats - Greek Tragedy


Apparently the Titanfall developers, Respawn Entertainment, are making a VR game for the Oculus. Just an announcement, no actual news.


Feeling so good. #musictoid | Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon (acoustic)


In 11 hours I will be a free man. College will be done and this chapter in life can be over with. Now I will go on a personal sabbatical for several months.... NAH I'ma just play videogames til I pass out.


Trying to find more recent songs in the rock genre. This was a pleasant surprise. #musictoid | Dropkick Murphys - Paying My Way


Something to soothe the soul. Late night sounds. #musictoid | Lume - Magnets


"My greatest accomplishment? Probably turning water into wine. (Haha) I still don't know how the fuck I pulled that one off. And like it wasn't even the good holy water. I used the Dollar store brand." -Jesus Christ on a FOX News interview


The beginning melody hooked me instantly. I enjoy feel good songs like this. Upbeat song, great vocals. #musictoid | Tiƫsto, StarGate, Aloe Blacc - Carry You Home


Sleep cycle has been 4-6 hours since high school. Trying to change that. But my body is so used to it, it refuses to sleep past those hours. And when I do, I wake up tired so that's more incentive not to have a healthier sleep cycle. Come on world!


I'm a sucker for soulful voices. And Sam Smith has the voice of a tired ol soul. I liked this song for its violins, the paino, and the group-backing vocals, too. #musictoid | Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One


If you listen close, you hear some sounds are actually made up of two or more sounds at once which create a whole new one altogether. The entire thing is really good. Enjoy it on this Sunday night. #musictoid | deadmau5 - Strobe


Didn't think I'd hear Avril Lavigne in an EDM type of song, but here we are. This type of sound reminds me of the kind of edm/electronic songs you'd hear on YouTube circa 2010. I likey. #musictoid | Grey, Avril Lavigne, Anthony Green - Wings Clipped


2 more weeks and this nightmare that is school is over. Then one of two things is going to happen. I'm going to hibernate and get some sleep for like a week. Or I'm going to finally catch up with the amazing games I've missed. Either choice is good.


Heard this while in a mall in that overlooked the beach. Some songs just fit the mood so well. Gave the vibe a certain charm. #musictoid | Sam Roberts Band - Shapeshifters


Great read for any IT people. Talks about code and the need to change. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/09/saving-the-world-from-code/540393/


The Neighbourhood are back with a very mellow melancholy track and a new EP. As I hear more and more, they're becoming a favorite of mine in terms of their sound. #musictoid | The Neighbourhood - Sadderdaze


Listened to this back when I biked 5 miles to and from work. A rock song that definitely gets you hyped. Love the double drum kicks at the start. #musictoid | Four Year Strong - Heroes Get Remember Legends Never Die


Say what you will about EA games, they sure know how to pick a range of good music. Found this on a FIFA game I played with friends. It's cheery - it's nice! #musictoid | Matt and Kim - Daylight


I don't remember how I bought Saints Row 2, but I am so glad I did. This part took me completely by surprise and it was amazing. #musictoid | A-ha - Take On Me


Spotify's New Music Friday playlist sure knows how to pick em. Nice melody, smooth sounds, and an overall chill song. Only a few days old, but already making an impression. #musictoid | San Holo - I Still See Your Face


2003 was a memorable one for music. I don't know if Black Eyed Peas make songs like this anymore, but lil Osc enjoyed hearing this on the radio. #musictoid | The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?


Sounds like a fall type of song. A nice easy-listening kind of alt song. #musictoid | Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter


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