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Really groovy, funky song right here. Upbeat enough to be a pop song along with hip-hop vibes. #musictoid | Terry Presume - Act Up


First impulse buy in a loooong time. Aesthetically pleasing to me and love the ergonomics on this.


Went to Philly last night. Hit up a rooftop bar, beer hall, and some bar/club. Was fun. Was buzzed. Was bueno.


This is like the first time in a long time they've slept 'together'. #Caturday


Chill edm song for the chill weekend. Has the same vibe as one of the downtempo daft punk songs from Interstella 5555. #musictoid | Don Diablo, Galantis - Tears For Later


Was randomly reminded this song exists and is a banger. Gets you moving and is easy to sing along with. Sometimes that's all you need in a song when executed this well. #musictoid | September - Cry For You


Current status:


Sometimes you gotta tell your job your internet is down to come online a little late. Burn out is real folks.


Another RnB hit from this artist. Smooth jams from the vocals to the beat. #musictoid | keshi - beside you


Never heard of this, but it's national tequila day this Saturday. Ay jai jai.


Was setup at the wedding, drunk self obliged and now I have a date. The realization that I have to put some walls down...Oy vey lol


At wedding. Am drunk. Is bueno


Buzzed. Bueno.


Even not knowing the language, the music just gets you into a vibe. The title perfectly captures that feeling. Smooth, ambient, and groovy. #musictoid | Park Hye Jin - Let’s Sing Let’s Dance


Oh, these kids and their catchy dance-pop songs. I'm being cheeky but truth be told this is a great club/dance song that gets you moving/boppin. I can imagine drunk-dancing to this sometime this summer. #musictoid | The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber - Stay


There's a certain rawness to this that makes it sound like a garage rock sound. Has a California vibe to it, too. Definitely a song you'd hear in a Tony Hawk game. Vibin with it. #musictoid | Surf Curse - Freaks


Another solid pop-punk hit here from this guy. #musictoid | boyband, No Rome - please don't waste my time


Am buzzed. Will be drunk. Is bueno. (Update: wooooo!!!)


Yessir. This song has a big beat with high energy that's much needed for the summer comeback. #musictoid | MATT and KIM - RARARA


Nice light and upbeat alt track here. Vibin. #musictoid | Master Peace - Overdrive


I know it's hot girl summer but this is ridiculous.


The vocals are silky smooth here. And the guitar riff adds a summer vibe that makes the song feel almost nostalgic. I dig it. #musictoid | Twin Shadow - Sugarcane


Using my leftover RTX2070 for another build. While looking up prices for other parts, I looked at what I could sell mine and HOLY MOLY! Are things THAT bad!? I got mine on clearance, too. Shame I actually need it.


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