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Smooth. Super smooth jams here. Like an early 2000's RnB track. #musictoid | keshi - B.Y.S.


Inject this right into my veins.


I've posted about this artist before and he keeps on delivering the goods. This song is just a fun mess of sounds. #musictoid | Jean Dawson - Devilish


Game In Progress: September 2020

Short one again. But, hey - progress is progress, no matter how small. Last time, I was researching if it was possible to load a shape and control it from one script rather than create a script for each individual object. I was leanin...


This one's a slow burn, but totally worth it. #musictoid | Nothing But Thieves - Phobia


So Warzone has boxes throughout you can loot to get weapons. Well keeping with the Halloween vibe they've added jump-scares when opening some and now I've never been more freaked out to get a weapon.


Chill vibes on this alt track. #musictoid | Dayglow - Can I Call You Tonight?


They both can't fit on this bed anymore, but this is how they slept. They still find the weirdest positions to sleep on the weirdest spots now. #Caturday


High-energy and feel-good vibes emanate from this one. Love it! #musictoid | Shaun Frank - Take Me Over


*EDIT: Not a spoiler - Burger King is just having a reveal. OG post follows* So most likely a PS5 detail has been confirmed which I'll put in the comments in case you don't want to unofficially know. A small UI tidbit really, not anything huge.




This is just too good. Especially when the song bursts with energy halfway through, only to stall, then pick back up again. #musictoid | ONR, Sarah Barthel, Phantogram - Must Stop


Current status:


Some of the songs from this group remind me of Avicii. Their melodies and overall sound have the vibe of his later albums. Solid upbeat song here. #musictoid | BUNT., Jens Hult - Crocodile Tears


Game In Progress: August 2020

Short and sweet, again! Videogames like Fall Guys, Tony Hawk's 1 & 2, and Warzone pulled me me in hard this time around. Work would drain me mentally, so it was nice to just play and lose myself for a few hours before going to bed...


The new Tony Hawk's game circled this song back to me. Good stuff here. #musictoid | The Ataris- All Souls' Day


Watched InuYasha when I could (late time-slots didn't help). Their endings were so mellow and a bit calming. I didn't (still don't) understand the lyrics, but instantly vibed with it back then. #musictoid | Do As Infinity - Fukai Mori


Whoever mentioned in a random comment about ginger soda, orange juice, and vanilla vodka... Wow. Am drunk. Is bueno.


Heavy, moody, and full of bass. And the production on this track is *chef's kiss*. I vibe with it. iamhill - Cannonball


Have a chill weekend with this super smooth track. The type of song I can drive and enjoy life to. #musictoid | Snakehips, Jess Glynne, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Davido, Frizzo - Lie for You (Remix)


Can't wait for Capcom to announce they'll be porting over the Original Gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 to next-gen consoles where the only added feature is ray-tracing.


A super chill lo-fi track here. The melody is hypnotizing. She also has other songs that remind me of the 90's down to her voice and looks, but with a modern twist. I'll put one in the comments. #musictoid | ilham - uh huh ~ Vaporwave | LoFi Remix ~


This is a nice summary of what Microsoft has been aiming for.


Welp let's see what Sony does now.


Love how it starts off uplifting, and spends the rest of the song in a melancholy and chaotic vibe, but then ends back in that uplifting tone. All around great and solid track. #musictoid | Deftones – Ohms


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