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Pop-punk to a T. #musictoid | Neck Deep - Motion Sickness


This is the type of music I wish I heard more of from this group. I always loved "Where Is The Love" cus of the good vibes and chill sound it gave off. This is like that. #musictoid | Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE


So just learned about horizon zero dawns big secret about the past. This game is great. I bet if I paid more attention to weak points the bots would be easier. But I just attack with w/e.


Never really listened to these guys, but their new song is pretty good. Has a distinct sound and energy behind it. #musictoid | The Smashing Pumpkins - Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)


The Black ops battle Royale gets so intense in those last few moments. I've gotten 3rd and 2nd, but I still feel like a champ getting that far. Very different feeling than fortnite.


So when I initially downloaded the Trials Rising beta it said 18 Gbs. Then I check again and it says Oh yeah and you have to download the other 44gbs too. WTF it's a beta.


One of these days I'll start a Twitch stream titled "Reviews" and never review a damn thing.


Game Start 9

After much turmoil, it seems like I can focus more on my game development. My burn out period is pretty much over. As much as I want to speed this whole thing along, I know if I turn this into a crash course, I'll just burn out again....


Love every second of this track. Chill, ambient, soothing. #musictoid | Ray Fields - Only One


Without spoiling too much of the story, how far am I in Horizon Zero Dawn? I just entered Meridian. Halfway, more or less?


BF5 was great. I just wish more people talked. Sucks when it's a team game but no one talks. Still had fun overall.


It's a bit poignant my favorite song of Mac Miller also has a music video showing him as a child. From Youtube to the mainstream airwaves - he was still just getting started. This one comes from 2011. #musictoid | Mac Miller - Best Day Ever


Anytime I hear a random excited Yelp/laugh that cuts short, I think it's actually a cry for help and they've already been captured by a serial killer. RIP to them.


Have a doc exam but at least I get to look forward to BF5 beta and new shmortnite modes since no work. Can't complain... Well not that much.


I spotlighted these guys before, but it seems like they're gaining more traction. They still have that early rock style and sound from yester-year. Catchy! #musictoid | The Struts, Kesha - Body Talks


A slow, melodic, and chill song - soothing even. #musictoid | Fern. - Only You


Saw the movie Searching last night. It was surprisingly captivating and very well edited. The being-captured-by-pc/smartphones theme was great. Recommended if you like drama/suspense type movies.


Why fortnite isn't crossplay on PS4: uh because we said so || https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/fortnite-playstation-sony-cross-platform-xbox-switch-cross-platform-play-a8516081.html


Wasn't expecting new music from these guys so relatively soon. But I like it - it's a bit harder while still retaining their pop-punk sound. #musictoid | Fall Out Boy - Lake Effect Kid


Even if it is an entrance theme, I still enjoy the hell out of this - the drums, the guitar riffs, the synth, all of it. It's catchy and it has such high energy. #musictoid | WWE, CFO$ - Rebel Heart (Johnny Gargano Entrance Theme)


Remember: there are some grains of rice that don't get eaten on a plate. So seek friends and get eaten together.


Becky Lynch just went heel on the WWE PPV SummerSlam and it's great. Everyone wanted it, but still surprising seeing it. So good.


They've finally jumped the shark. "Byeeeeeee!"


Game Start 8

Well, well, well. What an exciting turn of events that I had happen to me immediately following my last post. I said I had taken the week off to unwind and de-stress. But in the last few days of that week, I had the worst experience I...


The production on this is fantastic - love the subtle things here and there. Chill song, chill vibes and smooth R&B vocals. #musictoid | Anthony Russo - I Jusswon


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