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Although he's no longer touring, the man is still making music. I always liked most of his music because, like me, he enjoys more melodic music. And you can always tell an Avicii song when you hear it. #musictoid | Avicii, Sandro Cavazza - Without You


Job recently upgraded their computers so they're throwing the old ones away. There was a lot. I was able to snag a couple; Turning one into a streaming box and the other, a slightly better pc than the one I have now. Just need HDDs and an OS.


Brooklyn Nine-nine is legitimately a funny show. I thought it was going to be one of those lame sitcoms that gets cancelled after a season, but man it's good. Why didn't anyone tell me!


Such a chill song. Love to just have these types of songs in the background at home. #musictoid | Slaptop, Geneva White - Another Life


The piano melody instantly hooked with me. #musictoid | Cold War Kids - Love Is Mystical


My mom wanted to buy a small smart car because she thought it was cute. I'm sure that's what I'd be thinking after a collision. "Well the car is totaled, didn't protect me at all, and I'm in the hospital. But at least I looked cute doing it."


So the other day I hit the gym. I mean, it was either that or the school bus.


Digging the video and digging the song. She's got powerful vocals. #MusicToid | In This Moment - Oh Lord.


Have a chill weekend ya'll. #MusicToid | CAZZETTE, JONES, Hounded - Handful Of Gold Remix


Turned on the radio for the first time in a while and heard this gem. It's nice. #MusicToid | The Strumbellas - Spirits


Just watched a Twitter Livestream of an Air Guitar contest and it was the best worst greatest thing I have ever seen. Round 2 is in 10 minutes.*update* I am now a huge fan of this and my boy Hoosier Daddy. 🙌


Groovy. Funky. Ya don't hear music like this too much. So goooood! #MusicToid | KWAYE - Sweetest Life


Wat da f. Mcdelivery. Really?


Completed the trilogy for planet of the apes. And man, the ending was a sad/happy one. Which was weird because from the outside, it's a movie about monkeys. But it was so well done, I was sucked in and bought every moment. 5/5


Great back then, and still great now. #MusicToid | Shakira, Wyclef Jean - Hips Don't Lie.


Well got an unexpected call from one of the jobs I applied for. To actually get any type response is cool. No expectations - so whatever happens next, happens. I got two more months of school anyways.


We were watching an animated movie where the parents hug their child to console them. My cousins outta nowhere says, "hey how come you guys don't do that to me." This guy is just full of gold.


Nintendo always made the best game soundtracks. I love the bongo drumming in the background of this. #musictoid | Koji Kondo - Yoshi's Island (Melee)


Dunkirk was really good. And the ending was very very satisfying. Awesome movie.


Starts off slow, but picks up halfway. It's at this point that it sounds like elevator muzak, but suddenly changes into an oldies-style rock song. Check em out! #MusicToid | Rex Orange County - Best Friend


Life Protip: Blend 4 parts cantaloupe with 1 part sugar and 1 part water to make a nice fruit drink. Blend some ice for an added smoothie sensation. It wont leave you like your parents did, but it will def leave you refreshed!


Listen and chill. #MusicToid | Cr3on, Marcus, Gwendolyne - Remember You


ZZ Ward has an amazing voice. Her voice is powerful, but also soothing to listen to. This song has a mix of blues, rock, and a hint of country. Works well with the rainy weather here. #MusicToid | ZZ Ward - The Storm.


Watched rise of the planet of the apes movie the other week - enthralling. Watching the sequel now and it's just as good. Can't wait to see the third one soon.


Scott Weiland was the main singer for Stone Temple Pilots. Then Chester Bennington of Linkin Park takes over. They were both good friends and both had their demons. It's like a sad poem when I realized all this after Chester's passing.


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