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Thinking about get my new rig near the end of May. Looking into a gaming/streaming/game dev setup. Seems like game dev doesn't really need the latest and greatest like gaming does.


Watched 'Us'. It was entertaining and funny. Not scary, and a bit campy at times. But I still loved the story and the ending was not something I was expecting. Good movie.


Am drunk. Will watch Us tomorrow. Is bueno!


Am drunk. Mucho bueno. Gracias.


#musictoid | LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) - Heaven Can Wait


I find salads okay. But Caesar definitely knew what was up.


Like everything about this. The bass is especially captivating. #musictoid | MAX, Quinn XCII - Love Me Less


Saw Shazam. It was fun, humorous, and very much action oriented. A nice mix of that and the plain realities of still simply being a kid. I hope they go further with that dynamic.


The small town I grew up in has free summer concerts on the beach. This woman will be the headliner to kick off summer. Love me 80's pop! #musictoid | Taylor Dayne - Tell It to My Heart


Light, poppy, and upbeat. #musictoid | bülow - Get Stüpid


My chemistry teacher told the class they ruined this classic. Sorry, teach. I love me some eurodance. #musictoid | DJ Sammy, Yanou, Do - Heaven


Game In Progress: March 2019

Who has two thumbs and STILL didn't make progress on his game? THIS freakin' guy, again!! No, but seriously life just enjoys thowing curveballs my way. Except instead of curveballs, they're meteors hurtling towards my no-no spot. ...


#musictoid | GRiZ, Wiz Khalifa - Find My Own Way


Welp, I'm out of the internship/training and got hired full-time, though I'll be a different kind of app developer. Still, I'll be making enough to live comfortably and have enough time to make games. Adulting can be ok sometimes.


🎶it's tearing up my heart when I'm with you.. And when we are apart, I feel it, too..🎶


Too good. Good vibes all around. #musictoid | Tuxedo - Do It


I like sleeping.


Just watched the recent episode of The Orville and I loved it. I feel this song goes with it. #musictoid | Age.Sex.Location - Elephants


Damn. My computer doesn't even want to go into safe mode, let alone boot. Looks like I most likely will get a new PC.


So it seems like my pc is finally kicking the bucket. BSoD after a few minutes/hours after startup. Good excuse to get a nice pc after 9 years. Will have to check the piggy bank.


Have a nice Sunday, all. #musictoid | MISSIO - I See You


#musictoid | You Me At Six - Straight to My Head


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