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A Throwback. A Classic. Quintessential House music. #musictoid | Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman


On my way to get the vax and be one with Bill Gates. Current status:


Have a bit of a bias towards raspy, course vocals. Which fortunately melds well with the whole track. High-energy, with some short low moments, until it lets loose at the end. #musictoid | KALEO - Skinny


House music infused with rap stylings. It's low-key hype. You can definitely hear both of each. #musictoid | NEZ, Flo Milli, 8AE - To The Money


This song is seeing a resurgence on social media, which is cool. Apparently this was a guilty pleasure for many and secret hit in dances/clubs. Can't wait to find out. #musictoid | Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten


There's alternative/electronic rock instrumentation that just cuts and takes over the song in the best of ways. Completely changes the vibe into something more than just a pop song. #musictoid | Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu


Dope rock track. The instrumental outro is too good. Need more of those in songs. #musictoid | Royal Blood - Limbo


Current Council status:


Rap track with an energetic and upbeat sound, especially at the end. Chorus is definitely catchy. #musictoid | Bobby Sessions - Cog In The Machine


Melancholy feel, lo-fi sound. The progressing distortion culminating at the end is a nice touch. Also, videogames. #musictoid | marinelli - OH GOD


I get a late 90's feel from the beats in the first half. Into it. #musictoid | BROCKHAMPTON, DANNY BROWN - BUZZCUT


There's a serenity to the song as it starts. Very atmospheric which carries into the surprising bit of techno that kicks in. And the visuals: beautiful. #musictoid | Boys Noize, Kelsey Lu, Chilly Gonzales - Ride Or Die


Current status at work when lunchtime hits


Chill slow jam here. Good way to start the weekend. #musictoid | Sam Dew - DJ


The AEW match of Britt Baker VS. Thunder Rosa is absolutely match of the year candidate. Great match.


All smooth vibes here. (Not official vid) #musictoid | D Smoke - Sade


Her voice was meant for singing. RnB never sounded so good. #musictoid | Jorja Smith - Addicted


Mellow alt/indie song, chaotic lyrics about a heavy subject. The contrast works well here. #musictoid | girl in red - serotonin


Drunk. Bueno.


Very much fascinated by all this.


I am a fan of F. Salt Fitzgerald.


Catchy af. The little tune gets stuck in your head and really sells the whole song. Heard it while buying some drinks. Is bueno! #musictoid | De Lux - Better At Making Time


On the edge of enlightenment.


Got some dead rising vibes here.


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