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Neighbors set off fireworks last night. Apparently as they finished and went inside, a fire was starting on the side of their house from one of the fireworks.


Game In Progress: May 2020

Another short one for May. Work has had me mentally drained every day since we've been working from home. I didn't think my job would go into overdrive with the amount of projects they had us do, but the pandemic has exacerbated thing...


Took a nap. Is bueno.


Something you'd hear on those 'low-fi beats' livestreams. Catchy as hell tho. I dig it. #musictoid | Powfu, beabadoobee - death bed (coffee for your head)


Groovy. Uplifting. Been a while since I heard a xylophone. #musictoid | Surfaces, Elton John – Learn To Fly


Loved almost all of the games shown off at the PS5 reveal. Loving the awesome looking worlds from Horizon, to Demon Souls, to Jett. This generation is gonna kill my productivity.


Smooth. So, soooo, smooth and carries super chill vibes. The production is top notch on this, too. Also love how they modify and chop the voice during the chorus. #musictoid | The Greys - Nobody


Gamers are mad as heck.


Game In Progress: April 2020

Well A LOT has happened in the world since the last time I did this. And regrettably, I did not post this update when I should have a month ago. Truth be told, making a game is the last thing on my mind during my free time. With every...


Super smooth R&B jams. Enjoy the weekend and chill. #musictoid | Fake Fake, Josh Allen - Disposable Love


Solid Pop song. Love the breakdowns after the chorus, the piano especially. #musictoid | Lennon Stella - Fear Of Being Alone


Smooth jams here. Love the mood it brings. #musictoid | Teenage Priest - Innocent


Some mellow techno. This was the inspiration for the last song I posted about from GTA 5. Bass is heavy with this one. Good stuff. #musictoid | Nathan Fake, James Holden - The Sky Was Pink remix


I forgot the hidden gems GTA 5 has in their radio stations. This track came in a later update so I never heard it until this year. Love the build-ups. House sound mixed with some slight trance vibes. #musictoid | Hot Chip – Flutes


Was looking forward to seeing my old GTA 5 character from my early PS4 days, via transfer. But apparently they stopped doing that a few years ago. A bit bummed I have to start from scratch.


Apparently if you get GTA 5 from the Epic Games Store for free, you get a $10 coupon for another game that's over $15. You can get The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for 5 bucks.


Just FYI: GTA 5 is the free game on the Epic Games Store.


Tony Hawk announced the first two games if the series will be bundled and comes out this September. Oh lawd, I hope they have the OG tracks this time.


Lo-fi vibes with bursts of upbeat moments. There's a lot of different styles happening here, but they all mesh so well. Love it. #musictoid | Jean Dawson - Power Freaks


Turns out this song originally came out in Russia last year and the English version this year. I still vibe with it, tho. And I'm loving the direction they took with the video - aesthetically cool. #musictoid | Intelligency - August


Super chill track. Has that other-worldly ambient sound. The voice fits the song so well, too. #musictoid | OTR, Au/Ra - Broken


BIG FYI. Apparently there has been a leak for The Last Of Us 2 and with video. So keep a lookout. Edit: ... I meant be careful, lookout.


Looked up VG music to post and went from ocarina of time to wind waker to Metroid Prime 3, to gameplays of it, to an X-Play review, to full X-Play episodes, which ultimately ended with me on an IGN demo of The Conduit Wii game. That was 2 hours ago.


I never had the desire to eat a tuna melt, but after seeing this (tweet in comments), yeah I think it'll stay that way.


I previously showed off his alter-ego, Pink Guy. The name may have changed but his low-fi music is still as chill as ever. #musictoid | Joji - Gimme Love


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