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Am drunk. Is bueno. (Update)


Just saw the Elden ring trailer. Current Status:


If Elden Ring gets announced, I will post a picture of guy fieri.


More vibin. Also, Robert Smith? Haven't heard that name in a while. #musictoid | CHVRCHES, Robert Smith - How Not To Drown


Pretty chill. Vibin. #musictoid | Smallpools - life of the party


Eatin tacos. Is bueno.


Psst. Hey. Don't tell anybody, but I'm supposed to be sleeping.


The soul in her voice...Amazing. The entire song gives off that late 60's/70's rock vibe. Very refreshing to hear this. #musictoid | Yola - Stand For Myself


Am drink. Is bueno.


For the longest time, didn't know why I liked this. Turns out the beat is pure house. Tho lyrically it's a bit much for me, the vocals flow really well. #musictoid | AZEALIA BANKS, LAZY JAY - 212


Light and smooth tune for the weekend. #musictoid | Felix Cartal & Hanne Mjøen - My Last Song


Remastered version of this song from *checks date* 20 YEARS AGO! I can appreciate a good song no matter the era. #musictoid | Muse - Citizen Erased (XX Anniversary RemiXX)


This track is non-stop hype from the start. Don't know why but she reminded me of M.I.A. vocally. One to watch for. (Posting a different vid of their's w/ more rock in comments) #musictoid | CHAII, Party Favor - Oh Nah Yeah


Sensual, sultry, and smooth. This song went under the radar last year, but thanks to tiktok made it's way to top 40 radio recently. Reminds me of the upbeat 90's R&B, but in Spanish. (slightly nsfw). #musictoid | Kali Uchis – telepatía


Upbeat and happy vibe. Just feel-good all around. #musictoid | SAINT MOTEL - It's All Happening


Don't know if many will know this one, but I personally haven't heard this song since pre-K. Apparently these guys are huge in the Spanish speaking community. And honestly, they have some catchy songs. #musictoid | Hombres G - Devuelveme A Mi Chica


Woke up two hours ago and am waiting in line at the MVC...an hour away from home because it's the nearest place they do what I need. Current status:


Trent Reznor just has that unique voice that is instantly recognizable. And this track definitely has that old 90's Nine Inch Nails vibe. #musictoid | Nine Inch Nails, Health - Isn’t Everyone


I love songs that have that larger than life sound. Starts out soft, but turns eerie and chaotic halfway through. This was recently set to the trailer for The Green Knight (looks dope). #musictoid | Black Math - Lapse


Love the energy behind this somewhat broody song. Vibin'. #musictoid | boyband - by myself


Cat bois got neutured. Current status:


Another chill track, with a bit more electronic flavor - jazzy even. #musictoid | ZHU, Arctic Lake - Yours


One of the chillest tracks of 2021. Smooth, uplifting, ambient. Love it. #musictoid | Diplo, Elderbrook, Andhim - One By One


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