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Way I see it, this was a complete success.


Real hot chocolate weather right now. Don't have anything to put in it though, so it doesn't qualify for an Instagram-style photo.


Happy V Day! Drink water!


nvm rime wasnt upbeat at all lol


♪ I love my life ♪ I am powerful ♪ I am beautiful ♪ I am


Rime's cool tho. It's like an upbeat Ico!


Got bored with Knack after like 2 levels. Free is a good price for it. What a sad game considering the talent behind it.


Everyone's getting pregante, but guess who went and baked a bread? This is my child!


If you insist.


Could be the peak of my career.


RE4 was fun while it lasted, but now it's doing the thing where you have to shoot enemies from a distance to protect a defenseless npc, and I can't do another one of those. That level of pain is bad for me.


#Shoutouttoid to SpielerDad and his mad quickpost game that puts us all to shame.


look at this dumb idiot haha


I hear Wes gives cigarettes to children and never washes his feet.


Soon I'll be going to the gym for the first time in months. Wish me luck.


Might have done it wrong, sorry.


Is Godfather Part 3 a waste of time? It has a bad reputation, but I've watched the first two on Netflix, and 3 is on there too, so I'm curious about it.


Wow, can't believe I pulled this off in real time!


Anyone know any good wok recipes?


Some say his butthole is still clenched to this day.


Watched The Fifth Element yesterday, and I'm pretty surprised how annoying and boring it was. Didn't like anything about it aside from some of the effects. Villain especially was ultra lame, wish the cherry had killed him early on.


I hope playing enough Rocket League will eventually make good at doing aerials, because all my attempts at learning so far have been disastrous. It's super hard!


He's like a martial artist except with words.


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