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It's probably no surprise by now, but I've really gotten into Hitman lately despite only having the first two maps. I think Giant Bomb's (amazing) videos on it helped me approach it the right way. #HelmutFuckingKruger


When you party too hard.


This is why you should keep expired food around.


I hope the new Hitman series includes this iconic moment.


The snuggle is real.


Kick off your weekend with this!


A decision I make several times a day.


That article had no effect on me whatsoever!


I'm sick, tell me jokes.


Steven Hansen was one of the most sharp witted and sincere writers the site has ever seen. Sad to see him go, wishing him luck. #Steventoid


#TranceToid (yes really) I've almost certainly posted this here before, but it's one of my all time favourite tunes. Never failed to cheer me up so far.


I'm definitely picking up Wolfenstein 2, and probably New Order as well. Viral marketing's working on me. Nazis can get fucked!


They're defending themselves somehow!


Cuphead seems to insist that I control two characters at the same time if I use a controller.


Qtoid beware, you're in for a scare!

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Sometimes, the enemy makes the game

[There are not many feelings in this world, besides sex, that are as satisfying as besting an enemy that genuinely tests your skill. When you come out on top, you feel like a total badass. Not because it was easy but because it wasn’t...


I'm up for making more of those favourite game sidebar things, if anyone's interested.


If Red Dead Refreshments 2 doesn't have the thing where you can press a button to fall over mid-jump, then NO SALE!


Anyone here with some good advice on how to fall asleep faster? "Good" in this case mostly means "not super dangerous for my health".


Feeling a bit like a lost soul these days. Not the ones from Doom either. Well, maybe a little like the ones from Doom...


Why does this mythological sea creature have better handwriting than I do?


Why does no one ever get hit by YMCA takedowns?


"Here's your fucking eggs, assholes!"


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