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#selfietoid I don't know how to rotate images when posting with my phone please help


The Wolf and the Panther: Sekiro's True Significance

Last year, when Bloodborne became free on PS Plus and I got my greasy hands on it, I decided to do a blog on it. Said blog was mostly just a dump of my thoughts after getting the hang of the game, since it was the first From game I ha...


Next From Software game should be about pirates. Crazy ghost ships and sea monsters and treasure hunting and shit! You can't tell me it wouldn't rule.


RIP Notre Dame. You were a kickass building.


I just want this forever.


I looked up the first picture of a black hole, only to realise it was the picture in the goatse joke I saw here earlier. This is my life.


Didn't expect the first big upgrade in Sekiro to literally double my health bar, but it feels earned after I had to beat that ridiculous spear guy!


Simpsons shitposts are a never ending source of joy for me. I can't get enough of them.


I have to respect the dropkicking ogre in Sekiro. He was a worthy opponent who fought with style. Fuck him though, I'm glad he's dead.


Had a little extra to spend!


I sure should have watched Age of Ultron and Dr. Strange before Thor: Ragnarok. Guess it's everything or nothing with these movies.


This is the story of a man... and a MONSTER!


Still need to catch up with these movies.


I'm planning to pick Sekiro up in April, but this is making the wait a thousand times harder.


Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Harry Potter and the FaceApp


Taking a break from Hollow Knight. Getting kinda bored and frustrated with it because of the long walks I have to take back to each boss. Really takes the momentum out of it all.


The actual face I make when I win an argument on the internet.


'''Parallel dimension comment sections rule!!!'''


What the hell is this off-brand crap? You can't treat your troops like this!


Finally got the elusive target with a shuriken! I want it to be my signature move for these, but I usually fail to pull it off.


About to get the jump on this fucker! Won't even see me coming, it'll be totally sick!


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