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You go in, and you get kicked around, and you think it's impossible, and then you do it, as if reality itself has been bent to your evil will.


Holy shit, Sanctuary Guardian is easily to best boss I've met so far in Dark Souls. Genuinely felt impossible until it suddenly wasn't. Tension all the way. No tedious run between deaths either. Fantastic stuff.




#selfietoid Trying not to lose my mind from isolation. I think I'm managing, but how would I know? HOW WOULD I KNOW!?


There's plenty of room for more logos on that graph, goddammit, this is like Titanic all over again!


I don't think this guy went to archery school. Probably lied on his resume.


I picked up Dark Souls Remastered the other day after finishing Sekiro. I've made it to Sen's Fortress after five sessions, and I'm surprised how none of it has been much of a struggle so far. Bosses take less than 10 tries and it's weird.


Nothing could have prepared me for this.


Fellow PS Plus users, show me your Sonic fan characters! This is mine. I call him Pinkeye the Turdbird.


Every time a game presents me with a character creator, I turn into some sort of reverse Dr. Steinman, eternally obsessed with taking ugliness to new heights.


007, that suit is hardly work appropriate. Also get that lump on your neck looked at.


I want to make a movie that's 50% people whispering and 50% extremely loud explosions. The title will be Thumb Workout.


Today is a very special day.


Replaying BioShock shortly after reading City of Ember makes me want to make my own weird, isolated city. With hookers and blackjack.


Pinky killed a Caco.


Classic quote.




"Damn it, who keeps pushing down!?"


I won't downvote you unless you're a spam account or you say some evil shit, and even then I probably won't even bother. It's a feature that always seems to do more harm than good.


You'll never see me coming.


I'd like Titanfall 2 much better if the wall run and double jump were useful in combat instead of just being there for obstacle courses. The tutorial got me a bit too excited for that.


The Last Guardian was way more frustrating than it needed to be, but I feel that way about a lot of games. At least with this one, it was all worth it. Glad I played it!


It smells like fresh decade in here!


Redditors sound so fucking smart when they point out that an obviously staged video is fake. It's so cool how they ignore that no attempt was made to deceive anyone and just go for it anyway. I hope they never stop doing that.


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