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Please remain calm, the street musician is contained and the authorities have been alerted.


1: It's black. 2: It's a liquid. 3: You drink it. 4: It contains caffeine. 5: It's usually hot. Don't forget to smash that like button!


Oh okay then.


I still can't recieve PMs because of the dead account, so I'd like to apologize if I've accidentally given anyone the silent treatment during this time.


Aloy the Hedgehog


Wait... when you hover over the fap button, it's the Powerpuff Girls thing! Like it's the background when the announcer says "and once again the day was saved" and shit! Like the hearts and shit! Dude!


#CommunityShoutout to Niero, who created all of us out of leftovers from his fridge. Buy my book for more details.


Video games are fun and all, but I'd play them less if I owned a trampoline.


Still time to sign up for the Tekken 7 tournament! (Check the blogs)


Yo! I just realised why I love having arms so dang much. They let do cool things like picking things up, building things and scrolling past 8000 identical posts.


Here we go!


Spicy barbecue sauce is made, gonna try it on some chicken tonight!


"How many robot dinosaurs does it take to deliver a message?" "None."


Right now, as in RIGHT NOW, LuckRequired and I are looking for people to participate in a Tekken 7 tournament on PS4! Anyone interested?


I'm really digging Horizon Zero Dawn! So far the robot dinosaur hunting is everything I wanted it to b- wait, why does it smell like poutine in here?


Doom's done. It rocked. Horizon next.


This happened yesterday!


Made this for my Dtoid profile's fave game list. It was a lot of fun to put together. Does anyone else want one? I'll make them for up to 20 games! :)


Rating system inspired by Netflix.


Whoa, that Metroid Prime 4 trailer was crazy! Can't believe all the things they showed! If you missed it, you should definitely go look it up.


sony was alright i guess whatever sleep


Uibsoft lost me hard with the Rabbids, but brought me back even harder with Skull & Bones and actual BGE2! What an emotional rollercoaster!


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