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"HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NOB IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!?" Dumbledore screamed furiously as he powerbombed the little shit into the cold floor.


Imagine insisting for years that comparisons between Trump and Hitler are stupid, only for the bastard to straight-up copy the bunker move.


Three episodes into The Good Place and I've never been more terrified by the idea of an afterlife.


I gave Community a shot since it's on Netflix. It's not making me laugh. The wait for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 won't stop hurting. Any recommendations?


Penis Pastardly


I can't wait for the gym to open again, so I can address my own bloat concerns.


Journey is adorable! I just wish I hadn't messed up the final part and lost my buddy. :(


So after Explorer-moding through Uncharted 2, 3 and 4 thanks to PS Plizzle, I gotta say that 4 was by far the most fun. It dragged in places, but it had so many good parts. 3 had like one or two good parts. 2 somehow had zero good parts. What a leap!


Rich people are scary.


I'll try to quit Reddit for good. It's pretty good for gathering news and other content, but the overwhelming negativity is just fucking stupid.


The only thing they fear is Scooby-Dooby-you!


How The Last Guardian mellowed me out

Why ever choose to spend time on something you don't enjoy? This was my philosophy for the last few years. The idea is that, since you don't always have control over your life, and since you often will have to do something you don't e...


You go in, and you get kicked around, and you think it's impossible, and then you do it, as if reality itself has been bent to your evil will.


Holy shit, Sanctuary Guardian is easily to best boss I've met so far in Dark Souls. Genuinely felt impossible until it suddenly wasn't. Tension all the way. No tedious run between deaths either. Fantastic stuff.




#selfietoid Trying not to lose my mind from isolation. I think I'm managing, but how would I know? HOW WOULD I KNOW!?


There's plenty of room for more logos on that graph, goddammit, this is like Titanic all over again!


I don't think this guy went to archery school. Probably lied on his resume.


I picked up Dark Souls Remastered the other day after finishing Sekiro. I've made it to Sen's Fortress after five sessions, and I'm surprised how none of it has been much of a struggle so far. Bosses take less than 10 tries and it's weird.


Nothing could have prepared me for this.


Fellow PS Plus users, show me your Sonic fan characters! This is mine. I call him Pinkeye the Turdbird.


Every time a game presents me with a character creator, I turn into some sort of reverse Dr. Steinman, eternally obsessed with taking ugliness to new heights.


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