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Feeling a bit like a lost soul these days. Not the ones from Doom either. Well, maybe a little like the ones from Doom...


Sometimes, the enemy makes the game

Soldiers. Zombies. Aliens. Worms with cheese hats. Little Medusa heads that fly up and down in an inconvenient pattern. Mushrooms with faces and feet, who will continue walking in one direction until they touch a wall or walk off a cl...


Why does this mythological sea creature have better handwriting than I do?


Why does no one ever get hit by YMCA takedowns?


"Here's your fucking eggs, assholes!"


The blog-thing I promised to do is still coming, just gotta get back in the right mindset first so I don't end up half-assing it.


I'm gonna start setting people's houses on fire for $80 and make Capcom go out of business.


By far the wisest thing I've ever taught myself is that two fingers down the throat is infinitely better than feeling nauseous all night.


Sitting here looking at pictures of fish & chips to fuel my appetite for when I'll go get some.


Slowly getting back to blogging again. The upcoming one is kinda like my old "list of good things" blogs, a pattern I've struggled to escape from, but it won't be an actual list this time. Sneak peek of the theme:


I'm not good with Jack, but I kinda wanna take this guy online to rep the site.


I want a version of this for me. I want to sleep in the mouth of my own giant face!


Got my canvas pictures! Now I just need to decide where to hang them. :)


UO: Max Payne 3 is an entertaining action movie that's constantly being interrupted by a bad shooter.


In the spirit of Zeldapocalypse, we should all share our most unpopular video game opinions. Don't be afraid to swear!


The game-related content Disqus is promoting now sure is infinitely better than the horrible, insane, psycho-freak-garbage we used to get. Basic quality standards feel like such a luxury now.


Yesterday I got to cross Goodfellas off my "classic movies I've yet to see" list. Feels good, fellas!


Some games peak early.


Please remain calm, the street musician is contained and the authorities have been alerted.


1: It's black. 2: It's a liquid. 3: You drink it. 4: It contains caffeine. 5: It's usually hot. Don't forget to smash that like button!


Oh okay then.


I still can't recieve PMs because of the dead account, so I'd like to apologize if I've accidentally given anyone the silent treatment during this time.


Aloy the Hedgehog


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