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And so a new sun rises, brighter than the last...


Maybe I need to type slower. I just accidentally Googled 'Hot Fuxx' instead of 'Hot Fuzz'.


Me vs AllCutUp in Fall Guys.


Someone just shot off fireworks outside, and I just chatted with a guy in the Netherlands who says it also happened near him. Has anyone here seen or heard fireworks just now!? ARE THESE THE END TIMES!?


I recently set my word replacer to swap the words 'opinion' and 'asshole', and it's already paying off!


I am the goddamn tragic hero in every round of Tip Toe. I always dive into uncertainty, reveal the path for everyone else, fall at the end and get eliminated. But who remembers MY name!? Who tells MY story!?


A lesson was learned.


The Hex-A-Gone challenge in Fall Guys is basically an automatic elimination for me. I am so bad at it!


I can watch videos again, but I'm already too deep in my still image (and gifs I guess) fanboyism to quit.


For some reason my laptop can't play videos or music right now, so I have decided to become a still image fanboy. Every time someone posts a video anywhere, I will insult them and insist that still images are way better.


If Allison from The Umbrella Academy says something like "I heard a rumour Jeff Bezoz drinks hot goat piss" to someone, what would happen?


We're here again.


"My father was a great man and a delightful soul. He built a better life for us all with love in his heart and an enduring smile on his face. I just came..." *flips page*


So graceful!


The Xbox show was technically just as good as the PS5 one, but it didn't cater to my tastes nearly as much. Makes me wonder if they're deliberately targeting different audiences at this point.


Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't have basic camera invertion options. Do I just have to get used to playing the other way? How do I even do that?


Would we like Alf less if we ever saw him over the bloodied remains of a cat, biting off pieces of flesh? I feel like we would.




What's with all the non-Garfield posts today? Weirdos.


Gravity Falls has that early Simpsons quality to it, where I'll remember a joke from it for the 15th time and still laugh.


Looked up the ending of The Last of Us 2, and I now understand where all the disappointment comes from: They COMPLETELY ripped off the ending of 22 Jump Street. For shame.


Every time I check the PS5 hashtag on Twitter, I need to delete my search history.


The future of gaming:


Ratchet & Clank, Oddworld, Hitman, HZD2, Demon's Souls remake, Resident Evil. I expected nothing from this stream. My mortal brain wasn't prepared.




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