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Uncharted movie spoiler: The big treasure is going to destroy itself and Nake's gonna steal just enough of to get a little rich, but not so rich that he stops being relatable.


I've made the switch from Netflix to HBO (for a number of reasons), and I don't know if it's my mind playing tricks on me, but everything looks a little darker. Not a huge problem, but it makes the service a little harder to get used to.


I think the site is confused...


Ryan George may have peaked.


"Oh wow, I sure would like to read a blog that takes the piss out of Ubisoft and was slapped together in like 20 minutes." Well, today's your lucky day! https://www.destructoid.com//blogs/Dango/5-other-ubisoft-games-that-need-a-shitty-remake-603568.


5 OTHER Ubisoft Games That Need A Shitty Remake

The last Ubisoft Forward stream was a joyful one for us all, proving that the company still has a few tricks up its sleeve. It was filled with exhilerating moments and pleasant surprises. I'm glad I totally watched it all live. The hy...

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Yves Guillemot's YouTube apology video.


About time.


No price for the next-gen systems, eh? I GUESS THEY'RE FREE!


Bob Odenkirk was unrecognisable on stream. What a performance!


I had a son and watched him grow up during that WoW trailer.


And so a new sun rises, brighter than the last...


Maybe I need to type slower. I just accidentally Googled 'Hot Fuxx' instead of 'Hot Fuzz'.


Me vs AllCutUp in Fall Guys.


Someone just shot off fireworks outside, and I just chatted with a guy in the Netherlands who says it also happened near him. Has anyone here seen or heard fireworks just now!? ARE THESE THE END TIMES!?


I recently set my word replacer to swap the words 'opinion' and 'asshole', and it's already paying off!


I am the goddamn tragic hero in every round of Tip Toe. I always dive into uncertainty, reveal the path for everyone else, fall at the end and get eliminated. But who remembers MY name!? Who tells MY story!?


A lesson was learned.


The Hex-A-Gone challenge in Fall Guys is basically an automatic elimination for me. I am so bad at it!


I can watch videos again, but I'm already too deep in my still image (and gifs I guess) fanboyism to quit.


For some reason my laptop can't play videos or music right now, so I have decided to become a still image fanboy. Every time someone posts a video anywhere, I will insult them and insist that still images are way better.


If Allison from The Umbrella Academy says something like "I heard a rumour Jeff Bezoz drinks hot goat piss" to someone, what would happen?


We're here again.


"My father was a great man and a delightful soul. He built a better life for us all with love in his heart and an enduring smile on his face. I just came..." *flips page*


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