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This is magical.


Hotdog vs sandwich is whatever, but soup is NOT worthy of being associated with the magical world of cereal. Soup is warm, salty misery water AT BEST. It's a soul-crushing imitation of real food. #TeamFuckSoup


Damn it Photoshop, why won't you open? I got shit to do!


Looks even better than Mulan 2.


Disqus is a garbage fire.


How your favourites paint a picture of you

Despite the fact that a lot of things are bothering me these days, I can't help but try and stay positive. It's not always easy. I've been feeling pretty disconnected from the rest of the world for a while now, and it's worn me down q...


Hot tip: If you stay up all night, two days merge into one big day. These are caled super days. Maaaaade you thi


I had to try it, right?


I'm so happy we're getting this!


When did the elephant die? :(


Black Jack teaches history.


I sure wish the touch keyboard on my phone was designed for human hands instead of Tinkerbell hands.


They brought El Duderino back for that?


The elephant had another upgrade.


I didn't know you could actually do the main mission as a ninja. Love it!


If a stranger walked up to you with a cool mystery box, and told you that you could have the box if you shoved a live bird into your mouth, would you do it?


I just now got an email confirming my request to delete my Ubisoft account that I had to make for one game. I have to copy and paste a sentence back to them for it to be official. I just wanted to play a snowboard game.


If it's Harry Potter's job to retrieve the golden snitch, does that make him a golden retriever? Would explain why he keeps pooping his pants, he shouldn't even be wearing them.


What's your dynamic trio of most anticipated 2019 games? Mine goes Doom Eternal, Dreams, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


John Wick is walking through the desert, having given up. One night, a wise mandrill shows him a vision of his dead dog, who tells him to remember who he is. This turns out to be a hallucination, but it still motivates him to finish the fight.


I deleted Steep, but forgot to deactivate my Ubisoft account. Apparently I have to personally request this through their customer support. Good stuff.


Crushed it!


Just started season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I'm loving how far this storyline has gone. They keep it really funny too.


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