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I'm glad they put in a mission specifically for me.


DanGotY 2018

Before I begin, I'd just like to point fingers and laugh at everyone here with a username that can't naturally fit into a GotY pun. What a grotesque lack of foresight on your part. It's embarrasing really. Furthermore, I would just li...


A few minutes into Hitman 2's final level, and it's already nuts! The game is turning into BioShock.


I like pressing buttons and making things happen on my TV screen, so apparently I'm the target audience for a vape PSA.


Now, for fish cake, you'll definitely want to use a silenced pistol. ICA brand comes recommended here, but any kind will get the job done.


The Mumbai mission in Hitman 2 was really good. Game keeps surprising me with all its little new ideas.


I drowned Sean Bean in the crapper, and then shot him in the face to make extra sure he was dead.


Upstairs neighbours are blasting Nickelback. I should leave.


Day one.


Damn it, someone just dumped a big sack of Fallout 76 beta codes on my lawn. What am I supposed to do with these?


Game Informer mercilessly butchered Despacito on their stream. Several other songs too, but especially that one.


I've never felt as surrounded by dumbasses as I have today. Completely exhausted...


Read my new blog or I'll eat your goats! Bleurgh!


3 Goats

Once upon a time, there was a lonely and angry troll. He only wanted to cause misery, so much so that even the other trolls weren’t fond of him. Because of this, he one day decided to move far away from the rest of his kind, int...


Seems appropriate.


So that's what all that global warming was for!


Bad call, ref. I totally made it!


I want the DDR movie to also be about the other DDR. The history of the Berlin Wall mixed with Footloose. Dancing is banned on the right side. It writes itself!


I didn't learn to snap my fingers until recently, and now I CAN'T STOP!!


more like fuckt*ber haha am i right


Moyse is challenging Carter recently with all these pieces. Are we witnessing the rise of a new champion? #ChrisBattle


The PS Classic is only exciting to me because it might lead to these games returning to PSN, with share features and everything. I don't have much interest in novelty consoles.


I just found out why people have been freaking out about Toad lately. Really wish I hadn't.


This is the best thing I've ever done and will ever do.


That horse has some serious new avatar potential.


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