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Young Person Plays Old Games: ActRaiser

My first gaming system was a Game Boy, my first console was a Nintendo 64, and my first non-Nintendo console was an Xbox 360. Ouch. This means I missed a lot of awesome games; but, thankfully, I now have the means to revisit those classic...


Review: Saints Row 3

What happens when you combine family obligations and weeks of Skyrim addiction? Broken promises and disappointment, mostly, but a lot of words also don't get written; so, to make up for it, here's a review of a game that's already been out...


Thanksgiving: Opening it Up for All to See

I was planning to just do a MW3 piece this week and save this one for later, but then the Doom 3 source code was released and the Thanksgiving theme popped up - so now it's suddenly timely and relevant! A short while ago, Rockstar Games st...


Zelda Week: Grotesque and Horrifying Things

Note: I have not had the pleasure of experiencing any of Zelda's handheld outings beyond Link's Awakening, and shall thus omit them from this post. I will also go ahead and mention the CD-I series in its entirety so I can place it as far f...


Limbo is no fun and that is why I love it

Warning: this blog entry contains not only spoilers on the game in question, but also potentially hazardous levels of pretentiousness and haughtiness. It assumes that you're on (or at least near to) the "of course" side of the seemingly-et...


Battlefield 3: On Scale, Freedom, and Wookies

Yeah, "Wookies." Veterans of Bad Company 2 are probably nodding their heads in solemn recognition already, but for the rest of you, the label above applies to the individuals below: "Rwaaagh!" Not that the phenomenon hasn't existed in p...


About Altum Videturone of us since 11:44 PM on 11.04.2011

My earilest memory is of playing a PC port of Pac-Man on my dad's computer. My next earliest memory is of playing a PC port of Tetris on my mom's computer. I've been happily and hopelessly into video games and everything to do with them since, and while I have my favorites - pretty much the entire Metroid series (except, you know, that one) - there are very few good games I haven't played and enjoyed.

Now that I've been here for a few months I guess something else should go here, so: I've set upon myself a personal goal to write and post a blog at least once per week. Sometimes, meeting this deadline means that those articles are not up to the standards I would like, and I'll simply shove them away unpublished and try again next week. More rarely, they turn out great, and up they go. Even more rarely, I'll actually feel very satisfied and accomplished, and will get all excited for the loads of attention I won't be receiving. The following blog entries are ones that I believe fit into the latter category, preserved here in order of appearance for my (but quite possibly also your!) amusement and enrichement:

Battlefield 3: On Scale, Freedom, and Wookies
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - David Sarif
Bigger, Longer, also Harder - A Counter-Case for Longer Games
Location: Darkest Africa
How About a Mass Effect 3 Article with No Ending Controversy (Spoiler-free!)
Quest for Blood: How Seeking Ultraviolence Showed Me the Best Side of Videogames

Also, I mantain the monthly Cblog Analytics series, which tallies up a bunch of statistics and presents them in a simple and organized format. The results are always interesting and often surprising - all the math is done on my end, so no matter how number-phobic you might be, it's worth checking out! This year's entries are listed here: