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Sometimes I forget the console wars are still being waged, but every once in a while I stumble upon our brightest minds out there fighting the good fight. Today it was someone arguing that the term “Xbot” is a slur. Never change, g*mers.


Kojima just said he had Death Stranding 2 written before the pandemic and he rewrote it entirely to avoid predicting any more futures. Legend at the peak of his power.


Three reasons why all you WOKE IDIOTS think my game sucked: 1) it sucked (sorry). 2) nobody wanted to play it on account of how shitty it was (fuck you). 3) I am a spiritually weak, eternally victimized, worthless defeated husk of a man (your fault)


I don’t like to get political on here, but last night I saw a bobo rub his prenis and it made milk and the milk made babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me.


Day 2 of wanting to play Need for Speed Unbound without spending $70. My frothing desire grows. I can smell the engine sounds in my head. A drop of blood drips down my earlobe as an enigmatic doorway appears. It pulsates.


Can’t wait to play Need for Speed Unbound when it goes into game pass after an arbitrary amount of time has elapsed.


Late Steam sale rec: Mini Ninjas. Remember this game? Kiddie stealth/3D platformer developed by ioi of Hitman fame. I am once again on my Hitman shit and this was the $1.49 icing on the $35 assassination cake. Deck Verified!


A lot of fake gamers gave up on him after Balkan Wonderguy, and doubly so now that the woke mob has concluded their #corrupt investigation, but I still humbly assert that we could all use a little Naka magic in these trying times. #Gaming #Auteur #Magic


The Ascent studio is working on a first person(?) cyberpunk immersive sim


Signalis just arrived from the other side of the earth on a cozy snowy afternoon. Excited to curl up with this. Was not expecting all the extra gimmicks!


The take to End all that has ever been hotly opined: the only Good trilogy in cinema is the Evil Dead trilogy. There are no exceptions to this ontological truth, which after several years of extensive cinematic research I have dubbed Dungleman's Rule.


Late last night, as I lay lifeless playing re4 for the billionth time, I was visited by a mystic named Wario64. He told tale of RE Village steam codes on fanatical for $10. When I woke up it was all a dream. A "price error" he says. Some were not so lucky


First thing I will do if elected president of destructoid: loot the coffers through an elaborate money laundering scheme. Second thing I will do is hire more Zoeys of the world, to cover cool games that don’t get enough attention in the Dying Media.


If you like Silent Hill then I highly recommend you check out Lost in Vivo. Great/terrifying game made by a passionate solo dev.


That's a wrap on Ctrl Alt Ego. If you enjoy immersive sims, this is easily the most inventive and fully-featured one to come out since Prey. Glad I gave it a chance.


Envisioning the perfect alternate timeline in my crystalline brain, wherein a ton of adult weirdos who call themselves “fans” successfully bully Nintendo into pulling Pratt off the project and replacing him with Charles Martinet. There is peace here.


Been messing with Ctrl Alt Ego after seeing the dev rather desperately trying to promote it as the next big immersive sim. It’s sort of like Prey x Space Station Silicon Valley, but it’s mostly in search of its own identity. Tepid recommend.


It’s here. By God it’s here. Well I’m bored now. What else can I buy to help numb the pain? Comment down below with your best coping mechanisms and don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell so you never miss a #dunglepost !!


Only thing that got me through the day was knowing my Steam Deck will be arriving thanks to the good people at FedEx. It’s close I can taste it. Any minute now.


Hyper Demon is a game about sex (terrifying, impossible to last more than one minute, feels amazing but drives you insane, has a “win” state but only 0.001% can achieve it, etc etc)


Can confirm, dual analog controls were terrifying to those who played games in the 90s. If you showed Halo to an 18th century yeoman farmer he’d probably shit his pants and die on the spot.


Gonna say fuck it and try Hyper Demon just because it looks like the DMT trip you’d see on your way to the final layer of hell as you die an excruciating death.


In case anyone missed the Direct livestream, here is a link to the replay


Kinda weird how FPS gunplay peaked with F.E.A.R. and then immediately went downhill.


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