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You know what remake needs a remake? Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Didn’t make the cut for Xbox back compat, but the sequel did. How messed up is that?!


Today my local game store has upped the price of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand from $15 to $40. It is now officially a highly sought-after gem 💎


The pitch: Mario Kart World. It’s Mario Kart meets Forza Horizon. Also it stars Diddy Kong, who is aided a magical elephant genie. Nintendo, hire this chabub 👇


So you know those contests on the FP? Apparently they’re REAL. In an unlikely turn of events, I won this adorable Skatebird Switch. It’s going to my sister, who fittingly adores that game and its idealized vision of the skate bird.


N64 controller arrived. Works great for Mario Kart 8! You can play anything with this thing so long as it doesn’t require use of the X, Y, or Select buttons. Who needs em!! Finally, I can tackle Dark Souls the way it was meant to be played.


Anyone want a Steam key for Bloodwash?


Randomly booted up Lost in Vivo for the first time at midnight and stumbled upon “midnight mode”. It’s a secret subgame I was unaware of and got to discover for myself. Really cool game.


If anyone plans on getting mad at Nintendo today, you’ll have to get through me first.


I am lucky to own a hard copy of Zero Mission but unfortunately have to resort to the Wii U to play Fusion. Haven’t picked up this gamepad in a while — it still feels great in hand. Chunky ergonomic plastic, mushy dpad, huge buttons. Love it!


The logic checks out 📠 Give me the dazzling lighting effects of Far Cry 6 over yet another boring, flat, 2D Metroid 🤮


Having a BLAST with Dread, Nintendo and MercurySteam have hit it out of the park! One minor complaint. It’s Metroid. He can’t crawl and now I’m stuck :/ Plus some douchebag named Adam I dunno who he is but I’d like to punch him right in the fuckin


Just found out you can ride a skateboard in Lost Judgment, which is pretty much all I needed to hear.


Feeling preypilled. Might fuckaround and morph into a coffee mug.


Death Stranding about to be GOTY for the third year in a row. The haters will say it’s impossible.


In one week a new Arkane game will be overlooked and largely ignored. Hype!!


My lord, NMH3 comes out the gate swinging for the fucking fences.


some of y’all could learn a thing or two about giving respect to a legend


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