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Wow! Spelunky 2 is hard as shit 😍


Be honest: did you ever beat the original Spelunky?


Hunk Dungleman’s tip o’the day: Break out of the backlog mentality. Just play what you want to play, when you want to play it.


[accidentally double-posted so I'll edit this one] Buy Ultrakill on Steam in Early Access. Or don't, whatever, who cares


Am I an idealist for positing that maybe -- just maybe, Galaxy 2 will be an unlockable in 3D All Stars? It's not impossible...is it?


Am I an idealist for positing that maybe -- just maybe, Galaxy 2 will be an unlockable in 3D All Stars? It's not impossible...is it?


So this is a thing? Jet Force Gemini successor -- apparently has former Rare devs involved(for whatever that's worth nowadays)


Deadly Premonition 2 sucks, but it’s also winning me over in spots. The skateboarding challenges are what I call good jank. Kind of wish it was the entire game.


Deadly Premonition 2 just isn’t hitting like the original...


My landlord is selling the property and the new owner decided to barge into my unit unannounced while I was taking a massive morning deuce. So that’s how I got to introduce myself to my new feudal lord. He absolutely hates to see it.


Apparently Deadly Premonition 2’s framerate is a lot better now. I plan on finally checking it out. https://www.gamesradar.com/deadly-premonition-2s-latest-patch-has-made-the-outdoor-framerate-so-much-better-now/


“Work from home” is starting to feel a lot like “Live at Work”


Oh, well. Analogue sold out. I guess I don't need an expensive gameboy now that I think about it.


Me after playing Paper Mario for two weeks straight: https://twitter.com/lilbabyraps/status/1288193831301599232?s=21


What would a modern Tony Hawk soundtrack look like?


I’ve gotten a little further in The Origami King and I now understand why many are praising the music. Snif City is a damn BOP


I hope they never port P5 to Switch while simultaneously dropping as many SMT remasters as demonly possible.


Everyone is talking about Ghost of Tsushima’s graphics but have you seen the confetti in paper mario?


Anyone acting like a single digit framerate was ever part of the original Deadly Premonition’s charm is lying to their self.


perfect day to take edibles and play scrolling shooters.


Arkane is an excellent developer with a very interesting history. Any of you ever play Arx Fatalis or Dark Messiah? Personally, I had no idea they existed prior to Dishonored.


Gloomwood has me playing Thief for the first time. Might go down an immersive sim rabbit hole from here with Thief II, System Shock 2, Deus Ex. Maybe a replay of Prey 2017 to cap it off. We'll see if I burn out before then.


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