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Envisioning the perfect alternate timeline in my crystalline brain, wherein a ton of adult weirdos who call themselves “fans” successfully bully Nintendo into pulling Pratt off the project and replacing him with Charles Martinet. There is peace here.


Been messing with Ctrl Alt Ego after seeing the dev rather desperately trying to promote it as the next big immersive sim. It’s sort of like Prey x Space Station Silicon Valley, but it’s mostly in search of its own identity. Tepid recommend.


It’s here. By God it’s here. Well I’m bored now. What else can I buy to help numb the pain? Comment down below with your best coping mechanisms and don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell so you never miss a #dunglepost !!


Only thing that got me through the day was knowing my Steam Deck will be arriving thanks to the good people at FedEx. It’s close I can taste it. Any minute now.


Hyper Demon is a game about sex (terrifying, impossible to last more than one minute, feels amazing but drives you insane, has a “win” state but only 0.001% can achieve it, etc etc)


Can confirm, dual analog controls were terrifying to those who played games in the 90s. If you showed Halo to an 18th century yeoman farmer he’d probably shit his pants and die on the spot.


Gonna say fuck it and try Hyper Demon just because it looks like the DMT trip you’d see on your way to the final layer of hell as you die an excruciating death.


In other news, Clap Hanz Golf just stealth dropped on the eshop under a new name. Grabbin’ this!


In case anyone missed the Direct livestream, here is a link to the replay


Welp, I've played all there is to see of Gloomwood thus far. It's everything it says on the tin: Thief meets Resident Evil and I immediately want more. Very excited for the future of this game. Hope the level design gets more sandboxy once the city opens.


Kinda weird how FPS gunplay peaked with F.E.A.R. and then immediately went downhill.


Having the late-in-life realization that I have unconsciously been a Splatoon fan all this time and immediately committing seppuku.


Rollerdrome very good. Angelic flowstate combo perfection


Look cl👀sely. Retro 🐈‍⬛urday.


Jumped back into Ultrakill the last few nights and WOW that game is better than I remember. Level design may not be as intricate as DUSK but the coin revolver alone is the most innovative thing to come out of this scene. I give it six hot wet kisses.


The concept of the Steam Deck is that it’s a “Switch killer” because it plays modern games at high performance, but the compromise to achieve this is a battery life of around one hour. Sounds like a flawed concept.


It’s Caturday somewhere. Have a chaotic poopa unglamour shot courtesy of sweat dunkerman.


The PlayStation can produce mind-boggling effects.


What are everybody’s thoughts on MGSV? I loved it at release, then proceeded to leave it unfinished after ~50 hours of play. In hindsight, I’d call it one of the biggest disappointments of last gen. How should this game be remembered?


BREAKING: A far-right French politician has identified Hideo Kojima as Shinzo Abe’s assassin. NOTE: THIS QPOST HAS BEEN FACT CHECKED BY REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS OF THE LA-LI-LU-LE-LO 🚨 🇺🇸 👁 👌 ✅


My playdate is here! Immediate thoughts: damn this screen is hard to see. I’m in a sunlit room with a book in one hand, playdate in the other. The book can be easily read while the playdate is nigh illegible. Was expecting more of a kindle-like display.


Top 5 GOTY so far... 5) Kirby; 4) Weird West 3) OlliOlli World; 2) Sniper Elite 5; 1) Elden Ring. Best backlog play... Disco Elysium. Best Remaster... PowerSlave Exhumed. Pleasant Surprise... Nightmare of Decay. Honorable Mensch... Iron Lung.


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