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Wrestling Empire rules. I haven’t been hooked on a wrestling game like this since the mid-2000s.


More and more people are recognizing the beauty and excellence of Death Stranding, a game once written off as shallow and pretentious in a wave of snap reactions upon release.


Not usually into these survival/crafting games, but some friends and I picked up The Forest in the steam sale and we’re going absolutely wild on it. Super addictive game, looks gorgeous, and has been providing a lot of laughs these past few nights.


Game, of the Year 2020: Death Stranding


Your timeline has been blessed by the sleepy Italian. Post feet in the comments for good vibes in 2021.


Now that the dust is settling, the takeaway for devs RE: Cyberpunk should be to scale down your open worlds and focus on adding care & detail into smaller handcrafted hubs, rather than trying to impress with spectacle that ultimately holds the game back.


Taking this opportunity to watch some small-c cyberpunk. Total Recall is the fucking best. Pulpy sci-fi roller coaster laced with brutal crunchy action, top tier body horror, and a dash of satirical bite. Movies like this are a lost art.


PSA: Nioh 2 is 10 bucks at Best Buy right now. PS5 upgrade coming in February — but it may only be valid on the “complete edition” or some bullshit like that. YMMV I suppose.


Yakuza 7 is way too addictive. I guess I can function on 5 hours of sleep tomorrow?


There is something about No More Heroes’ simple, tactile combat and dead open world that just feels so incredibly jank in the best possible way


Tuesday night joy con modding. Finally, a real D-pad befitting of these kingly handsome hunk hands. Welp, time to go grease these puppies up.


Cat-sitting for the weekend. I could get used to this...


I know we are reaching kind of a saturation point with 2D roguelikes/lites but GoNNER is underrated as hell.


Spelunky 2 progress update: Switched over to PC, now playing with an 8bitdo SN30 Pro and doing much better. Made it to the Ice Caves for the first time. Going well, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!


Wow! Spelunky 2 is hard as shit 😍


Be honest: did you ever beat the original Spelunky?


Hunk Dungleman’s tip o’the day: Break out of the backlog mentality. Just play what you want to play, when you want to play it.


[accidentally double-posted so I'll edit this one] Buy Ultrakill on Steam in Early Access. Or don't, whatever, who cares


Am I an idealist for positing that maybe -- just maybe, Galaxy 2 will be an unlockable in 3D All Stars? It's not impossible...is it?


Am I an idealist for positing that maybe -- just maybe, Galaxy 2 will be an unlockable in 3D All Stars? It's not impossible...is it?


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