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Porygon (Japanese: ポリゴン Porygon) is a Normal-type Pok�mon. Porygon is the first artificial Pok�mon that was ever created. It was created by Pok�mon Lab according to a Pok�mon Report found in Silph Co. Porygon has...


Remakes and Why We Love Them

Tuesday morning, I had just woken up and I decide to check out Destructoid to start off my day. Scrolling casually while glancing at headers and reading blurbs, I try to see every news post I had missed while a slumber then something catc...


Happy Third Birthday DESTRUCTOID!

I just wanted to say happy third birthday Niero and Destructroid. This website is the best I've ever been to and this community is also the best in the world. Destructoid was able to help me through some low points and my life and I will ...


The most depressing game gifts ever

We all know that feeling of begging your parents or relatives for the shiny new game for Christmas or a birthday. You beg and plead and drill the name in their head to the point were even you get tired of mentioning it. Once the fateful day...

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Eternalplayer in "My games of 2008"

I might as well jump on this bandwagon before the absolute deluge of similar blog posts start dropping. 2008 may just be my personal best year of gaming. This is because not only did some truly great games get released this year but I went ...


Gamecube Wiimakes, bull!

One bit of news that was announced at Nintendo's press conference was retooling of gc titles with the Wii remote for a new line of games called "Play for Wii". I just bought Kirby SSU two days ago, so I am defiantly not against remakes but ...


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