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Tis the season for an older, nonsensical AVGN Christmas episode!


Decided to rebuy P3: Dancing in Moonlight for the Vita after getting a disc read error on my PS4 and I can't believe I keep forgetting how amazing this thing is. It houses the best game (P4: Golden), loads of indies, and feels splendid in my hands. Mmf.


My physical copy of Enter the Gungeon came in from Limited Run Games!


I love that Far Cry and Obsidian are throwing shade at Fallout. In regards to 76, fuck Fallout. And SonicFox was adorable and reppin' my LGBTQIA+ peeps (and he's inevitably gonna be made fun of, so I'm staying away from the comments) <3


In response to an SMT Discord server mod basically telling me to fuck off about my complaints about their rampant homophobia, I created my own inclusivity-based SMT/Persona server! (EDIT: Last bump + new link. Welcome, nice ppl!)


Why is literally every SMT group I have been apart of, they allow the usage of such fucking language under the guise of "free speech"? I'm literally going to start my own Discord where I'm not allowing any of this shit.


SO. I'm hoping to get some feedback on a preview track I've uploaded to Soundcloud that's what's to be my ambitious rap (see: Lotus Juice) remix of Persona 5's "Blooming Villain". I'm very excited about finishing it! Link down in the comments.


A very merry Christmas month or something! (credit goes to Gamemaniac)


I just realized my primary care doctor looks a LOT like James Spader.


I'm amazingly flattered that I'm tearing up a little. This dude put only official Undertale music and then two of my Undertale fan tracks in a custom playlist ;_;7 <3 <3 <3


Okay. Actual, non-jokey roster time (despite me still really wanting Team Skull Pichu)! Mind you, I haven't really played since Melee and do NOT play competitively (yet).


So, I looked up "jazzhop" after finding out it's basically Nujabes. It gives me "jazz rap" like A Tribe Called Quest. I say "That's definitely not what I want. But, I'll check this out anyway... bass reminds me of Bully's theme ALSO THIS IS AWESOME."!


I was Secret Santa'd God of War III! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you to whoever!




So, I went to the doctor's office today and they were showing a clip about radiation on the TV (it's their own station) and they referenced The Hulk and Star Trek for flavor (naturally). But, they also referenced Vault Boy! That was unexpected and neat!


Netflix actually has a Minecraft: Story Mode series out that you can make dialogue choices in. Sounds cool, right? Well, outside the choices you make (which are pretty fun), the writing is absolutely shite. It's, let's say, explicitly written for kids.


It just went up 10 minutes ago and is limited to 1,500 units. Go and get it!


In about an hour and a half, I'll be kicking off some more Let's Go Pikachu just around the time I officially-officially turn 28 (at 10:38pm CST). [EDIT: Cancelling this. Not in the mood for the commentary thing. Playing it offline and editing videos!]


[REPOST/EDIT] Since I'm done with my Black Friday splurge, I'll simply continue posting sweet deals in the comments blow (that's "below", but it's how all the cool bros are doing it)! [EDIT: Deals are still up. Last call!]


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