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So, thankfully, I'm currently still living with a nurse and a retired hospital director because I was told that all the Tylenol that I take in could cause liver damage. I take right at or above the daily limit and have been for about 5 months. Phewf!


I ate Taco Bell tacos today. I'm not proud of it, but I did. Did I like 'em? Why, um... n-no! Not at all, baka!


I think I did some pretty okay splurgin', based on some Amazon recommends: Days Gone (fite me, it WILL be good!), Kingdom Hearts 3D, Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, Final Fantasy Explorers, Epic Mickey (thanks to Michformer's post)!


I was finally approved for my apartment and I'll be moving in by the next week! Time to crunch-shop for furniture, food, and appliances!


I swear. Sleep paralysis is the scariest fucking shit and I only get it for, maybe, 1 minute at most. Yet, I've heard some get it for upwards of 10 minutes. Holy schnikes! D:


Finally started narrowing down my Sekiro streams into highlight reels! This was the first couple hours, crammed into a half hour vid. (TEST BUMP. Seems Qtoid is being naughty and eating up my posts!)


Boy, did I go down a disturbing rabbit hole today. Not "haha" disturbing either. TL;DR - The rich elite aren't going to give up what they got going on, so need a lot of non-violent protests akin to Standing Rock to happen for the sake of climate change.


Looks like Squirtle found some R34 he didn't know he wanted.


Is it controversial to say that, even has a hard leftist, it's sad that we must shy away from talking about Roseanne because she said a very racist thing that time? Even the actors now have to ignore that it was their best role.


Been watching some old presidential debates. Kennedy has such poise, whilst Nixon seems incredibly nervous the entire time. Well, let's just say that history has a funny way of expressing itself.


Here's a good friend of mine, living the Twitch dream. He's one heck of a streamer. Always a positive dude.


Feeling very positive about the future! Signed the rest of the apartment papers. Still need approval, but they said it shouldn't be a problem. #selfietoid


Streaming some more Borderlands! Come chill and chat! (BUMP: Live again and will be finishing up my apartment paper today. COME ON, LET'S CELEBRATE!) https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica


♫ Black Hoooole-chan, wooon't ya come... and waaash awaaaay the raaaain? ♫


JUST PUT DOWN THE DEPOSIT ON MY FIRST APARTMENT!!!!!!!! It's mine! Here's the floorplan. It's very VERY nice and spacious for an apartment. Pictures inside!


Hello, friend.


This game is charming the pants right off me.


You're telling me Stephen Colbert, whom I watch every weeknight, played Mr. "HAH! ... dangly parts."!? Holy Jiminy Christmas! Mike, you never told me!


So, I've been eating one big meal and one to two smaller snacks a day. And with just changing my diet alone, I've lost approximately 10 pounds in just two weeks! At this point, I've found it surprisingly easy to ignore certain levels of hunger. Woo!


Thanks to ZombieC0RPS for telling me about Prinny being on the Vita BC downloads! Gonna give this a go here soon, doods.


Peeps who left their mawms and dawds to live on their own: Before you moved out and it was fast approaching, did you already feel more lonely? Could you not imagine your parents crying every second you weren't there? This is hard.


Forgot to share the finished version of my cartoon self commission! Courtesy of @Nizzioo <3


I did up another Persona cover! What a fucking nerd I am.


Streaming some Borderlands! Chillin' and chating' at https://www.twitch.tv/seymourdemonica




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