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I just noticed, in my game logging (... glogging?) blog, 8 of the 28 (so, 1/7) games I played was an 8.5/10 too much water. Does anyone else, strangely, find it easy to assign that exact score to a game? I find it's semi-common on the FP as well!


You want food... AND water? IN THIS ECONOMY!?


This game is aggressively attacking me and I'd take it kindly if it were to just back the fuck off.


Now, finally, for some non-lewd Easter Sunday entertainment. As always, stay safe!


Easter Sunday gifts inside! (for the normies) (slightly NSFW)


Gosh, I adore Scott's comedic writing, timing and delivery.


Easter Sunday gifts inside! (slightly NSFW)


After a couple years sitting in my "Watch Later", I finally committed to a feature-length meme and I absolutely loved it! From the creativity and talent of a lot of the contributors to the fact that this even exists. I recommend you do a seeing of it too!


♫ We just got a package! We just got a package! We just got a package! Wonder what's inside? ♫


When one of your favorite R34 artists does a SFW animation (using the original dub) of one of your favorite sci-fi films, it's a weird day (comments).


About a week ago, I had posted a new battle theme for my still in-progress (but nearing completion) OST project. Since then, I've significantly fleshed it out and fixed the bass volume a couple complained about. Feedback appreciated, album in comments!


Whoa whoa whoa. I just posted a cblog for the first time innnn *checks watch* a fucking long-ass time! Go and read it if want to continue wasting what precious time you have left upon this dirt clump. *link in comments*


♫ We just got a package! We just got a package! We just got a package! Wonder what's inside? ♫


LIFE HACK: Instead of keeping wishlists accessible only through one of potentially several platform online storefronts, make a YouTube playlist of the games you don't wanna forget about! I think this'll alleviate the struggles of a short-term memory.


"Perhaps I can find solace from April Fools in Qtoi-"


Also, Happy Chungus to Big Goof!


So, having been keen on trying Monster Hunter, I just so happened to be looking through my Switch eShop downloads and found an undownloaded Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate! Hooray for impulse buys! It a good one?


So, I might need some talking down from a purchase I just made before it ships. It's a gaming keyboard with the tactile feedback of a typewriter! Flashy lights settings, too! 86$ (w/ tax). Did I make a mistake or is this a genuinely awesome find?


So, since the last time I watched Nyanners, she's become a VTuber and I'm absolutely here for it.


Most recent game to become a new top favorite of yours? Mine's likely Hollow Knight, which I played back in January. Brilliant atmosphere and OST, supremely well fleshed out yet wholly simplistic combat system.


Feeling slightly depressed. Seeking validation. So, AMA!


Uploaded a new music track! This time, a new battle theme for the dungeon track I had posted previously. It's pretty much done, but subject to change. I just need to finish a few more tracks and my fan OST will be complete! Feedback appreciated. [BUMP]


Hokey songs that secretly bop?




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