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Thanks for the very new experience, Parismio. Celeste will never feel the same around humans from this point forward.


Thanks for the positive vibes on my COVID-19 (negative) test results, everyone! I needed that <3


My test came back NEGATIVE!


Since Hypno's posting old 'shops of us all, I just so happen to have a whole file of old Destructoid shit that I must now post for all to remember and secretly despise because it reveals we're all actually awful all over again! [BUMP for daytime bitches.]


I'm curious how tasteful the crossdressing scenes are in the FFVII remake. I was fine with it in the original and girly Cloud in the Remake is getting me mighty moist, but what of the actual dialogue and general portrayal?


Can't sleep. Bag'll eat me. Can't sleep. Bag'll eat me. Can't sleep. Bag'll eat me.


Reuploaded to fix the audio mixing. Still some blemishes, but I did alright for not having a trained voice (I think). Best case scenario: I sound kind of like Hetfield at 13 and just waking up in the morning. Also, Load's a good album. That's right!


He tried to warn us.


Is it weird that I got teary-eyed at the prospect of Sony donating a hundred million to COVID-19 relief?


Little Update: This morning, I was feeling a whole lot better. Probably a good sign! I was told I can call after 6pm tonight to see if the results came back.


Sooooo, I might have COVID-19. Went in to the ER with relentlessly heavy chest pains. EKG was normal, but doc said my lungs were a little “squeaky”. No fever or difficulty breathing (yet), but we’ll see what the test results say in 16-24+ hours.


The perfect social distancing game has finally arrived at my door!


New original song, featuring my shitty voice and my first significant push for meaningful lyrical content. Heavily-inspired by Disturbed, so I will not rest until Soulbow has seen this! (EDIT: WHERE ARE YOU SOULBOW?)


Had a lot of "fun" playing AC co-op with Parismo, Blues and Delta. More pictures in the comments!


Played co-op in New Horizons with a bud of mine and their island and it will likely be my last.


frens r nice :]


And 999 more will get you a tennerpede!


Holy calamity. Between withdrawals from Gabapentin (cold sweats) and now Baclofen (anxiety/paranoia) come and gone, I’m just about done with these past couple days. Time to fool around summour in AC 🐹 #ACtoid


Had a heckin' scare today. Went into intensely cold sweats and was unable to sleep. Panicking, I figured I now had COVID-19 and had to hastily write up a will upon my last toilet paper roll, but it ended up being just withdrawals from my nerve pain meds.


I'll slow on the updates on my home, but here's how it was as of last night. Very proud of it! Blathers can have my Koi fish when he pries it from my cold, dead spherical fisticuffs. #ACtoid


Who wants to hang out at my place? My uncle works at Nintendo, so I have the scoop on the Nintendo Switch Pro (seen in the middle)! It's literally 2/3rds the size of the average human! #ACtoid


I tried so desperately to somehow name my island Salty Spatoon. So, I went with a close second! Also, we should do a Bloggers Wanted within the next month to check up on how our islands are doing.


Don’t worry my lovely. Covid-19 can’t get you.


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