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Is Will of the Wisps any better than the first Ori? I’m honestly bored to death of it.


🎵 We just a package~ We just got a package~ We just got a package~ Wonder what it is! 🎵


I never ever link to Twitter video loops here, but I also don't think I've ever laughed so hard in quite some time. Video in comments.


Update to my game blog of January! I think I might end up doing a video at the end of each month, summarizing my experience of said month. Blog still incoming on Hollow Knight. Hope to finish at least one run of Downwell before I'm done with it (for now).


Did a little outside art. I call this one “It Snowed Here in Texas for the First Time in Nearly 30 Years in 2013 and Now It Seems to Snow Every 2 or 3”. It’s a working title.


Finally. A nice, rainy day! Me and dog are gonna relax and stare out the window for the next 6-8 hours.


First tried Downwell near release and was somewhat entertained by it. Now, I super "get it" and just slammed down a new high score getting out of Limbo on my first try! Probably came close to doing the same with the boss (that I didn't know existed).


Me and my homey-slice.


I like you all. You, reading this, are valid and great <3


I promise not to post about yesterday again beyond here. Hilariously, this guy's wife's first boyfriend was the guy who shouted from the senate dais. With video evidence this terrorist took himself. Genius.


So, thanks to tRump's mudding the waters of our elections, we've now not only elected (by a slim margin) Georgia's first black senator, but a reverend carrying MLK's legacy as preacher at Ebenezer Baptist Church. So... thank you, M- Mr. President?


Not only am I gonna be seriously fucking up my backlog, but I'm doing a responsible Gamer thing and logging in what games, specifically, are getting seriously fucked for the purposes of... I don't know, honestly. I just see other people doing it, I guess!


This is like if Undertale's "Another Medium" and "Death By Glamour" had a baby who was also really into Duran Duran (1:25). DD's soundtrack is, easily, its best part. Feels like I've seen most of its gameplay trickery early on, unfortunately.


Hooray~! ♫


I should've posted about this in the FP article about underappreciated 2020 titles, but Umurangi Generation needs your attention! The music is a top 10 and it makes actual use of a camera in a video game that isn't ghostbusting or just mood lighting.


Moved in and my internet access has steadily improved! If 2021 is anything like 2020, then it's definitely vxxy's fault.


Today's moving day, back to my mum and aunt's place. Until I get things unpacked, I've got my new Switch Lite I got for Christmas~! Not sure if I'll actually make it my "primary" Switch, but it definitely feels way more comfortable portably.


I'm replying to some comments individually, and I know it's late, but thanks for the lotta kind words earlier <3


I think I'm leaving Dtoid for a while. If not ever. Context in the comments, but long story short is that I feel like people may despise/dislike me now.


Hollow Knight's soundtrack is approaching Undertale levels of perfection for me at this point. Just this track, alone, as I've filled out the City of Tears map, has made it to the tip top of my OST favorites.


Mom got me a collage frame of my doug. It's the best present I got this year~


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