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Ordered a second copy of Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, but for PS4 this time. So, I'll be doing a short LP series on it and given I don't understand the vast majority of the Japanese language, hilarity shall ensue!


I was super interested in getting Detroit: Become Human after some surprisingly positive reception... but, I then got distracted on the PS Store and now, instead, have Salt & Sanctuary, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Aegis Defenders for the same price!


I know I'm going to see people talking about it, but I can't take it. Actually crying. When we lose such a large personality within our tiny though so very passionate circle, I really feel it. Not sure if I'll just media blackout until it blows over.


God. If only the Switch were backwards compatible with the 3DS/DS. There'd be no stopping it. It would be the very best thing ever. It would be addictive to an objectively dangerous degree. We would never stop playing it. I'm just saying, Nintendo.


Today, those Persona 3/5 dancing games release in Japan and also wherever those who live that imported... including me! Though, it still may be a day or two. Can't wait to put everything aside for a rhythm game I can't understand!


Alright. You know how much we (generally) don't like loot boxes? Including me. Well, let me just say that I've succumbed to the allure with Overwatch's latest update (pictured). Felt nasty, but it happened. HOWEVER, important question inside chere >>>


My latest haul! New Joycons to replace the iffy launch ones, Skyrim because Skyrim VR's usage of the motion-controlled bow n' arrow made combat way more fun, and Battle Chasers because turn-based combat + fantabulous art. Made any good hauls lately, gang?


Back again after another short break! Getting better at rationing out my medication so that I don't go 1 to 2 weeks without anything. Felt good enough to record some Hyrule Warriors this morning and hope to record some Nocturne later!


In celebration of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition's release, what's one character you'd love to play as that, somehow, didn't make the cut? Mine would be Yeta from Twilight Princess!


Over these past couple years, I've been trying to get into the Neptunia games to little avail. BUT, with this latest Steam sale, I've now obtained MD Neptunia VII, VS Zombies, and HD Neptunia U: Action Unleashed. Here's hoping they impress!


Taking a break from my daily LP's to get a headstart on Strange Journey Redux! So far, I'm surprised at how tutorial-heavy it is. But, I know once it gets going, it fleshes out into what is likely the best MegaTen narrative of the past few generations.


Went ahead and started up another one of those Gamejolt hits, The Silent House! It's got that PS1-styled aesthetic I love so damn much and it's pretty good so far. Check it out along with me!


So, at the moment, I'm juggling 3 games on my LP channel (Nocturne, RE5, Silent House), Strange Journey Redux, *and* Destiny 2. I've achieved Chris Carter levels of playing prowess!


Today is Strange Journey Redux's release! Hope my copy makes a swift b-line for my front door. [Source: ebirdwatching]


Amidst all the chaos and controversy, netting Destiny 2 through Humble Monthly was really nice. Currently giving the game a second go in-between my LP's and the upcoming Strange Journey. May even do an analysis vid on it?


I need to play more of the portable Zelda's, apparently.


A double post from my Twitter account, but dammit this is an amazing piece. Can't wait for Dancing Star/Moon Night later this month!


Went ahead and concluded another LP series of mine! Since I have Nocturne already on my plate, that Skyrim can quite literally go on forever, and considering having to use VR, I decided to end this with just 6 episodes. Go and enjoy a couple, maybe?


So! Big day for me. Went to my first dedicated pain management visit and was tasked with going to physical therapy twice a week, to get a thoracic MRI, and to be back in early July! Oh, and I also came back from the dead on YouTube once again.


As much as I *adore* Super Mario Galaxy, this is an excellent (and hilarious) breakdown of the games surprising amount of objective (and subjective) faults. Also, this is the latest "GrumpOut", but since Barry left the Grumps, he's now just doing it here.


Finally have some more medicine for my back, so here I am again! It's been an agonizing, stress-inducing 4 or 5 days, but I made it like always. I have a song in my heart, cleaning shit up, etc. How's it going with you guys?


Also, whilst it might be a niche group of folks: Those who have Amazon Prime AND still haven't played Titanfall 2, it's available for just 10 bucks! I got in on that and am hoping for a nice experience.


There seems to be an interesting trend amongst the Vita games I'm seeing that are still releasing, as I browse Amazon: They all sport an incredible amount of cute boys! <3


Been cleaning/rearranging my room and found my old, physical copies of 3 of my favorite albums (RIOT! by Paramore, The Colour and the Shape by Foo Fighters, and Spreading the Disease by Anthrax)! What are some of your favorite albums???


God of War continues to impress! Mostly in the combat and artistry. Hope the narrative pans out into something pretty damn awesome.


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