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Everytime I pop on Persona 4: Golden to listen to the OST on the pooper or check my most recent save file for reference in discussion, I always lament that I miss playing it. Like, it made me so happy. Soon, I shall again.


What are some of gaming's most legitimately terrifying baddies/bosses? Personally, I can't think of any much moreso than a certain Neutral ending Undertale boss or SMTIV's YASO MAGATSUHI.


In replaying Revelations on the Switch, I'm just now catching on to how bleeding fantastic the soundtrack is. What a revelation!


So, I joined a rather lively SMT/Persona fan group on Facebook.


Still obsessively thinking about Doki Doki Literature Club. Fun spoilers in the comments.


Up to 22 games on my Switch. Every single one, seemingly, perfect for the system <3


Playing Jill's Butt: Revelations on the Switch with motion controls is very nice.


I didn't expect such a thing, but thanks to Shade for (personally, at least) voting me in as best Cblogger of the Year! Not that I'm entirely sure why... I really should get proper back into blogging like I was in 2011-2015, but thanks again anyway!


Well. I just went through Doki Doki Literature Club second hand. If I had played it myself, it probably would've been this year's Undertale for me. If only. What a ride nonetheless. The ending (that I saw) surprised me in how bittersweet it was. 'AAA'!


I can't be the only one this is happening to. I wanna read that Community Awards cblog, but it (and some other Dtoid links) just refuse to load!


I think this pretty much sums up this year in video games.


IT'S SNOWING IN SOUTH TEXAS (like actual snow and not just the usual flurry)!


Also, I've changed my avatar for the first time in at least a year. Let us all get into the spirit of the holidays and defeat lots of grinchy shadows!


My SMT-themed birthday haul finally arrived from Amazon! The OST's to Persona Q and Nocturne, as well as a gift from a friend in the form of the SMTIV official artbook.


Um hello. I'm pretty sure today is my birthday and junk. Time to get buzzed, eat chicken, and watch Angry Beavers!


A couple times this past week, I've been so stressed that my brain set itself onto autopilot and got my body walking out a long ways away to level things. So, I might try writing a blog about some games that keep me feeling positive!


HOLY CRAP I almost missed this! Took about a year to come out, too! Hope this adaptation is completed before I'm 30 and have, yet again, forgotten about it.


Tried getting on Best Buy's Xbox One S deal and was surprised to see that they were repackaging some of the backwards compatible 360 titles with Xbox One labels. Thought that was a cool way to get people interested in the feature!


Hello again, all! I've been doing much better now that I've gotten back on my anxiety/depression meds in order to at least keep my head straight. Gonna keep trying to stay around instead of popping up every week or two. Happy Spanksgiving!


Hey all! Checking in again. And I'm still trying to 100% Odyssey (here's a semi-non-spoiler screen of mine). That "Darker Side" goal is really blowing my circuits. The, er, fog section is stimuli overload for me. Only gotten past that bit once.


Mario Odyssey really came together towards the middle bits and that (technically) final section/kingdom was phenomenal, making up for a slightly underwhelming first phase "final" bout. Now to attempt a full 100%!


Leaked screenshot from SMTV.


Oh shit here come dat boi


Please save my Pink Yoshi.


I'm sort of afraid to check the QTOID feed, in case of Odyssey spoilers. I might be away for a while again, then. Heh. Outside posting my own crap and doin' the frontpage.


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