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Decided to polish up an old cover of mine I did of Weezer's "Buddy Holly" in the vocal stylings of Zakk Wylde. Commish'd Inquisitive for the thumbnail and I could not be happier with it haha.


I'VE MADE MY DECISION: The first Spooktober thing I shall do is watch It Follows for the first time. Looks like a joy!


Shaved the mop and got a Fall do. Positively Herculean.


Trying to think of a cool thing to do this Halloween, like when I watched all the (original) Saw films back-to-back. Great stuff! Had only seen 1-4 before 2019. Wonder if I should do the same for the Jason movies. Haven't seen a one (same for Freddy).


Found some old Halloween junk. Let's get spooky 👻👻👻


Quick reminder that Phil Collins is the GOAT.


So, for those across the pond in the UK: Is it normal for pedestrians to swarm paddy wagons in anger as they're brought into the jail or courthouse? Seen this featured quite a bit in the true crime I've consumed.


Still going through Nexomon: Extinction, having a pleasant time. Hoping to finish it, unlike previously. Whilst the creature designs are far more mixed than in Pokémon, this line is my favorite. Meet Skerdi, Aferaid and Dreddiful. A+ designs and names.


I think mods took down Qtoid to dispose of all the Astolfo porn I had hastily posted in a stupor. I'm sorry. Sorry you're so squeamish around such peak male performance.


Finally. Another tenner in Super Auto Pets. That makes a whopping two in 60 hours of playtime. Where do you want me coach?


This seems to be aping Animal Crossing more explicitly than other life sims I've seen. Looks really good, but a cursory glance of the Steam reviews point to bugs being prevalent. I might take the plunge soon enough.


Do not be afraid. A dog is here for you.


What are your favorite creator collectors/battlers? Having just now had my disappointing fill of the original Nexomon, I stumbled upon Monster Crown. Looks really damn good! But, first, time to replay (+ finish) the far superior Nexomon: Extinction.


Happy Birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw! Thanks for being cool and making my YouTube/Soundcloud thumbnails look far more professional than the actual content~


I had no Earthly idea that Spore was this complex! I thought it was just creating a custom character that would, I don't know, birth more of them and that you mostly just watched shit happen.


Needed to replace my Halo: Infinite wallpaper (ahhh back when there was hope). Simple, my favorite color, bomb-ass game (I’m a bit of a Gamer lol sussy baka) and it even matches my Chrome background!


If they release an OLED Switch Lite, this will be me running to Target:


Not sure if they posted about it here, but Narwhalnut's Belle Boomerang itchio page updated with downloads of some of the game's art... and it's absolutely wallpaper-worthy *o*


Hey, gang. Have been hitting some lows with my mental health as of late. Bouncing between being somewhat content and moaning from the amount of anxiety I'm feeling. Might be on very sporadically, but I'll still be around. Still, concerning times.


Destructoid truly is like a second Home.


The Wo Long demo is pretty damn good thus far! Not sure if I totally enjoy its brand of ebb and flow, though. One thing I know for sure is that the tutorial needed to way better explain the UI in relation to its many mechanics.


I think I've found a way to get these THC-8 gummies to work for me. 3-6mg was a minor sleep aid, 9mg was the same, but 12.5mg seems to be the point at which I finally start to get that euphoric "Dude, let's start a band!" sensation. Pic unrelated.


Punk rock bros, I need help perfecting my 80's playlist. I've determined "Astro Zombies" can be improved upon, despite my love of it. Looking for a highly replayable, 80's Misfits joint, not necessarily their best.


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