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WILF + homeoftheblues have been married 18 years?!


FakePlasticTree and CaptainDustTree need to rough it out in some hot oil for the luxury of continuing to use their current username. As of now, they're too similar!




12 years of Destructoid, roughly 7 years of Seymour

Now that I have your undying, unfiltered love and attention, allow us to discuss something far more important than passing flattery: A celebration of not just you and/or I, but all us here at Destructoid. Namely, well, the very site i...


You guys should get into Gamemaniac's streams whenever possible. Him and Limo combine to make a fusion of sexy, disgusting fun.


Also, between the EGLX photos, purchasing y'alls paraphenalia, and listening to Gallerytoid, I need to start participating in this community more like I used to. I love you guys, but I haven't been always showing it as best as I could.


I actually have a whole folder of bun-buns! Most... of them rather lewd, but some of them are just really cute! So, I'll throw a bone into this trend. #WesLovesBunnyGirlsWednesday


Holy calamity, this mashup needs WAY more attention.


I figured I'd post this because about half this part is just me raging at the negotiation system. Some harsh reactions within! As I've said before, please tell me if I'm spamming too many of my vids. I like shilling, but not if it annoys folks.


Almost done with Better Call Saul S3 and gatdamn Michael Mando (aka Vaas from Far Cry 3) is still such a sexy boy. That accent~ AH!


If nothing else, owning a PSVR and having now spent at least 6-7 hours doing dedicated play, it's inspired me to see an eye doctor for the first time in like 12 years. Either this far-sight blurriness is my fault or the PSVR's. Also, cover leaning's cool!


I went and did another VR video. Only, this time, it's the beginning of a series! It's highly likely that I'll not come even close to finishing it, but we'll enjoy it while the thrill lasts.


The button-up that I ordered from WILFoftheblues came in! It's wonderfully wonderful and I will treasure it forever! Makes me wanna replay Wind Waker for a third time. Her etsy link is in the comments!


Presenting my first VR video! I'll definitely at least do a second one with impressions on RE7 in VR, probably midway or so through. Without spoiling much, it most certainly achieved in making RE7 waaaaaaaaay more creepy.


So, I just got a certain new device and am looking forward to showing you all my reactions to it!


Looking for some advice: Generally, do you think it's better for me to upload my LP's during the afternoon? Like, say, between 3-7pm? That's probably when most are winding down and wanting to watch some YouTube. Or does it even matter when I upload?


Everyone should be a fan of Arlo!


Hooray! I'm back to doing LP's finally! The "mental health break" is over and regular sessions shall now commence. I'm also very satisfied with the commentary here! I really missed doing this.


I just ordered a disc-based PC game in 2018. And it was... Spongebob: The Movie. No lie. It's actually a point and click adventure, exclusive to the PC, within the Spongebob: The Movie "universe". I didn't need to hear more. Don't even care if it's bad.


I'm a silly boy who still unironically loves bands like Disturbed, Smash Mouth, Backstreet Boys, etc. I'm a gullible little 14 year old trapped in the body of a 27 year old.


I'm a manbaby because I'm genuinely mad that (from what I saw) nobody mentioned SMTV on the 100+ comment Nintendo Direct article. VALIDATE ME! VALIDATE ME!


'Ello, all! Been away from the qposts for a few days, but I'm desperately needing some funny/good vibes. My best friend *and* first love is on cocaine, had her kids taken away from her, and is not exactly high on life. I'm worried she might... oof. [BUMP]


With all the weight I’ve gained, finding clothes that fit me comfortably has been like finding buried treasure. My mum’s old tops have been footing that bill for the past few weeks and, frankly... I look damn good in them. Feeling confident today!


Georgia, whoever you are, go and tell Mr. Smith you are very sorry. Mr. Smith is slightly perturbed by your abundance of mosquitoes.


I know only 2 or 3 folk here really watch my LP's, but I decided to take a mental health break from it for a couple days. Hopefully will be back tomorrow! Think the issue was me going off my bipolar meds for a couple days. Oomph.


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