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Have gotten back into Enter the Gungeon in a big way. I love Binding of Isaac, but man the combat here is far more consistently satisfying. Also, here's my Gungeon bullet boi I got at PAX South years ago.


Looks a lot like Don't Starve, but if it grew up with an abusive foster family until one day a 7-foot tall Scot told them they were a wizard.


Say hello to my new electric baby.


As awesome as Elden Ring looks from a gameplay perspective, isn’t the story just a revamp of Dark Souls? Expected far more given GRRM’s involvement.


Not sure if anyone else here watches The Young Turks, but I just realized how much Cenk Uygur reminds me of Reggie haha.


I'M FINALLY ABOUT TO REPLACE THE GUITAR(S) STOLEN FROM MY APARTMENT 6+ MONTHS AGO! Give me your recommendations from $100-$1,000, now. Specifically in the market for something for heavier music, but I also love me a well put-together Fender.


Since I'm absolutely in love with how my new keyboard feels, please AMA. I don't care what. I need to get in my strokes.


Decided to check in on Weezer via Spotify and noticed they released an album this year called "Van Weezer". It's basically Weezer with the occasional dip into a heavier motif. The breakdown to this track straight up sounds like Anthrax!


♫ We just got a package. We just got a package. We just got a package. Wonder what’s inside? ♫


These are the things I choose to do with the limited time I have on this Earth. (tiny BUMP)


Slowly working through Nocturne's final leg of story content. Was originally going to be a very plainly-edited affair, but then I perked up and found some inspiration. Thanks to Lily for joining me when she did!


Say hello to my FP persona!


So, made a new Disqus account for the FP. Haven't gotten my confirmation email. Does it just take a while or... ?


I just edited together the first minute of me redubbing Steamed Hams. I feel... indifferent, but accomplished! (preview in the comments)


Got serious pay from my once cherished Pokémon cards. Back out of buying a @%$! dollar used guitar purchase as the tax caught me off-guard. Suddenly, negative balance. Call Sam Ash, Shaggy defense. Bank is closed. TL;DR -




Just noticed that blog links keep taking me to the OP's profile! I'm stuck in a horrendous loop of "BLOGS" > Blog > "BLOGS" > Blog...


I'll definitely have more to say about this site... redesign as soon as my non-on-screen keyboard arrives.


Throughout this whole month, I've only play enough of 4 games to form an opinion (Minit, Minit Fun Racer, Orbital Bullet and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion). I continued playing Nocturne and Binding of Isaac, granted. Still, unproductive month :(


As I gather my Pokemon cards for sale, I'm noticing a lot of weird ones. Like this German 1st edition holo base set Machamp, worth about 200. What're the odds?


Spilt water on my keyboard. Done broke. This post is brought to you by the very good and very quick-to-use on-screen keyboard. What an entertaining 5 minutes I just spent!




I may not have been able to finish the original release of Nocturne before the end of today's release of the remaster, BUT I'm still plugging away at it! You can catch me live on Twitch (comments) or on YouTube after I've had time to edit for brevity.


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