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Hi, all! Haven't been in the Qposts in a long while. Still alive, I guess. Figured it'd be good to come back with something to show, so here's my cover of my favorite Metallica song (with an original intro)! Feedback is appreciated. [Evening BUMP]


BIFF STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND!!! Don't worry. Once I rise up, beat the odds and become captain of the football team despite my wiry frame and nerdy demeanor, I'll win her back and prove that I am a r34L man!


Having a good night and on this good night I want to thank you anuses for all your anus-y love/affection/pus. I consider each and every one of you a friend with whom to trade saliva and sensitive medical information with <3


I'm sweet but I'll fookin cut ya m8.


Nice grandpa talks to sugar zaddy.


Also, I can finally watch TV!!!


"I need to replace my red Joycons. Here's hoping the phasing out hasn't already jacked up the pr-" *sees 125$ tag* "I'll just get the regul-"


COVID live it up like you’re gonna rob a train and then arrive at the Gala.


Sent all my AC frens a happy 4/20 incense burner. Who's all lucky enough to be someplace where weed is legal recreationally?


Went to the doc again and my temperature was 99.4.


I buried a boot and an axe (as well as treasures) inside the maze and if people solve the mystery, I'll give them something neato. Looking forward to maybe people trying it out! Just need to provide the materials needed to keep people inside the maze.


I usually poke around here in the morning/early afternoon, but got sick from a pot roast breakfast, then didn’t eat all day and got super deluded/flustered from low blood sugar. So, now, I’m doing a munch on these beauts.


Very fking tempted.




Life Hack: You can apply customization kits to tools to reset their durability!


"We get it, you're from space!"


I normally stay clear of posting politics stuff around here, but between the pandemic, my personal infection scare, my anxiety, life just not being normal, and now this? THIS? I can't take it I'm glad reporters are obviously fed up as well.


Made this nifty phone wallpaper of the screen I took of my villagers and I finally getting to enjoy KK's concert~ <3


Found the perfect item for my in-progress haunted forest!


Seems Cuomo's probably gonna be fine out the other end of this, thankfully. Always enjoyed his show (even though I lean fairly far left). His spirit despite suffering such dizzying fevers and awful pains has given me hope as well as these wonderful vids.


Yeah, this may be the day Jesus rose from his ded cave. BUT, more importantly, it's the last day for eggs!!!


I think Gaj was on to something when he said I should try pulling off a goatee. I usually hate facial hair on me, but a haircut + a thicker facial (heh) might do me some good! #selfietoid


For anyone who missed out on any of the sakura recipes during the cherry blossom spring event, I'll make you 1-3 of anything that I've got! Dodo Code and recipe list in the comments.


Got news?  [email protected]


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Maneater"Ooooo here she comes (totally original subheader, do not steal)"


Signs of the Sojourner"Finding the Truth"


Minecraft Dungeons"Bring the family"


Fury Unleashed"Rage Unbridled"


Huntdown"Dying ain't much of a living"


Gorn (PlayStation VR)"Are you not entertained?"


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I should be fine, sure Im in the DC area but whos going to protest in Germantown? AM fine and Im not noticing any signs of armed occupation in my My energy levels are low, but thats mostly because of the time of Be well <3

able to think

Was going to stay up late and play Xenoblade but Im taking the game freezing on the opening cutscene as a sign I need to go to


With everything going on here in the good ole US of A, and everyone is on edge, with no end in sight, I just want you all to know one simple truth:


Hi, all! Havent been in the Qposts in a long Still alive, I Figured itd be good to come back with something to show, so heres my cover of my favorite Metallica song (with an original intro)! Feedback is


Jesus fuck, 2020 is Stay safe out there and always remember, thick thighs saves

Voltaic Owl

Yo dawgz, I started playing that Grease Got to that part where you can turn your chick into a chonk


Genuinely wish all you dtoiders all the best and hope 2020 gets better for Ill be checking out and logging off for the last time Not sure online interaction is a good fit for As useless as I am online - Im better in real life I X


Come on 2020, continue giving me quality gaming time amidst all this


Having replayed a bit of both today, my feelings on Final Fantasy X and XII seem to have flipped over I used to prefer the latter for its world, but the auto attacks are making dungeons kind of a snore, even


Ah also I did the FFXIVxFFXI I never got far in FFXI but I know about That was a really cool The armors pretty sweet!



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