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Well, this is only the most badass thing I've ever seen. I didn't know Kirkhope could play the guitar like that!


Reminder that this Earthbound-like is still coming out and its OST is sounding stupendous.


Hey Pat. Imma watch it.


So... I was reminded of this amazing piece of Destructoid history that I and 108 others were apart of. Sad that so many of these people are gone. Where's Elsa!? I miss my Dtoid mom :(


I finally found the metal band that I discovered via the Rock Band Network (fan or band-commissioned tracks for Rock Band that Harmonix likely wouldn't have bothered with) long ago! They're very late 80's/early 90's, which I deeply appreciated.


GUYS GUYS OXENFREE IS GONNA GO FREE ON THE EPIC GAMES STORE STARTING MARCH 21ST!!! Sorry for yelling. I love this game so much and I hope you fellas and fellites too scared to pay for it will give it a go then.


Thought it'd be fun to share this image of my mom and my grandpa from the late 70's. I wish I knew Grandy (as I called him since a wee sprout) during his prime. Retired doctor who never missed a day of work, WW2 vet (though, I don't think he saw combat).


Also, the comments button comments and the permalink comments are still sometimes split into two separate comments sections. At least the comments buttons works again. Comments!


For those who still don't have the Qtoid comments button working for them, trying refreshing your cache with Shift + F5!


Okay, Destructoid? We need to talk. I even tried creating a new profile to maybe fix these bugs and it kept failing to process my avatar upload. So, as it stands, the Qtoid comments button doesn't work and the permalink is all that does. FIX IT PLEASE.


I'm concerned. I can't open the comments via the Qtoid stream! The permalink hasn't been working and now the stream doesn't work! (try making your comments via the permalink instead of the stream if you have any fixes) [BUMP]


Well, whilst I can't efficiently communicate with y'all through the comments (unless you go through the effort of clicking the hyperlink and posting there... but, that sucks), I can at least show off some cool shit. Like this H.R. Giger Dead Space suit!


Here's a cute Alphys x Undyne for International Women's Day! I was going to share either just Alphys (my favorite Undertale character) or Alex (Oxenfree), but fuck it! Alphys, specifically, though, was a brilliantly-written liz wom who wanted a fish wom.


I was stressing to get a Twitch stream out on DMC5 in hopes of building that and my YouTube channel late last night, but I think I'm just gonna relax and enjoy it and RE2. Then I'll get back my YouTube stuff. Sekiro might be a Twitch thing, though!


Good evening and a Sappy Slurpday to ma dude Bass! Here's the late, great Cliff Burton for you. The only man I know to play the bass like a guitar... with his bloody fingers!


Limited Run Games are doing a cool thing.


OKAY. I've recounted my memories of the anime (Skarmory), my cuddly husbandos (Lugia, Dragonite), favs I forgot (Heracross), Detective Pikachu hype (Ludicolo), the ones I really stuck with (Ampharos, Slakoth), etc. and solidified my choices!


2 - my PokeHusbandos, 1 - surprise when I played the respective game, 2 - BOTH because Detective Pikachu Trailer 2 and adorbs, 1 - kind of trash but I love 'em, 1 - made the rounds in trans-inclusive images, and 2 - old favorites ^_^


Reading an article about the new youngest "self-made" billionaire and got a devious chuckle out of this quote. Heh.


I've been really itching to share this one. Lots of community interaction! Thanks to Gamemaniac, Limo, Matt (Carp), Scruff, and Gus for joining in!


I've been listening to Jungle's first album and I'm officially a fan! Most may recognize this from Tales from the Borderlands' intro sequence. They're like a lo-fi Earth Wind & Wind. You don't really hear it here, but it permeates most the album.




For those who might have seen this on the front page and thought "Eh, nyeh.", CHECK IT! I'm totally obsessed with it at the moment. Just 6 months ago, it was looking kind of rough. But, they've dramatically improved the animations especially.


I missed all of the Limo sick ducking yesterday? Darn. I wanted a turn!


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