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1. Fell asleep sooner and for far longer than intended (8pm to 5am, which is, yes, long for me). So, happy b-lated b-day to ChronoLynx! 2. Thanks to sp testure for inadvertently getting me heavy into The Spiffing Brit!


I'm fully committed to my diet.


Having a lot of fun, back at it with Minecraft Dungeons. Eventually form-fitted my guy to be essentially a pet class. Love those! The Hero Edition (w/ all the DLC) is 40 bucks and pretty dang worth it, if you don't mind the idea of a simplified ARPG.


Currently attempting a low-carb diet and it’s damned frustrating. All the best snacks are some iteration of bread! Cereal? Nope. Wheat Thins? Sun Chips? Nope. Cinnamon raisin toast? Nope. Sugar cookies? Nope! No! NOPE!


Found this on the Switch eShop and was surprised at how much it's added since the original, which was sort of mildly entertaining. Seems to have added a mid-air charge, underwater sections, FPS bits (!?), etc. Gonna start it up right now~


4 and half hours into Super Magbot and it's becoming more satisfying the longer it goes on. The buttery smooth controls make speedrunning so much more compelling than it usually is for me. That and the level design is excellent. More should play it!


I'm likely to start up FFXIV tomorrow. Really looking forward to it! Got some questions that hopefully you fanpeoples can answer for me in the comments, kupo.


All done with Narita Boy. That was a fucking trip! I wish there was a harder difficulty to run through, but it's no matter. I still plan on venturing back in immediately to seek out the "first memory". Great combat, variety, narrative, etc.


Oh, this one's getting some use.


This is for anyone who wants to hear what AJFA sounds like properly mixed. Excellent work on drastically improving what was already a favorite album and a fun watch. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Huzzah! I have a webcam again! I've noticed my viewer retention per video has been kind of low, so hopefully this helps.


Here's my latest video thing. New series mayhaps? I forgot who it was that mentioned Proteus here a couple days ago, but it ushered me into giving it another go around and... it's about as mediocre as I remember it being! [BUMPERS]


Apparently, if you're into prego-robotics, Narita Boy's got ya covered.


Trying a new thumbnail/title tactic with some of the more novel releases on my channel. "Series" that last just 1-3 videos. For longform video series, I plan to stick to my conventional method. [BUMP: Changed the thumbnail. Better contrast = more EYES]


Hey. Hey. Before itchio's Creator Day ends, link me some underappreciated deep cuts.


I've timestamped the link for 10:58 in the comments, but here's the entirety of Super Magbot's OST. It's quickly becoming a new favorite. Currently neck deep in the game itself and that's also incredibly delightful. Has seriously flown under the radar.


Robotron 2084 remake by Housemarque.


Caught the moms watching Valerian and it screamed box office bomb. Turns out, I was right! A net loss of 83 million. But, I could swear Dane Dehaan played Adam Jenson. Gruffed up for the film, he sounds so similar. That, I was wrong about.


Saw this in regards to the new SNES games being added to NSO. Made me larf.


Panic attacks are becoming far more common. Pic unrelated.


Gettin' crunk off sugar cookies. Is bueno.


My puppy + Beggin Strip shenanigans in the comments.


Napping with an oversized puppy brat.


Late night status


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