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I think I genuinely saw red when MTG went from sounding refreshingly "normal" to explicitly telling people to mock those in my community circles.


Praise Egg. Thanks for the reminder that I needed to pre-order this whilst I still could!


XC3 is interesting me, but am considering XCDE in the meantime. Thoughts? Maybe just get XC3 since they're both XC, both video games and both good?


Apparently, 1 day of withdrawals was enough to shock my body into 3+ days of recoup! Went to the ER for perpetual 110-125bpm, exhaustion, fever. Pain meds are helping, but feeling useless getting the moms to fetch me food/water. Pic unrelated, but vibes.


So, I've been nursing various ailments the past 24 hours. Don't wanna harp on it too much, but I'm happy to be (for the most part) done with it. Was mostly withdrawals from my anxiety meds, which was nasty af. Made me feel Super Weenie Hut Jr.


So, this guy randomly popped back into my life after having been casual acquaintances with him in my early YT days. His schtick is that he sounds EXACTLY like James Hetfield and, not gonna lie, "OOOO I CAN'T TAKE IEAHT!"


So, I actually purchased a Cameo from a YouTube OG. Got my heart a flutter! Video in comments.


My dog will make your heart melt just as easily as he'd lift your spirits~


Cleaned my room up in short chunks throughout the day. A tiny thing that made me feel good. Jordan Peterson would be proud!


FUCKING GODDAMN FINALLY BEAT THE TIME EATER! Felt like I had to shoot for a very specific build to do it, but I did it. Think I might chill from playing any further until I can get this on the Switch, though.


Not a fan of Majora's Mask, but this reference in Slay the Spire made me smile.


After having revisited most of Pantera's short-lived legacy, I have what is probably my hottest take: Were it not for the first two albums, Dimebag (an incredible guitarist) would barely be a blip on the radar. More in the comments.


I know we have some bidet fans out there. Is it really worth investing in? I'm pretty anal about my butt hygiene, and I can't imagine it does much to alleviate the poopage.


I linked another song of his a little earlier, but holy shit is this guy not only a talented musician but an incredible animator! Getting hard Sesame Street vibes from this, but its theming resonates BIG with exclusively adults.


Saw this being passed around the Twats and, yeah, it kind of slaps. But, I mostly just miss the era of boy bands putting out actual substantive music tracks. Jonas Brothers, BTS, etc. are just not my thing.


Anybody play the Switch port of Slay the Spire? Watched a video review that claimed it had some crash issues, but am still interested. Touch support + mobile on my OLED sounds like a thing of beauty.


Slay the Spire's Act 3 boss music low key goes hard.


That Undertaker skin better be cheap, because (if you've seen any footage of it from the past few months) Fall Guys looks so fun these days. Needed any other small push to play this again.


The Fungi Beast in Slay the Spire is so fucking metal.


Still slowly going through Unus Annus thanks to the Internet Archive (almost through the first two months), routinely laughing myself into a backache. Yeah, I'm a filthy cheater and I don't care. Memento Mori, Smermento Smori!


Anyone remember Whiplash for the PS2? New 3D platformer just dropped, Peebs did a sponsored first impressions and it looks dank af. Basically Whiplash x Conker's BFD.


Just beat the first act's boss on my first run of Slay the Spire by the skin of my teeth! I feel this might become a thing. [BUMP: Second boss, first try too! Let's fucking go!]


Quick The Boys impressions: S1 - Excellent all around. Based characters, good OST. S2 - Worse in some spots, but a general banger still. S1/S2, I'd watch again, but... S3 - Holy schnikes did the writing shit all the beds in the last 2/3rds. (comments)


This was a fun video. Really makes me want to try and actually finally buckle down, get into a brawler and then main the hell outta Velma!


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