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Here's the beginning of my Persona 5 Strikers LP! I had a lot of fun editing the last third of the video, heh.


Since I haven't noticed Gus post in a while... [Doctor]: "I'm afraid I have some terrible news. It seems your DNA is backwards." [Patient]: "And?"


So, I was editing together my Persona 5 Strikers gameplay for my LP and quickly realized just one 2-hour session has enough content for, like, several "episodes". It's almost like... a good story or something. Huh!


Cancel culture? More like conceal coocher!


I finally made through a normal session of Death Road to Canada! Now that I'm a citizen, time to go buy some weed.


I swear. Why can't these cowards just make Isolation 2?


One more #indietoid from me. This time it's a slightly more well-known joint, Death Road to Canada! It's basically Oregon Trail, but you play a real-time role in the scavenging and fighting. So, actually Organ Trail with a silly sense of humor.


I'm gonna use my #indietoid to once again highlight the supremely overlooked Umurangi Generation. Stylistically similar to Jet Set Radio, only, mechanically, a find-the-objective Photo Mode. And features one FUCK of a soundtrack! Probably a top 10, even.


I'm gonna be soon moving on to Persona 5 Strikers, but I'm still genuinely addicted to Caveblazers. It infuriates me in the same ways that Spelunky used to in its sudden deaths from, seemingly, easily avoidable damage, but the allure is still so strong!


Apparently, this is becoming a new indie hotness. Looks really good!


(needed to reupload to fix a couple editing mistakes) Went back to Overwatch for the first time in 3 years and have completely fallen for Ashe. Go and watch that, maybe!


My floof, Summer, passed away (old age; about 16 years old) in October 2018. Every picture I happen upon her always brings me a great big smile. My baby is now my dog Hansel, but Summer was the OG. RIP missy <3 #Caterday


Been digging into Caveblazers the past couple days and it's got a similar pacing and certain something that Spelunky had plus sick loot to collect. Loads of different, fun bosses too. Go on and 'av a checking of it out!


The Expanse is rather boring this time of year. Reporting! #selfietoid


Damn. Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I already knew how to do this style editing. Since my fallback plan is to be in the media field, is it better to self-teach, take adult ed courses, or would college courses teach me what I'd need to know?


I'm back on YouTube after a 5-month break! I hope to pump out content regularly again. Also, I plan on commissioning an original character do not steal avatar after three years of just making blatant use of someone else's work as my identity.


Since these never got their due back when, here's a shirtless Jonathan Holmes playing an egregiously lovable Sagat.


I know a couple others here have YouTube channels. As I'm slowly accumulating content for a return, I'm trying to be at least one league better than I was before. So, if anyone needs a thumbnail guy, Inquisitive Ravenclaw is, like, really damn good 👀

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Also, Cave Story+ was so good from a gameplay perspective. Great and varied combat encounters and boss fights! But, the story had every facet to put it within the same league as Undertale minus the nuanced dialogue. Such a missed opportunity.


I know Markiplier ain't everyone's cup of tea, but this game is something else. When he mentioned "FMV", I eyerolled hard. Surprisingly, it actually makes use of it brilliantly. This is literally Clock Tower with effective FMV and I hope it catches on.


After going through three days of anxiety-inducing blackouts, I'll never again take for granted water, heat and electricity. Now, let's watch some Ted Cruz dunking.


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