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For anyone who loves Persona/SMT music like I do, you should check out the soundtrack(s) to the Persona 3 and 4 animations. From what I can gather, much of it was still composed by Meguro and it all could easily fit into the games proper.


Lovepost: Rant about life and some huggin' pictures

This will merely be a stream of conciousness with some hokey pictures attached to it from various SMT/Persona games. If you wanna shoot the shit with for me for a moment, this blog might be for you! So, yup. I haven't been feeling 10...


Hmm. On the brink of civil war is not an ideal time to live in with as anxiety as I have. We need friends and video games now more than ever!


I don't post these ones often enough, but I have some Digital Devil Saga fanart that I hope to have Heat notice me for (baka).


I'm a little late to Blondebass's game, but that didn't stop me from spending a couple hours trying to nail down some decent auto-mixes!


Welp, here's some new favorite Persona 3 art for ya! <3


Haven't seen a lot of #ScreenshotSaturday. Hmm. Well, here's a triple-shot from me! I spent far too much time on my (new) first planet taking pics of shit. Some exploration, then finally lift off!


Just in case anyone finds my planets, I've been leaving this message all around for them to find with built maintenance bots.


I'm getting tipsy to watching this! It's impressive how popular Persona is in Japan. These concerts are huge.


So, a FP commenter mentioned that No Man's Sky has since added in a Photo Mode. I actually shouted with joy and bothered to re-purchase it, given it's currently on sale for 25 bucks (on PSN). I am going to have a LOT of fun with this!


Hello everyone! I'm back from another break thanks to my back issues kicking into high gear this past week. I've been dreadfully miserable, but it's quickly getting better! Oh, and I used a pain-free few hours to finish up a blog! Go and read it maybe?


Hairy Burpday to Gaj and Kerrik~! I <3 you two. Mostly for your butts, but also for your brains sometimes.


Blog's taking longer than expected. In other news, I'm finally playing than just Isaac on my Switch! Started ARMS and Splatoon 2's single player!


I would totally do a blog on how awesome my Switch is so far, but all I've done is just download stuff off the eShop and play Isaac! I have all the essentials; Yet to touch them.


Sidon is my grief and guilt.


Preparing a blog for y'all about the two Persona dancing games just announced! Got the intro done and am now nailing in the details. In the meantime, who else requires a pair of Minato's shoes?


There's no doubt in my mind that I'm pumping out a blog about the new Persona stuff announced just now just like I pump out CUM from my PENIS when I think of hot sweaty dudes in gym shorts. My life is a waking dream.


I've been obsessively collecting fanart lately and this guy does a LOT of really nice Link stuff. Source in the comments! Also, I miiiiiiiiiight end up doing another gay Persona 5 blog. Eheh.


Anyone here have any experience with how multi-disc games work with the PCSX2 emulator? Specifically, I'm not sure if how I've been handling the "memory cards" and reset functions has been the right way.


Happy place! Also, catter in the background <3


Look at this precious giant catboy <3 <3 <3


My brain's been dumb and stupid lately, so I must ask if I'm posting too much around here? My dumb and stupid brain is telling me it's the "polite" thing to do because I have, indeed, been posting a lot. Trying to fill that gaping hole, heh.


I'm going through all the game soundtracks I've collected over the past couple years from GOG purchases, limited editions, etc. and the Corpse Party soundtrack is pretty okay so far! Some of the tracks are actually awesome, though.


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