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Ape Out is currently less than a fiver on Steam. Do it. Do the monkey with me!


Been getting into Self and they got a pretty nice sound! Sometimes channeling Kasabian, sometimes 70's disco/pop, etc. Quality aside, pp goes from soft to vry hard when I'm fooled into thinking I'm listening to Kasabian.


Happy Mother's Day! Whether you're a mother or a motherfucker, I appreciate you.


New favorite pastime: Brushing the pup's fur in the sun on the back porch <3


As hard as it can be to find one that does interest me, whenever I find cool, niche Japanese 'AA' releases I get that hardcore dopamine release. Blue Reflection is another that I want at some point, rather than at 50 buckers.


Little late to posting this. Was sleepy most the day. But, here's my first hour of RE8 condensed to a rock solid 30 minutes of hard-dickin' fun! From here on, I need to take note to make sure I present my tone of voice a little more charismatically.


Stop what you are doing right now and enjoy this instead.


Curious if I'm sitting on a small fortune here...


Photo Mode in TLOU2 could stand to be a tad more liberating than it is (wish I could fully detach the camera and swoop about the place), but I'm having a good time with it thus far (more in the comments).


Proposition: To appease Christian conservatives, we sanction porn from the old, conventional Internet into an entirely separate (still criminally free) set of services, servers and browsers. We would call it the "Internut".


Rock and roll video game dad is back!


First playthrough (TLOU2). All gas, no brakes.


Wang. Johnson. Dick. All slang for "penis", every one a person's name.


Kodu Game Lab by way of Nintendo? I like it!


That Mona Lisa is one of the most uncanny things I've ever seen.


This could be a cool system, despite my reservations on whether this will have even half the legs of current-age L4D2 and the likelihood that this will be monetized up/down/all around.


Also, sorry for the double post. But, I had to alter a couple huge editing mistakes. Anyway, here's me playing Minit in its entirety! My commentary got kind of sleepy towards the end, but I hope I made up for it with my playful edits.


Inquisitive did an awesome job on my original character do not steal! His unofficial name is "Semi Fiend", but only because it sort of makes me think of a penis. I hope to finish Nocturne before the HD remaster! Now to change all my YT thumbnails. Oof.


Was once again reminded of DBZ Abridged (fantastic half-parody, half-condensing of DBZ up until the end of the Cell Saga) and noticed the official playlist currently has 69 videos.


Currently playing Minit and am having a blast! About a third of the way done. HOT TAKE: This is like if Majora's Mask wasn't quite so obtuse and didn't require you to go to Hell and back before time ran out. I respect, but also hate it just as much.


Scary that most in the comments seem to agree with Armstrong. Likely either not knowing a lick about politics and/or just hard right. Whilst I understand people's frustrations with the political system, democracy isn't the problem. It's how we now run it.


Was going to get New Pokemon Snap today, but decided to save a little and splurge on these. I haven't seen a game with as much mechanical depth as Kenshi since EYE Divine Cybermancy. There are people with 300+ to 1,000+ hours logged in the reviews!


I make it a yearly tradition to listen to this song at least once every 1st of May, but I got curious to look up my old cover of it. Braced for the worst and it's actually not too bad! Despite being buried 16 feet under the YouTube algorithm.


Even though I'm likely to purchase it tomorrow, as someone with ambitions of being a professional photographer, I'm jelly of anyone already playing New Pokemon Snap.


I spent an hour and a half on this very pointless, stupid thing all because I like to pretend my opinion rocks people's socks. Template is in the comments.


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