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Today, I finally closed the ring of 3,000 steps in one day. Extra cool is that I did them consecutively rather than in spurts. Also marks 6 days in a row where I walked at least one mile. Now, I’m gonna see how I take to cutting sugary drinks.


Holy shit holy shit. Apparently, I can make some SERIOUS bank off this sealed copy of Limited Run Games' LE of Jak & Daxter that I was accidentally sent (already had one)! I knew keeping it sealed would be a perfect break-glass parachute.


Coming up on the tail end of Age of Calamity, I’m seriously impressed with it. The story’s... ok. Better than BotW’s. But, it’s so mechanically fulfilling. Roughly 3/4ths of the characters I have unlocked have an entirely unique signature strategy


I'm curious if anyone here ACTUALLY attempted and, furthermore, succeeded with No Fap November this or any other year.


I really like the new Mayro icons (hard to pass up either SMB3 or Galaxy), but Easter Island head has been too big a mood for the past several months.


Squee squee squee this is dropping at the exact right time for me, as I'm blazing through Age of Calamity and was looking to replay Breath of the Wild. Feed my substantive exploration boner~


If I don't see even a single Dry Bones in this theme park, I'll sue. I'll motherfucking sue.


It's a shame that my best #cursedmas material is just some weird porn I keep in my "Other" folder, with the only truly #cursedmas porn image I'm actively aware of (and don't keep on-hand) likely being offensive to most. So, here's my #blessedmas neighbor.


As someone who never bothered with this segment of BotW... holy schnikes, this fucking slaps.


Came back to Animal Crossing (after about 4 months) for my birthday yesterday and whoa! Having a cherry tree forest really paid off in spades come autumn! So pretty <3


Mobs in Megami Tensei be like


Thanks for the burpday wishes, fapsters! I spent the day eating through the fajita meat my mom and aunt gifted me, as well as playing a whole lotta Age of Calamity. Any two-handed weapon is such a fun time!


I clawed my way to 30 years young today! Well, not until 10:37pm. Eh. Tomato, tomahto. Penis, pingus. Instead of a new bday selfie, here's me approx 100lbs thinner. But, with every soda I don't drink and every mile I walk, it feels more real once again!


My mom and aunt have gifted me 3 pounds of beef fajita meat from my favorite Mexican joint Lupes for my birthday (tomorrow)! I would gladly owe someone 4 figures if they found fajita meat more delicious than this. Guess I'm in for some cheat days~


Also, my birthday is tomorrow. Buy me things. That's my wishlist. Things.


Outside maybe the marimba, this sounds so much like a Persona 3 track. Especially with those really dark chords towards the end of the loop.


Link is a good boy in this timeline and all others.


So, the GSA is FINALLY beginning the transition process to President-Elect Biden. You know the reason why (or probably the biggest reason by)? Big money on Wall Street sad "Bad, fake billionaire.". Democracy's best weapon, apparently, is greed? SAD.


For any Zelda fan on the fence about Age of Calamity because of the military tactics aspect of Musou, at least so far for me (just hit Act 3) it really isn't like the first HW. It's more exploration-lite for collectables and combat-driven than HW.


Even though it released on the same day as Age of Calamity, don't sleep on Art Sqool. I bought it and looks like some unique, quirky fun.


I forgot which one of you (lovable) dickweeds posted about Ryan George here, but I was immediately in love with his style of comedy. I somehow then took a chance on hovering over a Screen Rant video and it was Ryan! Now, I'm sunken hours on these.


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