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Just got a new mobile phone and am whoring myself out for good, unobtrusive games or even just apps. Trying to remember a game about playing as a UFO with a claw that came down like those crane contraptions you'd pour way too many dollars into...


Has anyone watched Netflix's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile? Ever since watching Conversations With A Killer, I've been fascinated with Ted Bundy's monstrous mind.


Here's my Kanji cosplay that never got used for my local anime convention a couple years ago. All I needed was bleached hair :S


So, not only did the house pass the Equality Act here in America (which should greatly improve the security of LGBTQ+ Americans like me if passed by the senate), but Taiwan made same-sex marriage legal! (here's my pansexual pride dragon <3)


I'm not usually one for suits, but once I lose all the weight that I want to lose, I'm going clubbing in these and flaunting my cute self like whoa.


Jesum Crow. Typing whilst under Valium (Diazepam) should be an op Olympic sport! I feel pretty damn okay, but I can't shoot the bad guys! Also, even when I'm off medicine, I feel QL4ITH5 3NOUTH. As always, just still adjusting TO the new apartment.


Living alone in this apartment has definitely been a ride of extreme ups and extreme downs. Right now, I'm pretty neutral. Sorry that I've been away a lot. I didn't even know about the latest Nintendo direct! It just plopped onto my recommended section!


Wot I Did Today: Was on my feet for 3-4 hours cleaning up the apartment, did some laundry, wanked for the first time in a week, did an update blog, and am now reporting to you from this paint can the maintenance accidentally left behind!


Little Update (HD REMASTER)

Hey, ya penises!  Might seem like a wee bit absence to you, but a lot has happened in the past several days. Emotionally, it's been hellish. Soulfully, I feel it's less than absolute. Physically, that's a whooooole 'nother (and p...


I want to apologize for my recent cblog. A lot of unintentional typing mistakes that sometimes made me look sort of shitty. Without reading it: Shits been tuff and very emotional. Hoping things look up.


Been away for a few days. Will post an update in just a little bit!


Whew! Lots of Dtoid to catch up on. Haven't been around. Well, now that I officially have all my furniture, I can finally show off the apartment! Pics inside, as to avoid any gravity defiance.


Been having to use my phone for my Interneting. Not something I enjoy, so I've been away. Will show off the apartment when the furniture comes tomorrow. HOWEVER, in the meantime, more new kitty pics inside! (to avoid screwy pic alterations)


REPORTING FROM MY FIRST APARTMENT, but I'm still waiting for my furniture. Entertain me. Preferably, with penises. (BUMP: KITTIES ARE HERE!)


Attention Moving Sexperts! Should I put my 3DS in with my 3DS games? Closed up, wouldn't it get too hot? Same goes for my Switch and any other console I'm boxing up.


Beginning to pack up for Saturday! Goodnight sweet prince... until Saturday!


I'm not sure what it says about San Andreas that people find it so quotable/meme-friendly, I just know I enjoy it. First it was "ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!", and now it's...


So, thankfully, I'm currently still living with a nurse and a retired hospital director because I was told that all the Tylenol that I take in could cause liver damage. I take right at or above the daily limit and have been for about 5 months. Phewf!


I ate Taco Bell tacos today. I'm not proud of it, but I did. Did I like 'em? Why, um... n-no! Not at all, baka!


I think I did some pretty okay splurgin', based on some Amazon recommends: Days Gone (fite me, it WILL be good!), Kingdom Hearts 3D, Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, Final Fantasy Explorers, Epic Mickey (thanks to Michformer's post)!


I was finally approved for my apartment and I'll be moving in by the next week! Time to crunch-shop for furniture, food, and appliances!


I swear. Sleep paralysis is the scariest fucking shit and I only get it for, maybe, 1 minute at most. Yet, I've heard some get it for upwards of 10 minutes. Holy schnikes! D:


Finally started narrowing down my Sekiro streams into highlight reels! This was the first couple hours, crammed into a half hour vid. (TEST BUMP. Seems Qtoid is being naughty and eating up my posts!)


Boy, did I go down a disturbing rabbit hole today. Not "haha" disturbing either. TL;DR - The rich elite aren't going to give up what they got going on, so need a lot of non-violent protests akin to Standing Rock to happen for the sake of climate change.


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