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my sleepy baabie


Happy 2nd borfday to the prettiest, stupidest boy on this Earth, Hansel!


Probably going to start selling off my Pokémon cards I’ve been collecting since the early days. Got shit like Birthday Pikachu, buncha 1st Editions, Japanese holographic Charizard, etc. Where’s a good place to get an estimate on a selling price?


Working on a video about my experiences in video games from 2010-2019. But, instead of top games of the decade, I figured it'd be a lot more laid back to simply discuss some bomb-ass hidden or underrated gems like All Our Asias or Straimium Immortaly ^.^


gud leest 👍


Tiny bit messy, but built my new gaming chair! Sat in it for a while and zero muscle spasms (was a problem with the first one) and I’m liking how it looks. Was either this brand or that XDRacer or whatever chair I see some YouTubers using.


Well, when you put it like that...


Note To Self: Don’t use a wireless controller to play shoot ‘em ups on Switch. Even TwinBee is made considerably more difficult. Split-second movements are nigh impossible. How do most y’all feel about wireless play on Switch? That delay is 💦


Spiciest of Takes: Apathy by way of depression has taken over much of my will to play many video games for the past 3-4 years. I am only just now starting to peak my head above water, but progress is slow. Beat that, gamers! 🔥


Here's that fucking Switch accessories reviewsplooza I talked some about a couple days ago. She is done! (BUMP: Fixed the thumbnail! Give me your trash opinions about the video!)


I hate to say it, but the visible downvoters has already drawn a line in the sand between me and another user regarding my sexuality. I guess Disqus wanted more in-fighting. It doesn't convince me to comment more, it just makes me mad.


Would anyone be interested in a Switch accessories review video from me?I already owned a couple, but I ordered several more last night because I was flabbergasted at all the cool shit people are making for what is becoming my favorite console!


my dog has been booped


My favorite news show is probably MSNBC's Morning Joe and lemme tell ya... I have the biggest crush on Mika Brzezinski <3 Much of MSNBC's female pundits/correspondents are very pretty, actually.


On to Let's Go!


Oh fuk I almost forgot it's Wednesday! #Weslikesbunnygirlswednesday (I have a whole folder full of scandalous Hopps pics enough to fill every Wednesday until we are all pretty dead)


*presents wiener* "hey"


Look at the things I just got with money. Wasn't exactly cheap 💦💦💦


Also, you dicks and/or cocks should buy Donut County before that ginormous eShop sale ends. It’s a little tough to swallow at 15 bucks, but with the sale and how delightful of a romp it is, I feel it is my moral obligation to give it a shout.


Got my latest shipment from Limited Run Games! These novel releases like an actual NES cart of certain older games are hard to resist.


I'm actually welling up about Neil Peart. Rush wasn't a favorite band, but I enjoyed every song I heard from them. On top of that, I was lucky enough to see them on tour with my best friend Justine (who is, appropriately, Canadian) back in 2008.


Since nobody is on this article anymore, FUN FACT: I actually had an hallucination (too much Zanaflex) that involved my computer spinning direct quotes from my own self from hours ago into the ripples of the above view beach image on my home page.


A local retro gaming shop got in a bunch of Gameboy Micros, so I snatched one up and am feeling somewhat confident in my purchase! I picked out Zelda and Golden, the other games were recommended by the vendor.


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