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Nearly 100 hours later, I've finally bothered completing the Shield/Sword campaign. Most of what little depth the story had suddenly split over during the last stretch, but it was an okay romp saved by my addiction to training up many powerful Pokes.


Rewatching That 70’s Show has been a riot. Mum’s been over watching it with me, her having been a teenager during the 70’s and my old group of friends having a similar dynamic. Marijuana, love triangles, central meeting spot and all.


Raihan is so fucking hot.


A friend of mine said that the Galarian Zigzagoon line had a lot of KISS in their genes. Can totally see the Gene Simmons in Obstagoon, even if they’re an American band.


Make sure you glaze those Christmas geese real nice!


I’m having a weird occurrence on my Switch. Just now, for example: I was browsing the eShop, downloading new games, then I go back into Pokémon Shield and my WiFi dies. Lately, Pokémon’s been interacting with my WiFi like this. Any ideas?


Mum got me an Oreo-iced chocolate cake for my bday yesterday and oooooooooooh my gosh I had a little moment to myself with that first bite 🤤👍 Half the thing’s already gone, heh.


I've come across a comment or two recently from you fucks (cool people) about how great Stranglehold was. Well, guess what just hit Good Old Games!? :o


A nice little touch is that any curry you cook up in Pokemon Sw/Sh on your birthday will have a candle to blow out! Nothing like a birthday sweet burger-steak curry to satiate the appetite ^.^ Now where's that sparkling cider?


So, I found one of those gigantimax Butterfree raids and someone just waltzes in like a boss with a Zacian and clears this bitch in one mighty strike. Gotta say, I loved it! Just like one of those Japanese animes.


Oh no! In roughly 15 hours, at 10:37pm exactly, I'll be 29! One year closer to 30, which means one year closer to death's inevitability! SOMEBODY GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY TRAIN!


This is, apparently, what Galarian Meowth is based on (the Norwegian Forest Cat). IT'S SO FLUFFY~


I've not played it and I've not looked into how they've handled localizing the incredibly transphobic new content, but ATLUS hasn't had the best track record with new characters in remasters. I can't imagine a story like Catherine not being made worse.


Let this sink in, folks: GTA’s casino update won “expansion” of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards.




Put a little image together of me and my team that I plan to train up. Unless I spy another bombass Poke in the Wild area that I really really want. Lost my split when I spotted Vanillite.


It’s not much, but decided to decorate my front door for Christmas!


It's so fluffy~


Made a new fren.


Whoops. I actually ended up buying Pokémon: Shield after all. My life is such a rollercoaster.


I'm currently playing old Pokes. I do not have an early copy of Sword/Shield as my uncle who works for Nintendo is straight-laced and more than willing to keep his Nintendo Uncle job, and I no longer plan on purchasing the latest mainline iterations. AMA.


So, with less than 5 days away from Sword/Shield, it might be appropo to broadcast our final thoughts, choice of starter, etc. After prowling around for leaks, I'm content with most of the new Pokes and am a fan of Sobble's final evo. #SobbleSquad! [BUMP]


This last month and a half with this pupper has made me a dog > cat guy and general dog lover. Even flirted with the idea of getting another dog, much younger, for Hansel to play with. But, I can imagine not many dogs are as easy to handle as this one.


Two new garmes! Both with great alternate covers.


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