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Trying a new thumbnail/title tactic with some of the more novel releases on my channel. "Series" that last just 1-3 videos. For longform video series, I plan to stick to my conventional method. Curious that, if anything, any of this would detract. Hmm.


Robotron 2084 remake by Housemarque.


Caught the moms watching Valerian and it screamed box office bomb. Turns out, I was right! A net loss of 83 million. But, I could swear Dane Dehaan played Adam Jenson. Gruffed up for the film, he sounds so similar. That, I was wrong about.


Saw this in regards to the new SNES games being added to NSO. Made me larf.


Panic attacks are becoming far more common. Pic unrelated.


Gettin' crunk off sugar cookies. Is bueno.


My puppy + Beggin Strip shenanigans in the comments.


Napping with an oversized puppy brat.


Late night status


I've yet to play either Titanfall 1 or 2, but this still got a chuckle outta me.


Alright, children. It's happening.


That's Dead Island Riptide: Definitive Edition finished. Abhorrently-rushed final main quest on all fronts and some frustrations with the health system aside, that was a surprising improvement upon the original! Way better structure, variety, etc.


Have been listening to a little Metal Church since Xeo said I'd be good at these style vocals. I really like 'em! Vocalist reminds me a LOT of Rob Halford when he gets gruffer (Painkiller era), which is a big pull for me. #ArbitrarilyMetalThursday?




Fall Guys and Dolls


I've now officially played Dead Island Riptide more than I've played the original, at 17+ hours. It's actually improving as it goes along! I really did not expect the improvements it's made, excluding the still superior Dying Light.


I was expecting Dead Island: Riptide to be basically the original but swampier, but they did actually improve in enough areas that I see myself reaching its end this time! Better mission structure, variety, exploration, etc.


Anybody who was as big a fan of The Stanley Parable as I was should at least check out this "interactive trailer" for The Corridor: https://thecorridorthegamethetrailer.com/ Basically, it's TSP, but the narrator isn't nearly as British-aggressive.


I'll defend "Octopus's Garden". Practically all of Ringo's contributions to The Beatles are the worst ones, but it ain't a bad song!


"Feels great actually moseying through my backlog!" *remembers I have a Humble Choice subscription*


Not drunk, just feeling okay. Is bueno.


Video Game Idea - Why isn't there a House Flipper, Power Wash Simulator, Train Station Renovation, etc. but for cleaning and fixing up abandoned malls?


So, nearly 14 hours later, I'm done with Dead Island: Definitive Edition. About as good as I remember it being, which is... a nice time. Inoffensive as inoffensive gets. Well, heh, except this VERY NOT POLITICAL bit. ACAB =/= All Cops Must Die.


Me: "I don't like to get political." Also me, after chicken tendies:


♬ We just got a package! We just got a package! We just got a package! Wonder what's inside? ♬


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