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I've noticed a good load of Xbox Live Indie Games projects are coming over to Switch, including Inferno 2 and Pixel the Cat. I wholeheartedly approve, since those servers are, tragically, long gone.


My current Switch romance is not Link's Awakening, but Dead Souls~ Already played a considerable amount on PC, but they've added a LOT of cool stuff since I last played. I can now whack jerks with a pan!


Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new desk and office chair in about a week! Which means lots and lots more LP nonsense from me. And... am I starting up a gaming news series? Am I trying to 1-up Pregame Discharge? Find out next time on Dragonball Z~!


[DAY BUMP] Got a new cover up, and it's another from AiC! I did a much better job on this one, thankfully, as Angry Chair is probably my favorite AiC track. The solo, which is borderline wankery, was tricky to emulate, but I think I did okay!


Unpopular Opinion: I like it when the booty go drop.


Hey all! Left for a bit longer, but I go over why in the beginning of the vid (though, I forgot that I did a video just after vacation so that comes up again)... which now features my stupid face! Happy to be consistently playing video games again ^o^


(Sorry if this has been posted before) Well, this was a ride and a half to go through. I will readily admit I was more able to believe he was guilty than innocent. Curious if anyone else has an opinion on this. (This is Jared, himself, finally responding)


Seconds ago, I tried sweet and tangy BBQ Pringles and I got wet. /Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~/


I got my new webcam to work! Now I can assault y'all with my face in future LP's >:D


I believe in you all! <3


Hey all! Been back from vacay for a couple days and have since been busy with this project. Kinda scary putting this out, as Staley is my favorite vocalist and Cantrell is my favorite guitarist. I think I did... mostly okay? Feedback! [SUPPER TIME BUMP]


Posting in-filter from our Summerly beachfront vacay. Wish it were actually cool enough to relax outside with my acoustic. Maybe come sunset/nightfall.


See! I knew I was too smart for this site! I was too naive as to having posted a picture already, but I just KNEW I was too smart for it to think to have a delete option for previous posts! Well, you lucky assholes just saw me looking fugly. Explained...


Just posted my first (and only, so far) official album release to YouTube, a set of original tracks inspired by Undertale and remixes from Undertale. At the time (3 years ago), I had only been writing music for a few months!


The image speaks for itself. For this picture is my testimony.


Got my first lyrical content for cha! Removed the old video to fixed some nagging bass dissonance. Inspired by AiCs and some various experimental metal. My next piece will be a lot more singey, inspired by AiCs' "Heaven Besides You". Feedback please!


Brace Yourselves, Mueller Is Coming...


Hey, dicks! Scheckin' and having just posted my first original vocal and lyrical track ever! Inspired by Faith No More, Alice In Chains, and a variety of experimental metal. Though, don't be too harsh on the lyrics. I came up with them in, like... 3 hrs.


i am nao a hurting boi :<


I am halfway through S3 of Stranger Things and I've concluded this might be my second favorite "television" IP, behind only Simpsons. I am EMOSHUNally invested. That opening scene with Elle and Mike was <333333 I WANT TO SEE THESE CHARACTERS GROW >:O




And I just fucking bought me a copy.


Hey! Just wanna pop in and post the FINAL final (pinky-dinky swear) version of the song I posted sometime before. Fixed some notation, extended it and made it sound a bit fuller. Enjoy, maybe! Hope it has that distinct Persona sound. Hard for me to nail.


Here's the Jak & Daxter CE from Limited Run I won the eBay bid for a week or so back! Was it worth the price? Perhaps, perhaps not. Considering it originally retailed at, I believe, 80 bucks. Oh well!


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