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oh shit waddup I'm actually writing something


Gonna fire up Infinite's MP later today for the first time to sort of benchmark the campaign. Need to feel really confident before buying any AAA release at launch. Image unrelated.


Relevant to our interests.


Alright, I cave. Show me your favorite Vtubers who aren't Nyanners (whom I already adore).


Even though it's a little more Persona than it is SMT, this is probably my favorite track off SMTV atm.


He is finally mine.


Also, been a little MIA thanks to SMTV. But, having now just hit the 69 (nice) hour mark, I deserve a smoke. Will come back to it once we've both had some alone time.


I didn’t do a lot of listening this year. Focused heavily on my gaming backlog instead. Almost not worth sharing, but myeh~


Happy 1st of whatever the hell this is!


I really hope that Infinite's MP does curated/segmented playlists soon, if not at launch. That's when I'll likely jump in. Team Slayer, SWAT, etc. I might try it now if stuff like Oddball is less commonly-thrusted onto the player than Slayer or TS.


Oh fuck. OH. FUCK.


“Qtoid” is not a marketable label. Thus, I propose we change this subset of Destructoid to “Dwitter”. It’s like Twitter, but with more ‘d’. Here’s an artist’s early concept of an original mascot:


Who's got two thumbs and made the big mistake of watching this curious little thing called the Mandela Catalogue?


My developer head canon is that ATLUS put in the "return to last leyline fount" feature after they realized how galaxy brain they made that third Da'at hub area.


One of my favorite lewd artists just did a Waluigi cosplay for gaffs. Since it's SFW, I simply must show this to you. It's important to me.


Yesterday, I discovered that Shin Megami Tensei V brought back Nocturne's demon to demon chatter during negotiation. Needed this dude for a fusion, Cironnup butted in and they went on a wholesome back n forth that lasted a little over a minute. Based.


Birthday haul is… FOOD! Specifically, 2.5lbs of fajita beef and 1lb of fajita chicken, curtesy of the moms <3 If you don't mind, this'll be me the rest of the day.


I'M OFFICIALLY 31 YEARS FUCKED! If you don't wish today, for me, to be happy, you are, honestly, not a good person. Image unrelated (or so you think).


Happy Thanksgiving! May your harvest be thicc af.


I got Deathloop half off on Steam and am downloading Halo Infinite's MP. I'm so much excite! Just hope that my aging GTX 1080 will be enough to handle these titles on at least medium settings.


Playing SMTV has revigorated my interest in MegaTen, in that I'm curious of playing the much earlier entries. Thankfully, SMTII has an English patch and the original is even more easily emulated. Not sure if I'll bother with Megami Tensei, though...


So, bold move: I'm FINALLY releasing my Shin Megami Tensei tribute soundtracK in two parts. This first part being location themes, conversation tracks, cutscene scores, etc. This is 4+ years in the making, so please DO A FEEDBACK! (comments) (FINAL BUMP)


So very happy to see SMT enjoying a noticeably more attentive success with SMTV. Twitter even deemed it relevant enough to give its hashtags their own emoji! Now lets ride that hype wave by remastering Digital Devil Saga, Raidou and Persona 3. Shaka brah!


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