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Paranormal Phallictivity


Finally did up a few rounds of Fall Guys and, unsurprisingly, had a fair amount of fun!


Downloaded a bunch of shite I’m interested in testing out on my XB1X and am officially all in with this over my PS4 (sans Sony’s exclusives). Love the fast startup and UI as well as, of course, Game Pass. The UI is also leagues better than the PS4's.


Had a lot of fun playing through the first level of Halo: CE Anniversary, testing out my Xbox One X. Pleasantly surprised by how quick the console UI is. I also always seem to forget how amazing Halo: CE is early on.


Anxiously started up Gears 5 via Game Pass Ultimate in an attempt to break myself out of my depressive funk and encountered a "failed to save game" error that makes the campaign unplayable on either platform. Today just punched me in the emotional sack.


Editing together a video review of Umurangi Generation is really having me long for some better editing tech. Anybody have any quality, somewhat affordable (I also like free!) options?


Two things: 1.) I'm COVID-free according to my latest test following a minor scare post-potential contact with the virus and 2.) Inquisitive's art I commissioned of Daisoujou (that I've yet to use) is in the top results when you search for said demon!


Had a bunch of videos in mind that I wanted to record/make and generally things to do, but I've since huffed the frontside of my washable mask and, 2-3 days later, have been feeling feverish/achy. Currently worried and depressed.


Got my Destructoid shirts in! Best picture I could take of me and my fat, stupid face.


For anyone on Xbox One and in the market for Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition, I have a key for it that came with my XB1X! Key for it and EA Access in the comments. Say when you've taken either one.


Hooked my new Xbox One X to my computer monitor with my free month of Game Pass and I am so much excited.


I'm pretty much at the end of Umurangi Generation (or so it seems) and I still believe it's one of the more unique games out there, combining Jet Set aesthetics and sounds with professional photography. Even keeps tabs on your photos via the Steam folder!


Oh man oh gosh, I actually decided to look up to see if a 10 year old gaming review channel of mine was still up and... "sophisticated" is far from the word I'd use. *blush*


Found a 4ft long trail of toilet paper coming out of my guest bathroom that I totally didn't notice. Must be my dog's fault.


Recently deceased civil rights icon John Lewis wrote a piece to be published on the day of his funeral and, I admit, I really swelled up when I started trying to read it in his voice. He knew he was passing. Link >>> https://tinyurl.com/y69zo3z2


See. I genuinely WAS considering starting up a lewd Twitter account and, after traction upticks, start an OnlyFans once I lost all this fugged weight. Here’s me in 2016.


Really amazing retrospective. I miss dismantle media establishment boi.


Dasher caught me coming outside to get my food and decided to get me in on the fun of snapping the photo of the dropped off goods.


I slaved away at this, so I'm hoping for some feedback on my editing. Hopefully watch at least the first game and a half. Not sure if I overdid it or not. Definitely more subdued on that last game as I just wanted this out there already! [FINAL BUMP]


As was featured in my new LP series (hint hint just bumped the video), Umurangi Generation has been an EXCELLENT experience thus far. Think Jet Set photography. Absolute banger of a soundtrack too and so few people have heard about it!


Because I care.


Huzzah! It's arrived (a little early)!


One more addition to my neon lamp craze, hanging just below the electrical switch because I'm such a clever bitch.


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