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Look at this cool Switch thang releasing tomorrow! ♫


This latest eShop sale contributed to the growth of my Switch library! I'm buying up games for the Switch like I used to with Steam sales. Totally addictive as it's the perfect platform for me! This brings me to approximately 50 games :O


There's an okay-ish sale going on in the eShop and Bleed 2 seemed to be a solid choice at 66% off, 5 bucks. It's what I got and I'm looking forward to pulling off the sick stunts I'm seeing in this trailer!


Sarah's drawings are always so goddamn relatable.


E3 highlights? Mine were RE2, The Last Of Us Part II (hope the level design is actually as open as it seems), Starlink Star Fox reveal, My Friend Pedro, and, of course, Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring ALL the characters! All in all, okay E3.


So, after watching their second conference, I just realized that I actually met Devolver's "Nina" two PAX South's ago at their booth and my life just became a little more complete.


PRO TIP: If you're itching for some more Star Fox, but without the Star Fox, you might wanna give GRIDD a look! Seems like it'd fill that gaping hole left by these past 20 years and the inevitable Star Fox "racer".


For those many who won't bother to watch my RE5 LP, here's my entire journey through the game condensed into 15 minutes of its most rage-filled moments! I get far more unhinged towards the end. Thanks again to Inquisitive Ravenclaw for the thumbnail art!


I got in on that yarn boy game real darn quick! Wasn't sure if I was gonna make this a one-off or not, but the game's too cute to put down!


Shit shit shit. E3 begins soon and I need to get my Tuco reaction images ready!


And, with this, I'm officially done with RE5's campaign and with my very first long-term LP! This final video is every bit with Wesker in the last sub-chapter, including the infamous boulder-punching! Curious as to what medium-sized game I'll play now...


He protec, he attac, but most important... he cute as hec.


I have done the Destructoid memes.


Did a fun thing a decided to take a quick trip down Memory Lane with a session of Jak & Daxter! Twas great and it almost makes me want to do a full LP eventually. Maybe even soon, but having now finished RE5, I'm deciding between several titles to LP.


I FINALLY FUCKING FINISHED RE5'S CAMPAIGN. But... not officially on my LP channel just yet. It'll be another 2 or so episodes until I've exhausted my footage. Though, hey, it's still an accomplishment! My first big LP game completion!


That fucking breakdown. You wouldn't know it by just how popular this guy is, but his music is one of the saving graces of modern pop. His "24K Magic" album channels everything from Isley Brothers, James Brown, Bel Biv Devoe, Michael Jackson... unf.


So, my friend Chris got to officially photograph Foster the People (who's debut is one of my favorites) at one of their recent concerts and I'm unbelievably jealous.


So, after 4 and a half months, I'm back at work on the monumental task of redubbing every last bit of that 30 minute Persona 4 hiimdaisy comic and LOOK AT WHAT IS INVOLVED WITH SUCH A PROJECT. But, I gonna fucking finish this thing.


I uploaded some Nocturne this morning, but I thought it'd be cool to show off the new Daisoujou art Inquisitive Ravenclaw did for me! Ain't it neat? I plan to use it on thumbnails showcasing general distaste or rage montages. See: LOOTBOXES >.<;


Took me long enough, but I finally got an all-clear on the highest difficulty in Dancing Moon Night! Tasty. Now onto the other 24 songs, heh.


For those peeved at the lack of info regarding Persona Q2, they've released low-res previews of how the character models intend to look via the new rhythm games! Check it in the comments. (currently viewing best boy)


Just finished going through both discs of the Dancing Moon Night OST and, I gotta say, the remix of Time is fucking gorgeous. That room jazz breakdown is inspired and, as I figured in my wishlist blog, this worked out slightly better than Way of Life did.


Just got my Japan import of Dancing Moon/Star Night, complete with the entire fuggin' soundtrack!!! I'm gonna bump this all day long with my nice studio headphones that I save for only the most necessary of occasions.


FO4 was pretty much a wasteland walking simulator to me, despite its attempt at being an "RPG". So, I figured I could never again be excited for another Bethesda-developed Fallout game. But, dammit, Fallout 76's trailer's song choice got me in the feels.


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