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Some more YouTubes from yours truly! Been thoroughly satisfied with my All Our Asias LP so far, with this part easily being one of my best as far as commentary. I wish my RE5 commentary was faring better, but oh well.


Morning, y'all! I'm finally officially back in action! Gonna try and ration it out a bit, but my nerve medicine has kicked in and I'm feeling pretty alright. What have you guys been up to? Anything interesting?


So, Destructoid?


Happy Valentine's Day! Smooches and hugs for all! Been mostly absent again because of my back, as usual. But, in 2 or 3 days, I'll be getting some medicine that should kick me back into high gear. Can't wait to pal around with y'all again!


Who would wear the ATLUS mascot angle better? The titular Jack Frost, or the slightly less popular Pixie? (everyone but Pixie can answer this)


Got back into Overwatch for the first time in a very long time! Decided to have some cheeky fun with the editing here towards the beginning, too. Hope to do more of that as I release these!


Hoorah! I went and uploaded part 2 of my LP! At this point, though, I'll likely stop sharing these RE5 ones until I complete the game and you masochists can enjoy my so-so commentary in one unsavory gulp.


I love how faithfully, and hilariously, this is recreated. One of Spongebob's best episodes!


Well, I think I found a workaround for my original thumbnail being too visually busy: Booty! Anyway. Here's the first part of an LP I will definitely finish, even if it kills me. Thanks again to Inquisitive for the thumbnail overlay!


I've finally "finished" another LP and have begun making use of Inquisitive's thumbnail he made for me! It's a little known indie game I just found this morning called Bernband. Check it and my *amazing* commentary!


Hey! Inquisitive%20 finished my commission for my YouTube LP thumbnails. It looks so fucking rad and I could not be more happy! Preview thumbnail for my (hopefully) upcoming LP in the comments!


Yo, bros. Is it gay if your bro feeds you fruit by hand? Asking for another bro.


I want Link to sing to me! <3 I'd have much the same reaction as Zelda. (Source: Roiner Rinku via DeviantArt)


Is FigtherZ worth it if you're just playing solo? I wouldn't be planning on doing up the online in some time, if ever.


HOLY SCHNIKES!!! OH MY GOD!!! They FINALLY added Def Leppard's entire catalog to Spotify! One of my favorite bands growing up. I've been waiting over 6 years for this!


Happy 19th Anniversary to the original Silent Hill! A true gem of an experience lost amidst the rather large shadow that was Silent Hill 2. Seriously, people. This game existed and, in some ways, was better than 2 or 3!


This looks very pretty. For the next 3 hours or so, it's only 10 bucks (down from 30)! So, get on it, maybe! It's apparently one of "those" games where, should you forgive its occasional faults, you might just have found a new favorite. Link in comments!


Popping in to treat you all to some Steam keys from that Rockstart Humble Bundle! Keys in the comments, and enjoy!


Yup. It's Sunday. The worst part of the weekend. But, I hope you all are still having a good day! I might be away for a few, trying to finish up Iconoclasts in bulk so that I don't have to worry about not finishing the LP like a dolt.


Anybody know any relatively active, quality MMO's I could try out? I've been having a lot of issues trying to even get past the login nonsense for FFXIV and I'm gonna try The Old Republic hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Picture semi-related.


How's this for #ScreenshotSaturday? Here's a slideshow I slapped together featuring some choice screenshots of mine from Mario Odyssey (set to one of my favorite tracks from the game)!


Does anyone here still watch Yahtzee? I stopped following him after his whole "Get it? It sucks." schtick got tiresome (some 5+ years ago), but I also could stand to get into another analytical yet snarky video maker who uploads more than twice a year.


I don't have my external hard drive hooked up at the moment, where all my lewd stuff is. So, instead of nothing at all, here's my contribution to #SeatFriday.


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