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This is, apparently, what Galarian Meowth is based on (the Norwegian Forest Cat). IT'S SO FLUFFY~


I've not played it and I've not looked into how they've handled localizing the incredibly transphobic new content, but ATLUS hasn't had the best track record with new characters in remasters. I can't imagine a story like Catherine not being made worse.


Let this sink in, folks: GTA’s casino update won “expansion” of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards.




Put a little image together of me and my team that I plan to train up. Unless I spy another bombass Poke in the Wild area that I really really want. Lost my split when I spotted Vanillite.


It’s not much, but decided to decorate my front door for Christmas!


It's so fluffy~


Made a new fren.


Whoops. I actually ended up buying Pokémon: Shield after all. My life is such a rollercoaster.


I'm currently playing old Pokes. I do not have an early copy of Sword/Shield as my uncle who works for Nintendo is straight-laced and more than willing to keep his Nintendo Uncle job, and I no longer plan on purchasing the latest mainline iterations. AMA.


So, with less than 5 days away from Sword/Shield, it might be appropo to broadcast our final thoughts, choice of starter, etc. After prowling around for leaks, I'm content with most of the new Pokes and am a fan of Sobble's final evo. #SobbleSquad! [BUMP]


This last month and a half with this pupper has made me a dog > cat guy and general dog lover. Even flirted with the idea of getting another dog, much younger, for Hansel to play with. But, I can imagine not many dogs are as easy to handle as this one.


Two new garmes! Both with great alternate covers.


Finally uploaded a new Nocturne LP! Finished up the Oni side bosses and ventured back into the Amala Network~ [BUMPITY BUMP]


New desktop b(aaaah)ckground!


Here's a quick vid of me and my new(ish), amazing doggo. I almost gave him back after a hectic first couple days (never owned a pet without someone else there to help), but never have I been more happy to have been just a little patient <3


3 years ago, today, I had completed my Naoto cosplay for Alamo City Comic Con. It was me at my very best and, soon enough, I'll be back down to 150-160lbs, gleefully gay and stealing all your boyfriends.


Another mass shooting in my home state. Cue the usual spiel that ends in no significant gun legislation passing the senate.




I wish #Striptoid actually involved all of us getting naked for eachother.


Showed off my new Rust In Peace Flying-V guitar a few days ago, but now I've actually put it to good use and pounded out a quick little sound test of me doing the first half of Megadeth's "Rust In Peace"! Feedback is welcome. [New day BUMP]


Just tried these for the first time and they were so good, the second I bit down on one I let out a very rare and very audible “Oh yeeeeah.” I practically couldn’t control.


Started downloading The Outer Worlds almost an hour ago. Still only at 6%. RIP my personal hotspot. It's working overtime.


I was slowly becoming ever so underwhelmed by The Outer Worlds, but recent coverage has gotten me hyped up again! They've been showing off more than just the same planet or two and it really does look like an awesome time.


Here's my early b-day present from the momz: A "Rust In Peace" Flying-V! Rust In Peace happens to be my favorite Megadeth album at that! <3


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