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Well, this turned into a pretty alright day rather quickly! Curious if they still have motion controls.


Dangit. I kind of want to skip out on an XSX just to experience exactly how this feels. Or... I guess I can just wait until I can demo it at a Best Buy. Will have to see, by mid-2021 (when I might do a purchase), how many games make use of these features.


The TL;DR of my situation is I'm making some serious changes in my life. This includes upping my productivity. SO, I'm back to working on this semi-old passion project of mine. Q: Should I re-record everything with my new mic? [FINAL BUMP]


Found this on the Hades subreddit. Not sure if this is adorable or so very very cursed. (hope this ain’t appearing sideways)




Holy shib this guy is an actual anime (source in comments).


I feel like I'm going to be alone in thinking that I've sort of moved on from the whole Borat schtick. Public humiliation, way out pranks, etc. I was actually rolling during the monologue and scripted bits, but everything else felt either gross or meh.


I think I'll be pivoting my YouTube content to reviews and features. Tried doing up an Amnesia: Rebirth LP and found myself totally under a boo boo brain, unable to cook up any interesting commentary much of the time. Hopefully, in time, this will change.


Bummed out that I missed the Among Us session with whoever here participated. Decided to rewatch a couple older vids of mine featuring me (spoiler alert), Gus, vxxy, Matt, Gamemaniac and BadOpinionMaker and was reminded how splendid these hangouts are!


I failed my 69th escape attempt. Sorry, fam.


It says a lot about Hades' exceptional quality that one of the few criticisms I can muster is in regards to its milquetoast main menu (and where's that darned cross-save cowards).


I just discovered Shenpai and holy moley she is my spirit animal.


I hope I’m not the only one with really fond memories of this film.


That fucking 7-string guitar @ 4:16.


So, there's something in Hades that I didn't know you could do in the final (?) area until my 3rd successful escape. Pic in the comments to avoid spoilers!


Just in case you might wanna hear a coked up, millennial John Oliver talk about the election.


Holy crap, this looks amazing. Previously, all I had to go on were screenshots via the eShop and BOY did they not do the actual gameplay justice!


Finally escaped without using up my Death Defiances and with one fuck of a build! Someone must've snuck an onion into my apartment just as I was nearing the end of that narrative sequence that followed.


I need to keep reminding myself that Genshin Impact is a thing I should at least try out.


Thank God for people like Mista GG and Jarvis Johnson for putting up with and laughing at modern dating shows so we don't have to!


Been listening to these guys on my walks and I love them! Not so much this song, but much of their work (so far) sounds like a meld of 90's alternative and 60's pop. Found them through Jim Sterling's video on Hades.


Scenario: Your poop now tastes like chocolate. Do you eat the poop?


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