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I decided to reinstate my blog where I discussed my OCD and a recent event that sent me over the edge. I was too hasty in hiding it and I accused a couple of "not understanding me". I should've known you guys wouldn't do that. Go read it, I guess!


Darktoid: While we're on the subject of opening up

I don't wanna feel like I'm taking any thunder away from Ninja. He might pull out a shuriken, slice all my clothes off, and embarass me in front of that girl I like from home room! But, in all the bluntest of honesty, I have issues th...


:FistoftheNorthStarPoint: You're already in my Steam library.


I was able to reset the timer using that famous computer magic! I can stream it again! Time to explore! ... and only maybe worry about finishing it a second time, third time, etc.


I'm going to hide the blog that I just wrote. I now look like a petty dick and multiple people already aren't quite understanding how much my OCD plagues me and my actions. So, great. Now I just made myself look far worse in people's eyes.


Here's me giving the RE2 1-Shot a shot! It assured me that RE2 is going to be a real special experience. It really does feel like an older RE game! Can't believe how much I got "panicked lost" towards the end.


[EDIT: PT is screwed. Streaming Alchemilla!] It's an early morning double feature, with me streaming both the RE2 1Shot Demo and the new fan Unreal remake of PT! You like you're morning spooks? Then I got your spooks!


There's a good reason why I'm not reading (most) the qposts today. I'll show it in a video soon. However, did nobody else mention that the RE2 demo dropped on RE4's b-day?! Whoa!


What's this? I'm finally getting off my ass and making more LP's?! Thanks to Fendi-Bull and LimoMaker for joining me!


By Grabthar's hammer...


Featuring yours truly! (by inspiredfatty)




This is for YOU! Trust me, I wouldn't have done this had the commentary not been good. I burned Torch, there's an in-post burn by Isay, Occams does what Occams does, and more! Edits aplenty. A Jim Sterling, DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE PHONES, etc. [BUMP]


A friend of mine turned me onto Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's intro (?) theme and boy, it's a ride if you like heavy metal. The guy sounds like a Japanese Sammy Hagar and there's EEEEEeven a very Halen-esque solo!


SOOO, this is a first of its kind for me. I did a video ANALyzing Legal Eagle's video about Game Theory stealing their work. Did I do a good job? I covered everything but the mistakes LE points out. And his sponsorship plug. SHOULD I ANALyze THOSE?! IDK!


So, I'm in the process of writing a highly-scripted and "COMEDIC" video reminiscent of ContraPoints or hbomberguy and, given how quickly I'm writing it, it's happening (hopefully)! [EDIT: Screen of part of the script in the comments!]


SOOOOOO, looks like I'm netting myself one of the rarest MegaTen games out there tomorrow! Not sure if I'd enjoy playing it, but I'm damn sure gonna try to!


I hope you guys have a less obnoxiously loud New Years Day than I'm going to have. On the plus side Limited Run Games begins their pre-order period for Celeste tomorrow!


Can we just appreciate how awesome this boss design is? (Source: Persona 2; Art by Kazuma Kaneko)


Hmm. I passed 60,000 upvotes as of yesterday. Cool!


I'll only mention this once more (as I've mentioned it probably too many times already), but I created my own MegaTen/Persona Discord server about a month ago to help curb the worst aspects of the usual MegaTen/Persona communities. Linkage in comments!


Please enjoy Sakurai hugging Morgana <3


Afternoon, all! Had a pretty humble Christmas. Splurged on some VR games (Borderlands VR, Blasters of the Universe, and Pixel Ripped 1989 <<< check that one out!), got up to 30 Full Combos in P3D, and enjoyed that there new DBZA!


This actually looks rather neat! Sans the block-sliding puzzle. Eek.


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