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I'll be sure to not make it a habit of sharing literally all my uploads around these parts, but I'll at least pop in every so often! Here's part one of my blind playthrough of the newly-released Iconoclasts!


Just a btw that this exists and that there are only two currently left on the US Amazon page. Link in the comments!


I've now rebooted my YT channel and Twitter, made a schedule for myself, got put on some (hopefully) effective bipolar (apparently a thing I might gotz) medicine, and am making attempts to generally better myself. I hope this all leads to somewhere nice!


So, Pharah's voice actress is the same as Naoto's?! I wonder how quickly I can become confident enough in my Pharah play to consider her yet another personal main, heh. Right now, I'm mostly Reaper, Mercy, and Mei.


Take a wild guess as to what part of what game I was playing.


I actually fucking did it. Allow me to introduce Part 1 of my very first sizable editing project: A redub of the hiimdaisy Persona 4 comic! The next time you see this from me, it'll be the full thing. Please oh please tell me how I did! EDIT: Day bump!


Just ordered this beast from Play-Asia (purely out of paranoia that the US won't get this same LE with those hot soundtracks) and I feel happy but also conflicted because I proooooooobably still should've waited... ?


This is the kind of shit I like stumbling upon in the webberz.


HEY. I'm finally back on some (proper) medication helping my brain and my back. In a good mood. What the FUCK is up with y'all tonight???


I'm currently putting together something that should hopefully bring a smile to my fellow SMT/Persona fans. Without giving too much away, it perturbs me that the best voices I do... are always really creepy ones. 2 & 1/2 minutes down so far!


Continuing to make progress in the original Silent Hill and hoping to actually make it past the ending of the Elementary School section without becoming re-traumatized. Though, I did just hit the Elementary School... an unnerving silence before the storm.


So, I rebooted my YouTube channel as "Seymour Demonica". I'll be uploading a lot of LP stuff (my one-offs will be titled like this), but I also have some other far more significant projects in the works with fancy edits and humor and such!


I think of no better present than to make Panda's day just a little more lewd (cropped out to allude the mods). A very Happy Burpday to you! <3


Was having some fun recording some Silent Hill: Origins for y'all, but the emulator started feeding me some visual bugs with the flashlight and has made the game just a tad too unplayable for my tastes. At least the SMT titles seem to work just fine.


Everytime I watch someone else play this to the end, I cry. I've seen Dodger, Game Grumps, and now NL's playthrough and I still cannot handle those final moments of the final boss. I really wish I had met Temmie Chang at PAX South last year...


I got two (hopefully) cool games that you guys haven't been able to shush up about for the past year or so.


That's it. I'm getting me a pianee.


This might be the very best Persona-anything I've witnessed that isn't directly from ATLUS. Sounds more than good enough to be official, holy shit.


I love these.


Just ordered a new mic on a whim, after having suddenly decided to turn the blog I was currently writing into a video script. I hope to have a test up and ready for y'all to peep within a few days! I'll probably end up doing LP's again, as well.


Courtesy of yours truly and Bass.


Happy Birthday to RE4! The most brilliantly-paced, most-satisfying spook-shooter around.


So, thanks to Amazon Video's X-Ray function, I find that the dude who played Biff in the Back to the Future trilogy had played more than several characters throughout the show and movie(s). Including being apart of my favorite scene from the movie!


Been on another lapse from you folk. Had some major tooth pain, which triggered my anxieties something *awful*. Don't think I've ever been more stressed. The nerves in my stomach were completely shot. But, I'm better now! Anyday I can, I wanna be here.


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