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As dead-set as I am on making something out of my YT channel (I even still have vids ready), I'm taking another day or two break from it for some self-care sleep. And, frankly, God of War. Lack of sleep's really been having a go at my mental health.


Happy Burpday to our resplendent community funboy, Occams! Everyone loves eachother just a little more when you're in the room and I hope your day is made today, of all days. As you might say, "bless your eyes".


Alrighty then. I've got a video or two prepared for my LP channel. With that behind me, I'm looking forward to an all-nighter of God of War; Dad of War; God of Four; AREEEEEEEEESSSSSSS (well, now, it's more like ODIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN)!


Curious about some stuff, considering nonsense that's gone down with me just recently. SO... late-night (for me) life question: Are friends worth keeping around if: (extended in the comments)


"Mr. Kratos, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"


Do the monkey with me!


So, I spent around 3+ hours playing RE5 for my LP channel and, at this point, the pace at which this game is pissing me off is rapidly increasing. Uroboros' second form is the most infuriatingly obtuse and tedious boss I've ever experienced.


It's so rad that I can grind for resources casually in BotW whilst watching Spongebob picture-in-picture style! (and, yes, grinding for resources is definitely something you need to do in Master Mode; holy shit this is tough)


Now, I have properly begun to take on BotW's Master Mode! And, my gosh. Reading about Master Mode and actually experiencing Master Mode are two veeeeery different prospects. I can't believe how much harder it is! THERE ARE LYNELS ON THE GREAT PLATEAU.


And, with that, the infamous Matador is down! I'll greatly limit what Nocturne vids I plug from here on. In fact, my future BotW plug might be pushing it and I don't like to spam. Hmm. Anyway, enjoy!


I already found (some actually really good) R34 of Morgana in that Sonic outfit from the upcoming Dancing Star Night DLC. The Internet is a laugh riot.


Plug Note: I'm gonna start uploading 2 videos almost everyday, considering the amount of games I'm finding myself playing (RE5, Nocturne, BotW, Overwatch, Skyrim VR, etc.). I hope to stay returned from my break(s) for the foreseeable future! SUBSNIRB!


It's still weird seeing pictures of our users. We're such a weird bunch that I just assume that we're all bile-spewing, tentacle-waving, raving mad, sickeningly looking atrocities. But, we all look... normal? What's this all about, eh? (Pic related)


Starting at about 31:40, you can catch me and some really good Internet friends up to some antics! Otherwise, this here is an Overwatch video of mine yep! (the thumbnail makes sense, trust me)


On one of his previous Futurama vids, I actually suggested this in the comments. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with this, but it's so fucking awesome either way!


Just spent the last 3+ hours chatting and playing some Overwatch with some friends of mine! Haven't talked with my them since my mental condition worsened and I lost most my confidence. Felt so great! Also, just pre-ordered GoW and this guy looks OP.


Because it was free, well, sick curiosity got the better of me. It's not as bad as I was expecting... but, it's still bad, yeah.


Welp, here it is! Apparently, I'm willing to devote myself to not only a complete Nocturne LP, but a BotW one. Woof.


Anybody have any suggestions for YT'ers that play Fortnite and do some decent live commentary over it? I swear, at least half the results on YT for "Fortnite commentary" are people mislabeling their /post/-commentary vids. I hate being lied to!


Recorded my first session of Breath of the Wild and I'm very excited to share it with you all! The commentary, I think, came out pretty good as well! Though, I'll have to start things over in Master Mode. Opps! Still, this was some nice repreparation.


I think I'll do some shameless self-promotion of my own! I'm finally back doing LP's after an almost 2-week "mental health break" AND I got me a proper capture card! Perhaps tonight, I shall begin a BotW LP? Either way, time to go to work!


Don't you fucking screw me on an English dub like what there happened with Spring of Birth.


Just ordered a proper capture "card" device, so I'm excited to start chronicling my retread through Breath of the Wild (barring any technical hiccups) on the Switch!


Welp. The replies to the discussion regarding the LGBTQ+ representation in Persona 5 in Charlotte's article led me to blocking someone for the first time. I'm not disappointed in this community, just that there's anyone as arrogant and phobic at all here.


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