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For selfish reasons, I may not entirely feel confident mentioning this, but Limited Run Games will stock 2,000 copies of Thumper for PS4/Switch (including a beasty CE) in about an hour and half from now (9am Central/10am Eastern)! I'll be there.


FYI, in regards to that PSN Flash Sale, Oxenfree and The Long Dark are amongst my favorite games of all time and they're now pretty freakin' cheap to own at that! Oxenfree, especially. It's a true gem of an experience.


So, there are people out there crazy enough to attempt to "speedrun" Nocturne on Hard with the True Demon Ending.


SO. I am set for my 4 hour trip to Galveston, come the 27th. I hauled my bulky PS4 there last year and it was a huge hassle. Thank you, Nintendo Switch, for not only not being a hassle to carry around, but for having Captain Toad and Octopath Traveler!


A while ago, I mentioned my local Comic-Con was bringing a bunch of Disney princesses with them (Ariel, Jasmine, etc.). Well, now they're fleshing out other points in their line-up. So, I'm also meeting Creed, Meredith, and Oscar from The Office! Awesome!


Alright, alright. Big boy pants time. I'm going to be streaming some Nocturne for the next hour or more. Keep in mind that I'VE LITERALLY NEVER DONE THIS AND AM SUPER NERVOUS. So, come watch the latest Twitch trainwreck at!


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday When I was jamming the OST pre-release via leaks and other slightly more official overseas sources, I thought this sounded like a Megadeth b-side from Symphony of Destruction. But, after having heard it in-game, it sounds awesome!


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Curse that Nekro and his weird future-Australia. His Monday post made it hard to withhold this until today because Doomsday Jesus is one of my favorite songs and the chorus guitar is one of my favorite guitar lines!


I finally did up another full band cover! By far, this was the most fun one I've done. I riffed off of memory for the percussion, so that might sound a bit different. Otherwise, I'm very proud of it!


Dedicated to Occams. Someone Lisa Frank'd their hair.


Another new series! That's right. That makes three concurrent series currently going on at my YT channel! And, that's also right. It's even more RE5. Hopefully, this is the game's better half. (anyone can speak up if I'm posting these too much)


Not sure if Destructoid's taking requests on features, but a very small though welcome addition would be holding down the FAP counter for multiple FAP's instead of clicking it one by one. (picture unrelated, but eye-catching! /MegaTen memes)


As a huge DBZA fan, how have I not seen this already?! I guess episode 3 will be a thing once the Cell Saga is complete and DBZA... fades into the recesses of the Internet.


I had a backing track for my upcoming MegaTen fan album that was just sitting around for too long, without guitar. So, I said, hey, Alphadeus, let us collab. Let us have you do the guitar sounding bits. And then it happened. Here's the proof!


I'll link just one last part before dropping off. Don't wanna feel like I'm spamming! Here, I get proper into Brutal Legend, soaking in all the heaviest of metals. I will be on vacation for a week starting on the 27th, so I'm getting in all the YT I can!


I got a few new friends a couple days ago. Most notably, a *really* fucking high quality bust of Super Saiyan Goku that must've been marked down from King Kai knows what. More photos in the comments!


New series time! Needed something a little more exciting to play on the side, whilst I do the occasional grind in Nocturne. Heavy metal button-mashin' definitely fits the bill of "exciting", eh?


Over the years, I've gathered peeps seemed underwhelmed by RHCP's Stadium Arcadium. Personally, it's one of my favorite albums! Also, everyone knows Flea and Chad Smith rock, but Frusciante deserves more recognition. One of my favorite guitarists.


I hardly ever post my Nocturne LP stuff here anymore, but this most recent part is a big deal as I, for the first time, fight my avatar: Daisoujou! Yes. Contrary to popular belief, I am not *the* Skeleton Pope.


Alright, so, like... my local Comic-Con has been announcing a bunch of Disney princesses as guest appearances and I'm sort of losing my mind a little. I don't believe in prayer, but, dammit, PRAY FOR ME THAT THEY ANNOUNCE MULAN.


Second #ArbitraryMetalTuesday post, and it's one of my favorite songs actually! Ignoring the laughably awful album cover, the actual music is pretty solid half the time and "Don't Treat Me Bad" is particularly fun.


Dig into the recesses of your history with music and post a band/song you grew up with listening to either at one point or maybe even to this day! Personally, I'm going with Silverchair. An alternative band my best friend got me into during the mid 00's.


I really miss playing songs like this on Rock Band, but it is absolutely impossible to find a working Rock Band guitar. Jimminy Crickets.


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