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Yahoo's 5 Reasons to Buy GTA IV

As if anyone needed more reasons to get GTA IV, more details begin to leak as the pressure builds and time itself begins to tear at the seams. Through these details, the excitement from myself piles like empty pizza boxes during this NCAA T...


HDTV Questions...Again

Ok, so I asked everyone once if I should go with an Olevia or a Vizio for a new HDTV. I'm leaning towards the Vizio now, but now that I just got a new job, I'm gonna go with a 42" instead of a 37". Now, I wanna go all out. I have a very g...


PS3 vs 360: Do WE Win or Lose?

I've never taken part in an argument over either the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 as which was better. I made my choice at the time on availability, cost and what my friends had at the time, which was a 360. Before the damn PS3 was out, my god...


GTA IV: Time To Be Excited

If you saw, there was a blog posted at a site going on about their time spent with an almost ready, but no fully cooked version of GTA IV. When GTA III first came out, it resurrected my dying need to play video games. I consider myself a he...


Used DVDS (or, How I Saved 40 Bucks)

So last night with 20 bucks leftover from some Xmas shopping, I knew the smart thing was to save it in case something would come up. But thankfully, I rarely do the smart thing when it comes to money, so I contemplated what I should buy. I ...


A Little Help Buying Headphones

I need a pair of headmuffs in the worse way. I have that new Sansa Clip MP3 player and I'd like a nice pair of over the ear headers for them. I'm checking so many reviews for different brands, and I think I have a good idea on what's good. ...


NFL Exclusive License Didn't Kill Madden

I know, I know. Madden 08 came out back in August, and now it's almost December. I get it. But the pain lingers. I was one of the few who defied common sense and placed my 60 ducketts down for the 360 version. We all heard that version ...


Pelican Air Flo 360: Yes, I'll Marry You!

I'm in love... Ok, my man-love for this will probably make most of you uncomfortable, so I'll stop there with it. But I can't help but to feel all warm and fuzzy about it. I've fallen victim to the red onion ring whatever once already,...


Goodbye, Kids WB

For those who don't know, the CW is dropping Kids WB at the end of this season in favor of 4 Kids. This is so heartbreaking. I was a loyal Kids WB fan, and continued as one as the years progressed. All good things tend to end when you leas...


Enter The Newb: Ode to an Underused Xbox360

NEWB. Webster defines this as "Destroy at all costs, and not allow into well protected circles; newest member of a website/fanbase/etc; stuptard". I like to think of myself as a "Well-Thought Idiot", personally. ... Anywho, Here I la...


About Darkknight37one of us since 12:14 AM on 07.21.2007

Let's see...

My PS2 broke down in Octoboer '05, and I was so irritated because that was the 8th time that had happened, I swore off systems. Fast forward to December '06, and my friend and I wanted to find an activity to do, but I live in Detroit and he lives in Houston. I broke down and pursued an Xbox 360, and I came out of my year long retirement from gaming.

I dig mostly on sports games, but I fell in love with sandbox GTA games. I don't spend too much time playing, as I try to divide my free time up as much as possible. But because of my narrow gaming tastes, it does not mean I'm closed off to other game types. No WoW though, I'm geeky enough as is.

Away from gaming, I love sports, comics, cartoons, anime and movies. I don't watch as much television as I use to, but I keep up with what I love as much as possible. Cartoons are all I watch on tv besides sports anyway. I also love to write. I write leisurely and sometimes I utilize blogging. I stick to short stories more than anything. I gotta find a spot to slap a link to my myspace, if that's an acceptable action around here. I'm still unsure.

Xbox LIVE:Drkknght37


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