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Self-Inspired Gaming: Rearranging Your Setup

Along the long road of gaming, you tend to hit a snag or two, when it comes to being into your games. In the most recent years, gaming and home theater setups have become synonymous with each other, prompting us all to put together our mo...


Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Warms My Heart

http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/26561 In my absence from blogging about gaming, a few newsworthy items appeared that peaked my interests. Among them was how Prototype didn't quite live up to the epicness that I had held out hopes for. A...


Prototype: My Second Confirmed Purchase for '09

So this clip popped up at Kotaku, via G4. The gameplay looks stunning, for a sandbox putz such as myself. The usage of superpowers in the open world looks to be heavily improved upon since those of us who appreciated Crackdown to the full...



I don't know if D'Toid has been graced by this piece of genius, but just in case it hasn't... I would like to know what is the legal age of baby making in Australia. I bet Yahtzee slams this after video reviews.


Console War Journal #1: I'm Ready to Do My Part

Since the PS3 debuted, the Console Wars have reigned upon the interwebs. I, a man of peace and love, have toured the war-torn wastelands that had once been enjoyable and readable message boards. I grew more and more 'scust as I bared witnes...


The Year in Gaming from an Xbox 360 Owner

2008 was a grand year indeed in the world of gaming. There are many things I would like to pontificate about, but I can't hold attention spans long enough to go through everything. Alas, I have some of my most poigniant thoughts ready to g...


Happy New HDTV/RRoD Day!!!

After years of waiting, I am the owner of a brand new HDTV. It's not one of the TVs I researched over the years, not even the same technology. I got the Panasonic 42" 720p plasma viera for $549 on Black Friday. The tv is simply sex compared...


Saint's Row 2: Real Muthaphukin' G's

I'm pretty sure I'm at only like 4% done with this game, but already I'm taken by it. First off, I jumped on board the first Saint's Row in frustration I was having with GTA IV, looking for fun in a desperate way. Fun was achieved in all ...


Midnight Dilemma: SVGR (SO Video Game Related)

It's 12 midnight, and Saint's Row 2 is sitting at a store walking distance and open 24 hours. I have 80 bucks on me. Its supposed to be for a tux for a wedding on Friday. I don't get paid this week, and I need the money for booze as w...


31 Nights of Halloween

The time of year is coming when we all start putting our plans together as to how we plan on celebrating this next Halloween. Decorations and costumes aside, I believe one vital Halloween component can be easily overlooked: The Movies! ...


GTA IV Points at Me, Says It's Better Than Me

It takes a lot for a game to be great. First off, it has to obviously have some sort of past merit to receive ridiculous pub before it even hit the streets. Second, when it has proven it's worth, it has to be able to prove it over and ove...


Crackdown 2 "Possible"?

http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/08/07/crackdown-2-the-doors-not-closed-says-realtime-worlds/ I honestly felt that Crackdown was grotesquely overlooked because it came with the Halo 3 Beta. However, the people that actually put in th...


Halo-Based Cartoon on TV in GTA IV Safehouse?

So after failing a mission for the fifth time, I decided to blow off some steam in the safe house by watching some tube. I flip through the channels and find an episode of a cartoon. I didn't stick around long enough to catch the title of i...


GTA IV Owns My Face!!!

Three hours into it, and an extreme gulp from 7-Eleven safely pissed out to prevent "accidental irrigation", I am officially in love. For months, my man-love for this game has grown, and now I am able to enjoy the bliss of it all. No revi...


New Dark Knight Poster *NVGR* (obviously)

There's so much to say about how awesome this poster is. I want it now, I know that much. But it's such a precursor to the events that will unfold in the movie. Anywho, No secret I'm pumped for this movie, here's to the nerdy!


Violent Gaming W/ The Youngins

So tonight is yet another bonding night with my 11 year old nephew and one half of my 8 year old twin nephews. Of course, they come to play with their uncle's Xbox 360, and they aren't exactly looking to jam on any of the games rated E. S...


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My PS2 broke down in Octoboer '05, and I was so irritated because that was the 8th time that had happened, I swore off systems. Fast forward to December '06, and my friend and I wanted to find an activity to do, but I live in Detroit and he lives in Houston. I broke down and pursued an Xbox 360, and I came out of my year long retirement from gaming.

I dig mostly on sports games, but I fell in love with sandbox GTA games. I don't spend too much time playing, as I try to divide my free time up as much as possible. But because of my narrow gaming tastes, it does not mean I'm closed off to other game types. No WoW though, I'm geeky enough as is.

Away from gaming, I love sports, comics, cartoons, anime and movies. I don't watch as much television as I use to, but I keep up with what I love as much as possible. Cartoons are all I watch on tv besides sports anyway. I also love to write. I write leisurely and sometimes I utilize blogging. I stick to short stories more than anything. I gotta find a spot to slap a link to my myspace, if that's an acceptable action around here. I'm still unsure.

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