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Players Sans Frontiers

There's a growing threat on the horizon, and recent events have made it all the more apparent. I'm not talking about DLC, Freemium or anything like that. This has to do with the future of videogames as a both a hobby and a cultural presence...


Emotional Impact

This is a copypasta from my old blog on 1up.com. It was the first I ever wrote and remains the most important as well. Today marks the seventh year since I lost my closest friend in the world, and the subject of this blog. As I now write oc...


Bioshock Infinite: Infinitely Discussed

[SPOILERS. SPOILERS ARE BELOW. GO PLAY THE GAME FIRST. PLEASE, IT DESERVES YOUR TIME.] After a long few years and three delays, the long awaited release of Bioshock Infinite has come and gone. Critically acclaimed, independently panned, ye...


The Misfortune of the Misdirected Violence Debate

This blog is late to the party, but it's something I've been thinking about a good deal lately. Is there any medium in existence which features more characters setting out to save the world, or their friends, or their family, or loved one...


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I'm a former 1up.com blogger and have moved over here since the site was declared legally deceased. I've always enjoyed the reviews and features Destructoid has offered so I've moved my blog over here. I write about various topics, both personal and topical and how videogames relate. Hope you enjoy. I also tweet bitter and cynical musings.