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What is wrong with feminist game criticism today.

Let me say this before I start: I consider myself to be egalitarian, and support women's rights as well as further equalities. But God damn what is happening to video game criticism?   What is the difference between sexy and sexualised? I w...


Endings: F*ck Ormazd

The ending of 2008's Prince of Persia is one of my most memorable moments. For those who haven't played it, the game features the titular Prince, and enigmatic wanderer who stumbles on the decaying kingdom of the Ahura, a people dedicated t...


Legislation is the wrong way to deal with piracy.

Before I begin I'd like to say that I'm not an economist, so I might not know much of what I'm saying. Even so, everyone seems to have their 2 cents on piracy, so here are mine. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA etc are threats to the internet. Part of th...


PETA, the Red Cross and Videogames

Recently, PETA kicked up a fuss about Mario wearing a Tanooki suit. Now, I've always thought PETA sucked, and the reason is this: Rather than using their network of informants and activists to promote their cause they choose to adopt a holi...


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