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The Evil Within 2"Stalking shadows"


Forza Motorsport 7"The king is dead, long live the king"


Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth"New faces, familiar places"


Golf Story"Slam dunk hole-in-one"


The Foreigner"Jackie Chan has a certain set of skills, too"


Battle Chasers: Nightwar"Darksiders art meets classic JRPG combat"


Gundam Versus"Doesn't quite stick the launch"


Middle-earth: Shadow of War"Greater than Mordor?"


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Khalid Eternal Nigh

Tonights planned Venue Im going to has a 500 person capacity, Ill be able to taste the funk in my My 1 time seeing him live! The other guy in the thumbnail is wearing a GTA: San Andreas Los Santos


Look where I was


Microsoft seem intent on destroying every one of their major franchises this What’s up with that?


Started The Evil Within 2 and Shadow of Evil Within 2 is Way

Mike Sounders

Dooms plot as summarized by yours truly

Inquisitive Ravencaw

For some reason I have Rhythm Heavens Glee Club song stuck in my Heres the Hatsune Miku version, so that you too may suffer its catchy wrath!


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: Its known that George Romeros Dead series inspired the first Resident However Resident Evil 7 took inspiration from several horror films including Evil Dead, The Conjuring, Blair Witch & The Texas Chainsaw


Just became the league champ for what feels like the thousandth time, yet its still exciting every Lance put up a good fight, with his final Dragonite taking down 3 (!) Pokes on its on before succumbing to my last Next, Kanto!

Drew Stuart

What spooky games are you guys playing? Im finishing my second playthrough of Dragons Dogma, but on the horror end of things Im playing FEAR 2, and I might start SOMA after I finish that!


Thats Blade Runner (Westwood, 1997) finished Maybe 7-8 hours this time, had to resort to a walkthrough twice Not sure if a cblog would add anything new to the



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