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So I played this Dark Souls game to death* and have no excitement about the remaster. How do you guys do it? *HAH! DEATH!


No one's interested in facts anymore.


Wes? What happened? ... Wes? WESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!


Wes crushed his enemies, had them driven before Wes, and Wes heard the lamentations of their women. The cad.


Uncle Wes didn't do it.


Whenever I think "games is art" all I can think of is Shadow of the Colossus and Nier.


Fuckin' hell. I've got Chuck Rock's theme song trapped in my head.


You know in computer games, where there's a shop and the things you buy are silly priced. I don't like that. If I have £5,000 quid in the bank, milk shouldn't come to £3,950. Oohfph that's frustrating. [brought to you by: pointless nitpick]


Just had a lil' read of that Zelda article and laughed. I called it in my review. "Can you feel it? Yes, the public backlash is imminent." I don't normally link to my own crap, but...


I say MUDDA-, you say?


Apathy... Everywhere! Even in my pants.


Fun fact: I recently made a rap review. Also... so very, very white.


I AM strong and stable! I AM!


"Breath of the Wild is both a masterpiece and a disaster" CONFLICT IN TITLE REPORTED


Do you guys ever read old reviews? Even for games you've already played?


Writing for exposure 'ey. I'm doing that right... Now.


I love reading Polygon. It narrows my hate, and makes me stronger.


This movie poster didn't go down half as well as I thought it would.


Came home from work. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Played Thimbleweed Park. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Ate my dinner. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Returned to ma' pc. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Now its completed. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Wrote a review. Duh-duh,duh-duh. Now my eyes hurt cos its 2am...


Hey guys... If you ever visit Britain you will *never* meet anything resembling a Boris Johnson.


Good heavens. I'm fucking bored!


"Noob" the online child screams. "Noob, Noob, NOOB". After he leaves we mount a tremendous comeback in Rocket League. "Ah", i say to out-loud to myself. "Who is the Noob now". I don't bother replying to myself.


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