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Excremento Makes Lasagna [NVGR]

Well, I don't know about all of you loverly readers of Destructoid, but I like to eat...it was the reason that I topped out at 309 a few years ago and decided to lose weight. Unfortunately there is an inner fatso that likes to come out ever...


Take-Two Gives Big Middle Finger to EA

Following the recently unsuccessful bid by EA to buy all outstanding shares of Take-Two's stock at $26 a share, the company has received offers from a few third-party companies that are now interested. You can be rest assured that there w...


Less Bureaucracy, More Parenting

If there is one thing in this world that pisses me off, it would have to be this new generation of American who seemingly have the inability to set limits for themselves or their children. I think that this behavior of inactivity is pri...


Help A Brotha Out, Win Some Shit

Recently I was asked by my good buddy from the IRC, some of you probably know him simply as Conrad Zimmerman, to help judge a contest that he has so graciously set up. The only problem is that there aren't enough people entering his conte...


Excremento Makes Brownies [NVGR]

You know what, slow news day is slow. I can hear the 70% of the Destructoid community off fapping to Superly Smashing Fraternity Time Of Action thingy hyped up super edition game for the Whee. That leaves the other 30% of us others that e...


A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Ways To Die

Since their inception, video games have been challenging people to be 'better' each game you play, whether it be score based or by only giving you only so many chances of finishing a level. Let's face it, there is absolutely no point to a...


Australia Pulls Stick Out of Butt

It seems that the Australian government is finally considering having the equivalent of the US's R rating for movies or the UK's 18+ rating instituted to allow dozens upon dozens of 'adult' titles to be shipped to the blood famished countr...


NVGR - A Weird Kid's Weird Kid

Guess what guys...if you can't read what it says up there on the digital display, it starts with a P and ends in a -nant. That's right kiddies, my wife, the sainted Mrs. Excremento is preggers! Destructoid's own Weird Kid is going to have...


Look, I Drink - The Goomba Smash

There are plenty of others here on D-Toid that do the same. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to share some sophisticated drink recipes with fellow adults?" That's what this post is all about, the love I have for drinks. So if ...


Growing Up A Gamer

I fear the new generation of gamers. It may seem silly, but I feel that we are approaching an interesting crossroads in the culture of video games. On one road you have the older generation like me who have been actively gaming since the ...


Howard Stringer Must Be High

There is something very very wrong with Sony. For a company that was genius enough to release the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 to much fanfare, this current gaming generation (PlayStation 3) has made every single Sony executive retard...


I'm Old -- Street Fighter II

I'd like to steal a few minutes of your time for a chance to prove how much of an old man I am. I've been into video games since the age of 3 when the Commodore 64 and the Intellivision were kings. All of the home systems of the age paled ...


Pray for Smurfette!

Yo listen up Heres the story about a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him Indside and outside Blue his house with the blue little window and a blue corvette And everyt...


A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Games of 2007

I donít know about all of you wonderful readers out there, but thereís nothing that I love more than making Top 10 lists. Maybe itís a genetic imperative that I inherited from my OCD father. Or, it could be the hours of David Letterman I w...


Pics From Vegas (With Dolphins!) - Part 2

Continuing on with the post I did the other day, tonight I take you back out to me and my new wife's trip to Vegas to get married. There's a ton of pictures to go through, so I don't want to set this up too much. I had a great time in Sin...


I'm Out! - NVGR

Hey Destructoid Peeps, I've been meaning to do some blogging here over the last couple of days, but I've been busy as hell getting ready for my trip this week. I promise to you all that I'll be putting up new content starting on Thursday...


Impressions -- Mass Effect

I was having a really hard week about two weeks ago. The constant schedule of a day job mixed with the yearning to be somewhere else and a dash of missing the significant other all culminated into a black cloud hanging over my head. All o...


Unpacking My Childhood -- Part I

I've become a habitual user of the IRC we have set up over at irc.dynastynet.net...so much so that it has started to eat up time that I'd use to play games and write for this website. Today, I'm going to make a clean break. Not forever mi...


A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Advertainment Games

There are GAMES and then there are games. The games we'll be discussing tonight on A Weird Kid Top 10 will generally never make it onto any respectable gamer's list of top 10 anything. Luckily for you Mr. Destructoid reader you've got me,...


Why I'm "A Weird Kid"

I spend too much time playing video games. There I said it. I've played games for over 24 years with any amounts of time ranging from 15 minutes to marathon days where that's all I did (I'm looking at you FFX). I've been in trouble a...


One Beer Review -- Mass Effect

So, here I sit. It's damn near midnight where I live and I just finished Mass Effect. I will admit right now that I came into this game extremely biased. I bought the book that came out months before the game came out and read it in 2 ...


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