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Merry Christmas Destructoid! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and much, much better new year.


My book blogs are up. I'm skipping movies this year. There's just not enough there. I saw Birds of Prey, Sonic, and 1917. Anyway, here's another video...


2020 Media Moments: Fantasy Series

In 2020 I read 3 fantasy series and I’m in the middle of one now. Since they occupied a bunch of my time, lets talk about them. I’m going to force you to listen to me talk about fantasy. Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks (...


2020 Media Moments: Horror Novels!

One of my most interesting 2020 developments has been my renewed commitment to reading. I’m on my 24th book right now. I’ve read 3 fantasy series and a lot of horror. I may talk about fantasy later, but here are the best ho...


Okay, posting up my 2020 Switch stats.


2020 Media Moments: Music

I listened to a lot of music in 2020. I’ll do my best to narrow it down. I certainly made some cuts. For instance, I listened to so little metal in 2020 that almost none of it made the list. “After Hours” by The Weekn...


The first of my end-of-year blogs is up. Have a video!


2020 Media Moments: Video Games

Hey guys. We’ve had quite a year, huh? As always, I didn’t play everything. So I will be excluding a bunch of games you probably love. I didn’t play those games. Surprised that I forgot about the most amazing experien...


My blogs are coming. My top blogs are: Games, Music, Movies, and introducing at least one for Books. Stay tuned! And have a music video in the meantime!


Can't wait to play the bug-fixed Cyberpunk GOTY edition, where the cool punk is being crushed by quotations on the cover and I get all the Catwoman chapters.


It's official. My most played Spotify song of 2020 is Faith by The Weeknd. Also my most listened artist.


It's funny how terrified everyone in Destiny 2 is about ice magic. "Oh, the darkness will feed on your anger and selfishness. Beware, lest you lose yourself to it. Oh no!" Guys, it makes ice cubes. Chill.


Destiny 2 on Twitter hinted at a small live pre-expansion event, which they emphasized was small and no big deal. Destiny 2 has been at capacity for hours, well in advance. No pressure for this low-key soiree, Bungie.


I really appreciate how each debate has gotten structurally more difficult like in a video game. Next they should do American Gladiators challenges.


I watched an Among Us stream tonight and it was the first time one of these things truly entertained me. That game is 100% a psychopath training simulator. The implications of it's popularity are maybe kinda dark? IDK. But it's fun-as-hell to watch.


WHAT? Minecraft? When mayor Tinstle from Ooblets is right there and ready to throw down? Look at all that combat potential. Limited spots, Sakurai.


I've been playing No Man's Sky the last few nights and it's been fantastic. The mission progression, the environments, the space stations, it all feels so much better and cooler. If you have the game or Game Pass, absolutely check it out.


51 stars in. The people who talked up Mario 64 for decades look like sadistic assholes right now, but I can't stop playing it. Did people actually play this with a worse controller?


Every single-issue of Black Panther ever is free on Comixology right now. IDK how long. https://www.comixology.com/search?search=black+panther


I just heard about the Mario thing and pre-ordered the thing immediately. Never played any of those games and I cannot wait. I knew they'd come to Switch eventually.


Machine vs Man, Man vs Woman, Woman vs Your Mother Be there! Intergalactic Rap Battle. It's...instipituous!


Breaking #musictoid news: Kiesza's new album is out and it rules. It's very danceable.


Game idea: An open word game inspired by Breath of the Wild, but you're hunting Pokemon for food, materials, and trophies. Rated M for blood and gore.


I've started getting deep into the option items in Gundam Breaker 3 and I cannot overstate how customizable this game is. It's insane.


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