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I really got a kick out of Ready Player One. What makes it work is how totally un-cynical the movie feels. It's a basic hero's journey with a mile of frosting on top. I suspect kids watching this are gonna give it a long shelf-life.


After getting caught up in Oscars drama on Twitter last night, I saw Coco tonight and it floored me. It destroys so many of those other movies.


Just finished Second Dream in Warframe. No spoilers, but holy shit.


I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. It's really damn good. Probably the best CRPG I've ever played. It feels like they made a series of the right decisions to maximize fun.


For a game I remember being very hard, Shadow of the Colossus is very easy to jump back into.


Imagine a world where Trump and his team DIDN'T collude with Russia or have entanglements with them. How much more of a jerk would he have to be, at this point, for that to be true?


The story of Iconoclasts is like a good JRPG. And playing through again is still fun. I'll have to remember this at the end of the year. Check out this cool fan art.


I'm playing through Iconoclasts again. Good game. My only criticisms are that bosses are impossible without trial and error and that there's less exploration/backtracking than I'd like. Story is HEAVY. That final boss, tho.


I've been rocking out to The Midnight this week. These guys are amazing. I can't believe it took this long for me to find them.


Coming Soon: Bootleg custom Labo kits by arts and crafts hackers. Dare we open Pandora's folding box?


I started XCom 2 WotC again. A soldier died and they gave me the option to take a photo to make a sacrifice propaganda poster to honor him. Jeez, game.


I've got more rave.dj mixes incoming! To the comments!


I'm playing Fortnite Battle Royale now. I wanted to try PUBG without spending money. It's...okay. I can see how it's built for PvE, and would benefit from another game mode. But it's not bad. From what I hear, I'm better off playing this.


You know, it was really fortuitous that the "It" remake came out in 2017, considering it was in planning since 2009. People were so ready to receive that story. Pennywise was waiting for this shit.


I'm back to Prey and starting over. Mummy Demastered is frustrating in exactly the way these games always used to be. I'd still call it pretty good. But I'm back to Prey again, so I like that better.


I got burned by a disappearing body bug in Prey. Apparently it's super-common and unresolved. What the actual fuck? Moving on to Mummy Demastered.


Started playing Prey. I've heard good things and it's very good, if hard. Very System Shock.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, Dtoid!


I've had to remove a few videos from my end-of-year blog to get it to load. It seems to have made a difference. Note to self: multiple ~10 minute videos on one page are a resource hog.


Mucho technical difficulties on the end-of-year blog. Lost the whole thing, yet again. I think that happens to most c-blog I've done. I kinda have to do it all in 10 minutes or lose it.


Still working on my end-of-year list. Still hashing-out a few things, but it's coming.


I still haven't tried MH:World. Started playing Warframe last night. Still playing. Spent $40. Whoops.


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