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Now that I've barely blundered my way through half the training, and logged about 2 hours in MS Flight Simulator, I've decided I'm ready for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Because I feel like it.


As an American, maybe we can give this holiday to some nice Pokemon like Canada did. Something that doesn't set off personal explosives stockpiles. I nominate Gritty. That's our Pokemon.


Oh shit, I just found out they're making a Walden by Thoreau game. Guess I can finally live the dream of having his sister cook my meals and take care of me while writing Walden, lol.


I just realized it's been forever since I've posted a music video. Wasn't I trying to turn this into a music site?


I just came back from getting sucked into the Terra Nil black hole to say play that demo. It's awesome. So is Tunic, which is apparently a Zelda Souls-like.


Well. That was Nintendo's best showing in a while. I mean, I think I want Dread more than a Prime 4.


Nintendo getting ready to announce that all sequels are cancelled. Who's Excited?!?!


Honestly, this E3 has been an indie triumph and mostly a major publisher snooze. The real action has been in the small games space, and there's just a glut of amazing small games. I can't even keep track.


Personally, I think Microsoft killed it. But I was interested in the Forza Horizon dev thing that slowed momentum to an absolute crawl, so I'm biased.


Just got that Nintendo Game Builder thing. The tutorials are very redundant and baby-fied, but the potential there is huge.


Finally saw that Elden Ring trailer and it looks AMAZING. Welp, it's an actual game folks. And it looks sick as hell.


Can you imagine if Sega released a new modern console now, and called it the Genesis 2? I would respect that soooo much. Just slapping their hedgehog on the counter like that. I would have to get one.


Longing Log Final Update: This is it folks, all zeroes on the timer. Let's wake that king! ... and spoilers IT'S OVER!


Longing Log Update: We're at 7 days now. I now have what seems an infinite supply of coins. Their use is limited in this game, if they have any at all. Tomorrow is probably the end.


Longing Log Update: I woke on day 71, which is shocking. I did the sulfur thing and found Mattock #3. It took so long. On his walk back, I left to watch a State Lt. Gov. Debate, because I'm a dweeb. The candidates were also dweebs, but more powerful ones.


Anyone else play the Scarlet Nexus demo and think: Others, huh? So we're an Other Suppression Force? So it's time to marginalize and repress these guys? Guess they can't have rights? Hmm...


I beat RE8 last night and was hugely impressed. It maybe my new favorite of the year, or at least tied with Hitman 3. I wish the middle 2 dungeons were a bit longer, and that is my only complaint.


Longing Log Update: Woke up from my nice bed on day 155 and I finally did the map thing. Really feels like I'm making progress.


Longing Log Update: Decided to check in on my little project. I finally got the last piece of wood after doing the mushroom thing and the darkness thing. Finally, I can make a bed! Maybe I can finally sleep comfortably now.


I had RE8 good and downloaded, but just one problem: CrossCode is too damn good to stop playing. I can't believe this was a crowdfunded indie. It's a freaking great action RPG.


If I ever do something to hurt y'all or make you feel unwelcome, absolutely say something. I may not like it, but screw my feelings if I don't. Ohana means we fight sometimes.


Just finished the Invincible finale and appreciate your support in this difficult time. I mean, holy fucking shit! Good stuff.


I finished Observation and it was amazing. My only complaint is that navigating the station is a huge pain without a map, which they will make you do a few times. But I am now hype for whatever No Code does next.


I've started playing Stories Untold after owning it for years. This game is awesome, man. I hope Observation is this good, because I'm going to try it after this.


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