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I'm building a Gundam Barbatos right now and taking photos. I may post this as a blog. It's been interesting. It's like that Star Trek engineer's guide all over my bed.


I've been watching Gundam IBO. I plan to go through a bunch of first collections, to get a sense of what Gundam is putting down in it's various universes.


Just got Megaman X collection 1 b/c of Dtoid. I also recommend you guys pre-order Dead Cells on the eshop. I will never stop boosting that game. It's the goddamn shit.


The thought of people playing mobile Warframe on Switch is crazy to me. It feels overpowered somehow.


Been a while. Here's one of my favorite 2018 vids so far, for sheer fun being had. #musictoid


I've been playing Hollow Knight for days. I was like, I'll just mop up this cute little indie game. Days later, I'm daunted by this massive map that just keeps expanding. Holy shit.


I didn't know I needed this video.


After seeing footage of the RE2 remake, I really hope they remake Nemesis. Can you imagine the pants-shitting terror of that motherfucker dashing up in the middle of whatever to beat your ass? Good lord!


Okay, this Octopath demo has charmed me. I'm on board now. I am feeling what this plucky young merchant is putting down.


I've been playing Infamous Second Son this week. Great game. I feel like I remember people trashing it at the time, but it was a lot of fun. Not bad for a launch game.


I really respect Sony treating us like adults with an attention span, but I also respect Ubisoft treating us like infant-brains, in need of constant entertainment. I can really get behind both.


Report Card time. I love E3 this year. My biggest complaint is not enough surprise. But I will never have enough surprise, so there's that. Readable version in the comments.


E3 2018 has been great for me. I liked almost every conference. These games are fucking incredible. My E3 wishlist is longer than ever.


PC Gaming conference stream link below:


I honestly thought Bethesda wasn't that great. I don't count title reveals with nothing else to show. I'm very conflicted about Fallout Online. It seems like a good idea, but it's practically designed for griefing/bullying by clans.


So....where's Devolver? I've got it here.


I'm hoping Jump Force has a One Punch Man Easy Mode.


Well, that was honestly great. The Game Pass thing was boring and dragged, but it was back to the races after that. MS made the booty drop.


EA's conference was...okay I guess. I didn't leave feeling bad. Anthem's story is...way too similar to Destiny's lore. I like the indies they had. C&C Mobile looks...a little too simple even for a mobile game, but too busy for a phone IMO.


I like Sony and MS generally. But Devolver will have a good show at least.


I just spent several hours in Dead Cells. That game has really improved. And it was already so good. I had to rip myself away.


I went to Escape Velocity at National Harbor today. It was a bit like GDC for sci-fi writers. Academic, but interesting. I went to panels on Afrofuturism, constructed languages, and Female Embodiment in the Post Apocalypse, among others.


Hottest take on Battlefield V coming right up: My apathy is like a black hole. I literally only care that incel "historians" are triggered. I will never play this.


Oh my god, State of Decay 2 is diabolical!. I just got sucked in for several hours. You think you're being prudent and careful, but then things just keep piling up, and then you make a mistake, then another, and another.


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