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I saw Blade Runner 2 yesterday and can't stop thinking about it. I loved it and everyone in it. It's a meal of a movie that is haunting me.


I started blending that Max Landis video with Carly herself in Rave.dj. Links in comments.


I'm back on my rave.dj addiction. Tonight's obsession is mixing rap with a Xandria video. Links in comments.


Has anybody played XCOM 2: War of the Chosen? I just spent hours playing it and I'm really impressed. They wanted to make XCOM feel personal and story-focused and put in the work. It's like a sub-plot story campaign layered on top of the standard one.


Destiny 2 is doing the Borderlands 2 thing, where NPCs/chars you didn't care about before are now going to be a bigger deal. Love the concept, but it's not really working right now. These are not deep characters, unless it was in the codex cards.


Why are people losing their minds over the SNES Classic? You played the roms didn't you? Nintendo was decades too late with this and you knew the stock would be miniscule. They even warned you with the NES Classic. Don't reward them for hobbling VC.


Spent too much time on rave.dj again. Here's the best of what I had tonight in comments. Lower-key this time, but not terrible.


I was nervous about getting Sonic Mania, it's been a long time. The last time I got halfway through a Sonic game it was Sonic 3. But man, this movie zone is out of control! Where has this been, man? It's so fun and wild!


I just finished the finale of Orphan Black. I won't lie, I actually full-on cried. Why does nobody watch this show? Nobody's heard of it where I live and it's obsession-inducing.


I'm starting another rave.dj thread, because I'm hooked. The trick is to match tempos for the smoothest blend. Links in comments.


Welp, I'm back on my No Man's Sky. No crashes so far.


Unpopular opinion: there is one reason, and one reason only, that Avatar sucked. It's people retroactively deciding it sucked a month after release, because suddenly we don't like rehashed stories. Yeah, right. So why do you watch any modern movie?


I am really glad Hellblade has a photo mode. Senua makes these great faces and photo mode gives me this really interesting relationship with the game. It does undermine the drama a bit, though.


Unpopular Opinion: I groan at fighting game people complaining about skill ceiling and balance, when it's their own exploration that pushes the skill ceiling and creates broken tactics. I get it, but they're self-inflicted problems.


Oh, damn! Pearl is getting pretty political with these raps. She's giving it to society hard, man. It's brutal. Harsh truths. We're not free yet, people. Pearl is just the messenger, opening minds to society's crimes.


Pearl is spittin' some hot fire here at Splatfest. I can imagine Lil Yachty doing a goofy track with her. Anybody else notice their mouths moving as Pearl raps and Marina sings in their individual voices? This is dope.


I've heard there's a special Birthday Gaj in the room. Happy birthday!


This is a symphonic metal diva super-group doing covers. It's almost disturbingly well targeted to me. Whatever, I'm a big sucker for this.


Faking it: Sure, I listen to some metal

Hi, Siddartha here.  I don’t know why you’d ever have to fake liking heavy metal.  I'm trying to imagine a situation where it's critical to pretend to like this niche but amazing genre of music, but it's tough. &n...


Sheldon really needs more data for the bucket-of-paint advanced weapons system. He's not quite sure how it works yet. The research continues...


My friend code for Splatoon 2: SW-5533-9057-4514


So last night I: 1. Got drunk 2. Took joy from Melee getting dropped 3. Made a dumb q-post asking what skill ceiling even is, deleted it 4. Disappeared into an Core-A Gaming YouTube hole and learned a ton about fighting games 5. Bought Revelator on PC


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