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I was looking at League of Legends music on Spotify and realized they have a new pop-group, a metal band, other character-themed official music, and annual tournament songs. This is a connected musical universe. Is there a ska-beast or something?


I just wrapped-up my annual Halloween Monday movie marathon. The big winners were Hereditary and Mandy. Both were amazing and highly recommended. I also saw Malevolent, Pyewacket, Hold the Dark, and The Boy.


Speed Build: MG Exia

Recently I had to prep for medical stuff and therefore had 24-hours to kill. So I set myself up and built a Master Grade Exia kit over about 12 hours + 2 more later for the weapons. This was my first Gundam 00 kit after previously buil...


I've been home all day yesterday for reasons, and I did a whole Exia gunpla build in about 15 hours, while I binged American Horror Story: Cult. It was a good day.


Just finished spraying Matte Topcoat on my Gusion, and am leaving it to dry. This is gonna be something, people.


I'm just weirded-out at this point, how much the GOP is still afraid of the Clintons having sinister schemes or whatever. I don't think Bill or Hillary have given these people much thought in years. But they still hate them so, so much.


Somebody please make a strategy game where modern diverse hipsters go back in time and depose famous generals/leaders, donning their clothes and rewriting history using their superior future-knowledge.


I've been playing Spider-Man this past week and everything about it seems to rule, even the little side-quests. If this ends strong, it will beat God of War.


Guess what came in. It's on, folks. I'd like to buy a second one at some point, to do both armors. I'm going pirate first, because I love how that thing looks.


ATTENTION: If you want to buy Destiny 2: Forsaken alone on XB1, you have to do it in-game. Go to the director, then the purple icon on the bottom-right.


I've started watching OG Gundam. As expected, it's pretty rough-looking. But they've got ambition. It's very serious for how it looks. Reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, actually.


Just started a new save file in Dead Cells for the second time, to strategize unlocks. And because what the fuck is wrong with me. That's the other reason.


It's interesting to think that after building that Gundam, this is the only place on the internet I'd ever share it, and I'm on Twitter constantly. Dtoid is the least trash social media. Basically nobody here operates from bad faith. That's remarkable.


First Build: Gundam Barbatos

Greetings, folks.  As you may know, I’ve decided to have a Gundam phase.  Over the next year, I plan to drip-feed myself first-seasons of various Gundam shows.  As part of that-or maybe just because-I’m build...


I'm building a Gundam Barbatos right now and taking photos. I may post this as a blog. It's been interesting. It's like that Star Trek engineer's guide all over my bed.


I've been watching Gundam IBO. I plan to go through a bunch of first collections, to get a sense of what Gundam is putting down in it's various universes.


Just got Megaman X collection 1 b/c of Dtoid. I also recommend you guys pre-order Dead Cells on the eshop. I will never stop boosting that game. It's the goddamn shit.


The thought of people playing mobile Warframe on Switch is crazy to me. It feels overpowered somehow.


Been a while. Here's one of my favorite 2018 vids so far, for sheer fun being had. #musictoid


I've been playing Hollow Knight for days. I was like, I'll just mop up this cute little indie game. Days later, I'm daunted by this massive map that just keeps expanding. Holy shit.


I didn't know I needed this video.


After seeing footage of the RE2 remake, I really hope they remake Nemesis. Can you imagine the pants-shitting terror of that motherfucker dashing up in the middle of whatever to beat your ass? Good lord!


Okay, this Octopath demo has charmed me. I'm on board now. I am feeling what this plucky young merchant is putting down.


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